La Salle Primary School has given us many years of happy memories. The following are the memories of some of our fellow schoolmates. If you are willing to share your memories with us, you could submit your paragraph by sending emails to

Hi everybody,
My name is Ho Kam Wah (Charles). Actually I did not graduate from Lasalle
Primary. I immigrated to the US in 1989, when I have just finished 5th grade
(5A with Miss Yuen as my teacher). If any of you recognize me, please send me a
email. I will be very please about it. I miss many of my old classmates and
teachers. I can still remember every moment I was in Lasalle.
Email address:
- Ho Kam Wah Charles (Class of 90) -

Hello Everyone,
I am gald that I can found this homepage. This homepage can shorten the
distance between all the La Salle Boy and pick up many of my beautiful
memories . All my beautiful memories happen in La Salle Primary. I was
proud that I had studied in La Salle. I graduated in 1993, if anyone got any
photo, please e-mail to me or post on here :-))
Thank You
- Lau Fat Kit Philip (Class of 93) -

Hi guys:
I think the best way we can meet together is folloing to sing the song. As the
last paragraph says "Come whatever kind of weather, Come the stormy days along
When the old boys get together, They will always sin this song.
> Boys of courage, boys of daring, Full of manliness and will Spirits nought for
danger caring, Hearts to Conquer every ill.
Chorus :
We are sons of La Salle everyone, And no matter where we go, High aloft her flag
we will hold, And strive that her fame may grow.
There are famous schools in Plenty, With their heroes by the score, And they
flourish high and mighty, But La Salle is something more.
Chorus :
From her lofty station pointing, To the sky's majestic dome. She would have us
ever minding,That above is our true home.
Chorus :
Come whatever kind of weather, Come the stormy days along When the old boys get
together, They will always sin this song.
Chorus :
See ya guys. Mail me at or doing ICQ by 16327556, nickname Badminton Boy.
Waiting for your call!
Have a wonderful life! Thank you for your patient!
- Cheung Ching (Class of 95) -

Hi, if anyone do remember me, I am Anthony Lau, I was in the soccer team
back then, but unfornalely I immigrated to Vancouver in 89. didn't finished
Primary 6. I remember so many friends, one of the friend I remember was Lee Jun
Tin he was a a soccer player also, and him and I always talks about soccer. If
anyone still remember me Just send me a mail
- Anthony Lau (Class of 89) -

I could still remember the Tuck Shop at LSPS.
The memory of sharing an "ice bar" with my fellow classmates are unforgettable.
Also, it was not until I entered LSPS that I finally knew that
NOODLES could be served UNCOOKED.
But I recommend people not to eat too much of those noodles. Even the old woman
who worked at the Tuck Shop told me that eating too much of those noodles would cause CANCER.
Heh heh!
- Kent Ling (Class of 92) -

i would have graduated in 91 if i hadn't migrated to Australia..... so the only
ppl who might remember me are those who graduated in 91 (or would have). i
remember the farewell parties we had for people who were leaving HK with their
families, and everytime we sang the song "friends" by Alan Tam, everyone knew
the words coz we sang it so often!! now it seems that many of us are overseas,
its so hard to find our old buddies now. I, for one, have trouble remembering my
former classmates!!! its been 8 years now since i left.... i DO remember some of
the faces coz i was with them everyday for five years.... but the names escape
me. and for the guy who put this page up, good on ya!!! :)
- a Cheung Tei Wing (Class of 91) -

Hello everyone,
Frankly, I didn't graduate in La Salle, I immigrated to Canada at the end of Grade 5.
My Chinese name is Lau Kam Wai... Anyone recognize me? I just come cuz I'm searching for some people Terrance Pang, and many others, but I only know their Chinese names :(
Oh man... Pls help me out!! I really want to keep in contact with those old classmates...
what, 8 years ago!! I've actually met one of my old schoolmate here in Vancouver!! His name is Francis Li!!
Pls email me if u can help me out..
- Kelvin Lau (Class of 91) -

It has been a long time. I almost forgot I am a LaSalle boy, oh well,
this homepage reminds me i am truely, indeed a LaSalle boy with our traditional LaSalle spirit.
Thanx for everyone who still remember me, and i love u all.
I miss all my old school buddies and my most beloved teacher, Mrs. Pau.
- Calvin Hui (Class of 90-91) -

As i was studying in this school, ghost stories were quite popular at that time...
and my intuition told me that some of them are true!!!
- Law Yeung Tak (Class of 92) -

Hello, all my dearest La Salle Boys.
No matter where are you, you sholuld always love the mother school.
No matter I know you or not, you should love all the Lasallian.
Proud to be a Lasallian.
- Brian Ng Pit Yan (Class of 88)

Hello! I am Felix Ng .I study in La Salle Colleg. I would like to tell you about Mr Fong.
He is a quite serious person but still cares us lot.However I would suggest: Keep alaway from the office!
- Ng Ka Chun, Felix (Class of 96-97) -

La Salle College brought me memories, so did La Salle Primary School(PM). I remember the 90-91 graduation has bcome the 1st graduation of LSP Pm class after separating as AM and PM school. That's why our Principle Mr Chan( hsa he retired? Can someone tell me?) said he was proud of us as P6 in PM class has a better academic average than the P6 in AM class( I forgot what academic result he used for comparing.....). That is because often there's a prejudice that AM class was better than PM class, parents prefer to put their children in AM class than PM class. Anyway, this is a history, AM and PM classes are La Salle "jai", and when we go to the LSC, we mix together and become friends of each other. I remember our form mistress, Mrs Pau, who has been very kind to all of us at any times in P5E and P6E. Some students like Calvin Hui, Eddy Yeung, Wilson Wong, etc. and me (nearly the whole class) were punished by her as we did something crazy at class(SORRY, please forgive me telling some names. Even so it's not an embarrassing thing). But she forgave us after the punishment. I was a prefect starting from P4D. At first I did go down on duty, but later, after AAT, I didn't know for what reason, many prefects like Jackson Hui, Kelvin Or, Alfred Kong, Chan Lap Man, Bernard Fung and me in P6 liked to stay in class during recess time. We kicked soccer upstairs( like what Jackson said) and played 4WD cars( these model cars were the most popular games in 1991, however, wasn't Mr Tang crazy to let us bring toys to school, Jesus Christ!!??) Our time in P6E have always been a great time to us and I missed that a lot. I would like to thank Mrs Pau who has been a good teacher to us.
(PS: can someone tell me the ICQ# or email of any 90-91 P6 (PM) guys, esp those in Toronto? I know Victor Tsang's there and Brendan's at Ottawa.)
- Stephen Wong (Class of 90-91 p.m.) -

Hay, 6E buddies,
Still remember Leung Do 1? That disgusting guy who did a lot of crazy things? Also, remember Denny Kay?
Remember the time when Denny was fighting with Mrs. Pau? It was so scary. You know that I took a picture of that when they were having the fight!!! I would love to bring these pictures to someone who has a scanner and put them into this page.
Also do you remember when the Prefects were playing soccer in the hallway? Ha, it was fun!
All these memories seemed to happened not long ago, and I really hope to go back to the time when we were having lots of fun. Hope to have a reunion of 6E soon!
-Jackson Ho (Class of 90-91 P.M.) -

Hello! Guys! We got bored in London, contact us if you want please! Cheng Chi Pan hasn't got an Email add (so sad), just leave a message on,bye!
- Cheng Chi Pan,Chu Ka Wing (Class of 90-91 P.M.) -

LSPS is our nest,
teach us how to do our best,
give us courage to pass our test,
lead us to the path of success.
- Kenji Lui (Class of 90-91 P.M.) -

Actually,I am not a good student.(not a really bad one too) I still remembered that I once hid my schoolmate's backpack in the brush (for fun) ... ha.. well..Finally, I was punished by the principal(for a month). I felt sorry to that student who was fooled by me. Ya,indeed,this primary school gave me tones of good memories. I missed the teachers. I missed my old- friends. Sure, I missed the school too. Nevertheless, this is a cool homepage. Keep it up! ( O,ya,thanx my friend who told me existence of this site =P )
- Clarence Ho -

Honestly, the time in LSPS was my happiest time in my life (until now). I still remember how close I was with my friends. We copied homeworks, those P.6 multiple choice sheets, quizzes, tests, even exams!! We knew everyone in our class really well and I had so much fun. I think I probably won't be able to have this kind of school life again. I really valued my time in LSPS.
- Leung Siu Hang (Class of 90-91 P.M.) -

Just want to say Hi to Mr. Chan and Mr. Fung. I was in their classes before they came headmasters. I certainly miss Mr. Chan's story telling and Mr. Fung's martial arts sessions. As to the new La Salle boys, you guys may not be able to learn from them at the same time, but keep in mind they both share the same goal - that is to teach you to understand the principles of respect, responsibility and friendly competition. So go practice them.
- Warren Wu (Class of 83-84)-

- Lee Sai Hong, Terence (Class of 94-95) -

LSPS. 6 years. It brought me good memories. I remember I'd been awarded 4 times in LSPS. I'd been a prefect in P.5 and P.6, the feeling was cool. I remember the ABCDE muiltiple choice exam in P.6, and before that there was too many works on that thing. Sometimes I just wrote it randomly, sometimes my mother did it... it's disgusting. Never mind. Anyway, however, LSPS brought me good memories.
- Bigi Lui (Class of 94-95) -

LSPS has brought me a lot of wonderful memories. I still remember very clearly the day I attended an interview session for admission to P1. I miss every single bits and pieces of things in the school, the 'St. Mary hill', the staff room, the music room, the classrooms etc.
Being a goalkeeper, I cannot really remember how many 'ball cakes' I've eaten, but still, I enjoyed every PE sessions and recess, when I can play with my wonderful friends there. 6 years of primary school life passes extremely quickly and quietly, thanks to a fantastic school St. LaSalle has given us.
- Derek Choy (Class of 82-88) -

I had a good time during my study in LSPS (PM). I am a quite good student and I was awarded with many prizes, including the Cheung Mo Wan Memorial Scholarship, but I am very naughty too. I can remember that we are always making fun in class: shouting, fighting, etc, etc. I can say that it was very cool! I once got punished because I played cards with my friend Bee Lam in a camp. It was so embarrassing and I have to stand in front of the house's door! Anyway I have to thank all the teachers that have taught me, especially Mrs. Pao.Thank You!
- Simon Lai (Class of 94-95) -

Hi, everyone, I am now a Form 4 boy, promoting to F.5, and after 10 years in La Salle, I would like to spread some of my feelings. If you have any disagreement with me, you may give me some reply but please don't blame me, because everyone has his own words.
When I memorize my school life in LSPS, I think that it was so fantastic, because we can go to have soccer game in every recess, and it becomes our most favorable time. Although the soccer field is only a small one, but through it we had made many friends.
We have to assemble after the bell rang, and we had to shut our mouth up or we might be dragged out by Mr.Fung and stand out of the office for at least one lesson and he scared us so much. As times goes by, many of the teachers in my scholastic year (1988-94)had left. You remember Mrs.Liu(English), Miss Yuen(Music), Mr.Cheung(PE), Mr Lai(PE), Miss Chan(my P2C class teacher), Mrs Tsang(my P5B class teacher), Mrs Leung(my P4B class teacher), Mrs Tong(my P3B class teacher)...........?
I miss them so much because they had give me a happy life in LSPS. Their teachings, their face....., I'll never forget. Also, the classmates. I'm in 6B in the year 93-94, and I remembered that our academic result is the worst in the three AM classes. But ignoring that, the 6B classroom is the most memorable. Every time when I passed by it, I remember my friends. Do you know Cheng Hon Shing Andy, Chan Ka Ho Stephen, Kan Sez Yam Cyril, Lo Kam Hei Samuel? They are my best friends in LSPS, but now................
Besides them, many of my classmates had also left, like Eric Dai, Christopher, also Derek Tong, leaving in this coming year.
They are all unforgettable and I hope them will remember me also. Nowadays, I am a DB in LSC. Comparing with the post PREFECT in LSPS, I prefer the latter one. Because being a PREFECT in LSPS, the lower form students will respect you very much and they will listen to your advice and look you as their big brother, but being a DB in LSC, it's much more difficult. Those boys(especially form 2 or above, form 1 boys still act like primary ones) will seldom listen to you, they will keep on challenging you and if you want them to listen to you, you have to shout at them or drag them out. What I want to EMPHASIZE is that it's not my personal problem. Because being also a DB in Form3, I never meet this kind of problem. I don't know whether it's the problem of the students or the quality of the DB Com as well as some of the F3 DBs(some of them speak foul language before the F1 boys!), but no matter how it's, I hope that this kind of problem will end in the coming years.
- Chan Kar Shun Philip(Class of 93-94) -