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The first person shooter game genre has been around for quite awhile now. It started with Wolfenstien 3D, and exploded with the likes of Doom, Doom II, and the Quake legacy. Then came the modifications, mods for short, which enabled game play beyond what was originally intended by the developer. Anime too has been around a long time, and has gained a sizable following. However, in Shogo: MAD the two giants have been put together. And well put together I might add.

Game Play [Single Player]
In Shogo you are Sanjuro, and it is your duty to kill everything in site. Well, not really. For Anime, there has to be a plot in there somewhere right? Right! To help you remember that, the local guards will "kindly" remind you not to peg the wrong person. Of course by doing it "kindly" they end up killing you. So as you jump into the game, check your fire. Target assessment will keep you on your toes when its trigger time!

Throughout the game, you will frequently switch between foot soldier and MCA (Mobile Combat Armour) modes. As a foot soldier, you're a puny little guy with a selection of weapons to use, and usually run around in city street or indoor environments. MCA mode puts you in charge of a big hulking robot with it's own set of weapons and an environment which varies from outdoor wastelands to base interiors and city streets. The switch happens right at the beginning or ending of a sequence, but you will definitely know it's coming. Each time you change back to a particular mode, you regain all the weapons and ammo you previously attained in that mode. This makes it important to not go and waste all your ammo just for the sake of it, as you may need it later.

Breaking up the action are short in game movie clips. Usually these are placed at sequence changes, but they also appear at other times including during a fire fight. Each flick is rendered in 3D, keeping up the appearance of the game. While you can't really move around while these clips are playing, be warned that on occasion you can fire off a few shots. Usually that is a bad thing, as you never know what your shot is going to hit.

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