For you real roller coaster aficionados, here are the site overview and construction plans for the Northeast's tallest inverted coaster.

Hanging below the track, thrill-seekers will climb a 135-foot tall lift hill, then plunge down a menacing 50-degree, 120-foot drop. At 58 mph, riders will race into an outside loop, then coil around a zero-gravity roll. The thrills mount as riders soar into an Immelmann (a simultaneous loop and roll), then swing parallel to the ground as they wrap into an inclined spiral. Finally, swinging back and forth through an s-curve, riders will curl into a corkscrew spin and finish with a flat spiral before returning to the station.

Site Overview

Following in the footsteps of the world-famous Steel Force,  Talon  will be Dorney Park's sixth entry into the international showcase of coasters. Boasting a breathtaking 135-foot-tall lift hill, and a terrifying 58 mph, 50-degree drop, the Northeast's tallest inverted coaster will combine height and speed with 4 sense-shattering inversions!!!

Footer Plan
  • 130 footers 

  • 3000 Cubic Yards of Concrete

  • 150 tons of rebar

  • October 2000 thru February 2001


Steel Construction Plan




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