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For best search results,use the edit button--usually at very top, second from the left. Click on Find in Top Window, or Find, write in the word to obtain the sought subject matter.These sites teach our involvement in the Church from the beginning!

As members of the African Diaspora, we have a special connection with spirituality, the spirit. Indeed many of us have been visited by ancestors long since crossed over, in word, in locution(mental voice), in vision.

Our griot history remains replete with occurrences of those gone on reaching out to us to obviate a disaster, showing us where a will or document, or ring might be.

AS GOD IS SPIRIT, he has allowed these manifestations. Indeed in our creed, we speak of "things seen and unseen". We are not bound by the European "age of enlightenment", ne: rationalization, where if one can't see it, it doesn't exist.

We know God's world of spirit exists, JUST AS He IS.

Hence, in our prayer lives, our intercessions, the element of faith remains strong. Eurocentric folks look on it as "emotionalism". It is more than that. It is a manifestation of the SPIRIT to our spirit, albeit, those others sometimes creep in, or about.

Now with the existence of Spirit, then prayer(see below), an spiritual talking to God, a worship, petition, thanksgiving, and praise–-and Grace, the spiritual energy received from God make sense. (We do not at this late age have to prove it. It goes back even to Jacob blessing his children. Before that! Those that don't know by now, well, too bad for them).

With Grace, and Mercy, comes a means by which we can attain them, called indulgences. The Some in the Eurocentric church suffered major troubles (and a precipitating split) attempting to sell what God gives freely.

Some supposedly representing God perilously straddle the same consequence. These seek money as "covenant offerings, seed money, or bread cast upon the waters" (e.g. television and radio so called evangelist). The ministers of this gospel claim that God will bless them, thus saving the contributor from their respective ills, trials and tribulations for that gift.

God will bless them nevertheless.

Far better one donates to that homeless or hungry person begging on the steeet, than hard earned cash to some strange city and person who wears expensive suits and drives or is driven in an expensive car. (One Scripture verse indicates such as gongs and cymbals. One singer sang of "talkin' loud and sayin' nuthin'!").

Jesus walked nearly everywhere He went, except for that fateful ride into Jerusalem.And Our Lord wore no "pinky rings".

_______________________________________________________ Below, you will find meditational messages, for we of the African hisotrical and geologic Diaspora, in the manner of that great book "Imitation of Life" by Thomas Akempis, or "My Daily Bread".

Editor's note: In this writer's opinion Spirit. proves something a little different than soul., in this writer's opinion. Spirit is the engine that drives the soul.
Soul, more fully explained below, according to Webster remains:soul [1] (noun)

[Middle English soule, from Old English sawol; akin to Old High German seula soul]

1 : the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life

2 a : the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe 3 : a person's total self
4 a : an active or essential part
b : a moving spirit : LEADER
5 a : the moral and emotional nature of human beings
b : the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment
c : spiritual or moral force : FERVOR
8 a : a strong positive feeling

According to the Latin Rite book ofinstructions called the Catechism [ 1 : oral instruction 2 : a manual for catechizing; specifically : a summary of religious doctrine often in the form of questions and answers 3 a : a set of formal questions put as a test]

Thus, the soul proves denominated:

363. "In Sacred Scripture the term 'SOUL' often refers to human life or the entire human person.[Cf. Mt 16:25-26 ; Jn 15:13 ; Acts 2:41 .] But 'SOUL' also refers to the innermost aspect of man, that which is of greatest value in him,[Cf. Mt 10:28 ; Mt 26:38 ; Jn 12:27 ; 2 Macc 6 30 .] that by which he is most especially in God's image: 'SOUL' signifies the spiritual principle in man."

364. "The human body shares in the dignity of 'the image of God': it is a human body precisely because it is animated by a spiritual SOUL, and it is the whole human person that is intended to become, in the body of Christ, a temple of the Spirit:[Cf. 1 Cor 6:19-20 ; 1 Cor 15:44-45 .]

382. "'Man, though made of body and SOUL, is a unity' [GS 14 # 1.]. The doctrine of the faith affirms that the spiritual and immortal SOUL is created immediately by God."

Man, though made of body and SOUL, is a unity. Through his very bodily condition he sums up in himself the elements of the material world. Through him they are thus brought to their highest perfection and can raise their voice in praise freely given to the Creator.

For this reason man may not despise his bodily life. Rather he is obliged to regard his body as good and to hold it in honour since God has created it and will raise it up on the last day.

365. "The unity of SOUL and body is so profound that one has to consider the SOUL to be the 'form' of the body:[Cf. Council of Vienne (1312): DS 902.] i.e., it is because of its spiritual SOUL that the body made of matter becomes a living, human body; spirit and matter, in man, are not two natures united, but rather their union forms a single nature."

366. "The Church teaches that every spiritual SOUL is created immediately by God - it is not 'produced' by the parents - and also that it is immortal: it does not perish when it separates from the body at death, and it will be reunited with the body at the final Resurrection.[Cf. Pius XII, Humani generis: DS 3896; Paul VI, CPC # 8; Lateran Council V (1513): DS 1440.]

367. "Sometimes the SOUL is distinguished from the spirit: St. Paul for instance prays that God may sanctify his people 'wholly', with 'spirit and SOUL and body' kept sound and blameless at the Lord's coming.[1 Th 5:23 .]

The Church teaches that this distinction does not introduce a duality into the SOUL.[Cf. Council of Constantinople IV (870): DS 657.] 'Spirit' signifies that from creation man is ordered to a supernatural end and that his SOUL can gratuitously be raised beyond all it deserves to communion with God.[Cf. Vatican Council I, Dei Filius: DS 3005; GS 22 # 5; Humani generis: DS 3891.]"

33.The SOUL, the 'seed of eternity we bear in ourselves, irreducible to the merely material',[GS 18 # 1; cf. 14 # 2.] can have its origin only in God." 359. "'In reality it is only in the mystery of the Word made flesh that the mystery of man truly becomes clear.'[GS 22 # 1.]

St. Paul tells us that the human race takes its origin from two men: Adam and Christ. . . The first man, Adam, he says, became a living SOUL, the last Adam a life-giving spirit. The first Adam was made by the last Adam, from whom he also received his SOUL, to give him life... The second Adam stamped his image on the first Adam when he created him.

That is why he took on himself the role and the name of the first Adam, in order that he might not lose what he had made in his own image. The first Adam, the last Adam: the first had a beginning, the last knows no end. The last Adam is indeed the first; as he himself says: 'I am the first and the last.'[St. Peter Chrysologus, Sermo 117: PL 52, 520-521.]

360. "Because of its common origin the human race forms a unity, for 'from one ancestor (God) made all nations to inhabit the whole earth':[Acts 17:26 ; cf. Tob 8:6 .]

O wondrous vision, which makes us contemplate the human race in the unity of its origin in God. . . in the unity of its nature, composed equally in all men of a material body and a spiritual SOUL

(This and those quotes below--fair use, 17 U.S.C. Secs.10607, et seq.)

Lastly, before we begin, there is a concept called superconscious: transcending human or normal consciousness: the superconscious, universal mind of God.

Always pray before any meditation The Pater Noster or Lord's Prayer proves excellent. another: "Jesus, cover me with your precious blood". Still another: "Lord I believe! Help me with my disbelief."

Here's a specially graced set, as Mary is forever trying to protect, we her children: Let us pray.

Rosary of the Seven Sorrows: Mary's heart is pierced seven times.

1) The Prophesy Joseph comforts Mary.

The Prophesy of Simeon to Mary (Luke 2:2-35) Our Father, 7 Hail Marys 2) The Flight Joseph has a dream.

Mary's Flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15) Our Father, 7 Hail Marys 3) The Loss Joseph comforts Mary.

Mary Loses Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:43-51) Our Father, 7 Hails Marys 4) The Meeting

Mary Meets Jesus Carrying the Cross (Luke 23:27) Our Father, 7 Hail Marys 5) The Death

Mary at the Foot of the Cross (John 19:25-27) Our Father, 7 Hail Marys 6) The Embrace

Mary Receives the Body of Jesus (John 19:38) Our Father, 7 Hail Marys

7) The Burial

Mary Buries her Son Jesus (John 19:39-42) Our Father, 7 Hail Marys



The following meditations are written in the first person literary device, as if Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Saints, and Angels, and THE FATHER talk to you directly (as is some of the Bible and other Scriptural literary devices). That method is to personalize the moral, or the message upon which you are to meditate.

With prayer and meditation always have your bibles out. Your spirit or soul, or that of your Guardian Angels will lead you to the truths and morals imparted. As St. Jame's letter indicates, Test everything!. Discern the Spirit! Accept what is good. Reject the rest.


Before we can truly understand the meditation process, we must define (or attempt to) the workings of our subconscious, definition of spirit, and soul. Then we shall aply that to the literary devices of meditational messages, using the bible and the Church templates (councils, magesterium, catechisms, creeds) as exegetical aides.

sub*con*scious(adjective) 1 : existing in the mind but not immediately available to consciousness : affecting thought, feeling, and behavior without entering awareness.

2 : imperfectly conscious : partially but not fully aware -- sub*con*scious*ly (adverb) -- sub*con*scious*ness (noun)

subconscious (noun) mental activities that occur just below the threshold of consciousness. Synonyms: underconsciousness, undersense Related words: subconsciousness; subliminal self Idiom: subconscious (or submerged) mind Contrasted words: consciousness; awareness

The brain can be influenced subliminally, or on an unconscious level, meaning is directly grasped by the subconscious. Alternatively, the conscious mind translates clear speech into reverse speech, where the true meaning is comprehended by the subconscious mind. In both cases, the subconscious mind can then directs the conscious mind to believe or do bad things.

The nervous system is one of the regulatory systems of the body. This includes involuntary responses. This means that the nervous system controls the other parts of your body such as your heart, muscles (both voluntary and involuntary), lungs, and kidneys. The other regulatory system of the body is the endocrine system that controls the body through hormones.

The nervous system and the endocrine system affect each other as well. The two are closely related and many people (myself included) feel that they should be regarded as one system called the neuroendocrine system.

The Nervous System is structurally divided into the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). The CNS consists of the brain and spinal cord. The PNS consists mainly of nerves that carry nerve impulses to and from the CNS.

The nervous system can be divided up another way based on function. The Somatic Nervous System (SNS) is responsible for conscious awareness and voluntary movements. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is responsible for subconscious sensations and involuntary responses.

There are four basic functions of the nervous system: 1) Sensory Functions: 2) Integration Functions: 3) Motor Functions: refer to the responses we make to the integration of information. Using the previous examples, the Motor Functions were a) to contract a muscle in the leg; b) to increase the beating of the heart; c) to create a very complex series of movements that allowed you to submit this question.

4) Memory Functions:

Several types of cells creating the nervous system. Neurons actually perform the four functions just mentioned.

A neuron is composed of nerve fibers extending off the cell body of the neuron. The cell body is also called the soma of the neuron. The soma contains the nucleus and other organelles of the neuron.

There are two types of nerve fibers extending off the soma: axons and dendrites. An axon is usually long and relatively unbranched.

Typically, only one axon arises from the soma of a neuron. Dendrites tend to be short, highly branched fibers. Typically, there are several dendrites arising from the soma.

v Nerve fibers act like tiny wires carrying electrical impulses. Each nerve fiber carries the nerve impulse to many other neurons. When the nerve fiber reaches another neuron, a synapse is formed.

A synapse is the point where a nerve impulse from one neuron tells another neuron what to do. Thus, a synapse is actually the point where integration (decision making) occurs.


Real work of scientific discovery is often done in a flash of inspiration, after a scientist's subconscious mind has mulled over the details of a challenging problem for some time.

Psychics say this is due to God, his angels, or guides on the spirit world impressing such developments into one's mind". By definition, scientific breakthroughs cannot be orchestrated in advance, other than to set up conditions which are favorable.

The scientific method, as listed in steps after or before the fact and usually by observers who are not participants in the process, provides for checks and balances by qualified referees who critically analyze a published report of the scientist's thesis after duplicating any essential experiments. These juries do their best to find flaws that may have been missed.

Sometimes a scientist pursues truth through months or years of routine work, punctuated by almost nuclear-like explosions of insight. In such ideas come together or when the subconscious synthesis of ideas is suddenly revealed to the scientist.

A list of steps is an effort to create a perception of order in a process that is probably very different for each person who participates successfully.

Whatever words codify the steps followed in scientific inquiry, the mandate stricture enforces abject honesty, subjectively, and objectively attempts to insure that truth is not a casualty.

Suppose you could travel back in time to interview Leonardo da Vinci: "Mr. da Vinci, where do you buy your paint-by-number kits for your pictures?" That is obviously a ridiculous question. If the Mona Lisa could be created by a paint-by-number kit, everyone who wanted one would have this masterpiece hanging on a wall.

Art remains technical skill with an indefinable extra that is perceived when we marvel at a beautiful painting.

We intuitively realize that there is something more involved, something which cannot be listed on paper, and it is the appreciation of this evident fact which reinforces the awe we feel when we look at art that can only be created by special talent.

Science is like that. Parallels can be drawn between scientific research and the creation of a work of art. Practice helps, too.

Preparation through years of study is essential to learn what the giants have discovered, so that we can stand on their shoulders.

However, there is more. In the end, an outline or a list of steps of the scientific method is the best those of us who are not Feynman or Einstein or Newton or Galileo can do to describe a process which defies description.


t adjective transcending human or normal consciousness: the superconscious, universal mind of God.


After His resurrection, Our Lord alluded to the existence of spirits by saying He was not one-HE WAS RISEN AND ALIVE. He went on to eat with some of the apostles (actually cooking fish on the shore for them).

Thus spirits exist. For some explanation and prefatory materials:


Universal *Knowledge (A posteriori knowledge refers to knowledge that is stated in empirically verifiable propositions.

A posteriori reasoning (in contrast with a priori reasoning) is inductive. A priori refers to knowledge that is self-evident or to principles recognized to be true apart from observation or experience, in contrast with a posteriori.

ALL REVOLVES AROUND- GOD'S PLAN/WILL FOR YOU-YOUR PURPOSE FOR EXISTENCE.(Sylvia: To Gain knowledge in the sensing, experiencing extensions of God; to experience and overcome negativity in all forms and learn from it. (My note: I think I am doing that which I am suosed to).

Primary qualities: Are the qualities said to inhere in material substance and that do not depend on a knower (e.g., form, extension, solidity, motion, and number). John Locke was detailed in distinguishing between primary and secondary qualities.

Secondary qualities: The sense qualities (color, sound, taste, odor) that Locke (and others) claimed were determined by the mind and not by the external world.

Rationalism is the view that the mind has the power to know some truths that are logically prior to experience and yet not analytic. Sensory functions of the nervous system. refer to the ability to detect or sense environmental conditions.

This of course refers to your senses--sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. You are probably aware of these so-called Five Senses, but we have far more than five senses. For example, we can also detect cold and heat so we have the sense of temperature.

We also talk about having a sense of balance. In addition, remember the ANS is responsible for sensing internal environmental conditions on a subconscious level. The ANS senses things like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, urine output, and many other internal conditions of the body.

2) Integration Functions: refer to the ability to analyze the sensory information and make decisions. Some integrations (decisions) are reflexive.

When the doctor taps his or her rubber hammer below your knee, your spinal cord makes a reflexive decision to extend that knee. Other decisions are more complex but still subconscious.

When the autonomic parts of your brain detect a blood pressure that is too low, your ANS causes your heart rate to increase. Still other decisions are conscious integrations.

You analyzed your situation and decided you wanted more information about the nervous system, so your SNS made a decision to ask this question.

Right temporal lobe in humans- our God module: Where we determine Him.

GOD MANIFESTED AS *LIGHT( light [1] (noun)

[Middle English, from Old English leoht; akin to Old High German lioht light, Latin luc-, lux light, lucere to shine, Greek leukos white]

1 a : something that makes vision possible(thus God being light, His creation is visible); b : the sensation aroused by stimulation of the visual receptors; c : an electromagnetic radiation in the wavelength range including infrared, visible, ultraviolet, and X rays and traveling in a vacuum with a speed of about 186,281 miles (300,000 kilometers) per second; specifically : the part of this range that is visible to the human eye

; a source of light: as ; a : a celestial body 4 archaic : SIGHT 4a 5 a : spiritual illumination b : INNER LIGHT c : ENLIGHTENMENT d : TRUTH

b : a particular aspect or aearance presented to view 7 : a particular illumination 8 : something that enlightens or informs 10 plural : a set of principles, standards, or opinions ; 2 : in view of)

(Spirit(spir*it [1] (noun) [Middle English, from Old French or Latin; Old French, from Latin spiritus, literally, breath, from spirare to blow, breathe] 1 : an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms;

2 : a supernatural being or essence: as a capitalized : HOLY SPIRIT b : SOUL 2a c : an often malevolent being that is bodiless but can become visible; specifically : GHOST 2 d : a malevolent being that enters and possesses a human being 3 : temper or disposition of mind or outlook esp. when vigorous or animated.

4 : the immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person; 5 a : the activating or essential principle influencing a person. b : an inclination, impulse, or tendency of a specified kind : MOOD 6 a : a special attitude or frame of mind.

b : the feeling, quality, or disposition characterizing something. 7 : a lively or brisk quality in a person or a person's actions. 8 : a person having a character or disposition of a specified nature

9 : a mental disposition characterized by firmness or assertiveness .11 a : prevailing tone or tendency. b : general intent or real meaning. : GOD 1b synonym see COURAGE ) really, in my thought, light being an observable manifestation of Him): Light of Christ. Christian -one who bears Christ within him. Fulfillment of the Eternal Promise. Eternal Life.

Pilgrim journey of life into the state of perfection, burning off the dross, my note. Becoming "light in vibration.

A journey to light. Human beings exist as ***energy (en*er*gy (noun), plural -gies [Late Latin energia, from Greek energeia activity, from energos active, from en in + ergon work -- more at WORK] 1 a : dynamic quality b : the capacity of acting or being active 2 : vigorous exertion of power : EFFORT. 3 : the capacity for doing work.

4 : usable power (as heat or electricity); also : the resources for producing such power . synonym see POWER high-energy physics (noun); PARTICLE PHYSICS; kinetic energy (noun) : energy associated with motion. luminous energy (noun) : energy transferred in the form of visible radiation Second law of thermodynamics

The first law of thermodynamics focuses on the conservation of energy. That is, in any given process, energy must be conserved. It may be converted to other forms of energy, but it may not be lost. This law will always hold true.

With respect to forms of energy, the second law of thermodynamics takes a different view. Not all forms of energy have the same quality. The second law helps us relate and compare the various forms of energy by placing restrictions on the direction of energy transformations.

Through experience and experimentation, men have learned that various forms of energy do not have the same quality. According to the first law, one unit of heat (calorie, BTU, joule) is equivalent to one unit of work with respect to a total energy balance.

According to the second law, not all forms of energy can be totally converted to other forms. Although the efficiency of converting electricity to work by an electric motor can aroach 100%, conversion of heat energy to work is limited to much lower efficiencies (the maximum is close to 40%).

Converting work into heat is easy to do. Converting heat back into work is much more difficult. According to the second law, heat is a less versatile, lower quality form of energy than work. No device can operate in such a fashion as to convert heat completely into work.

In addition, heat will not flow spontaneously from a lower temperature to a higher one (analogous to the fact that on Earth, water will, in general, only flow downhill and not uphill. It may splash up, but in general, it will flow downhill).

The energy contained in heat can only be partially converted to work. The rest of the energy is conserved but not available for transformation. It is spread out within the system and becomes more random as the entropy of the system increases.

The second law relates temperature and entropy to the direction of an irreversible process. The temperature determines the direction of flow. The entropy is a measure of the unavailability to do work.

The light reactions of photosynthesis are energy-capturing reactions, and they occur in the thylakoid membranes. The energy captured during two light-absorbing reactions is used during two sets of electron transport reactions. One electron transport reaction produces NADPH, and the other indirectly produces AT)P.

In essence, as does all creation. Though in this earth's enclosed matter, we live as spirit. The more spiritual our emphasis, the lighter and higher our vibration.

But the more our material focus, the lower and slower, denser and darker our vibration. Matter--material-- behaves differently, as it aroaches the speed of light. Physics teaches the speed of light remains constant. According scientist, Einstein, time and space are not. Einstein proposed such God inspired ideas that:

1. Only the speed of light is constant. Matter and space are not. (Only God is constant). 2. Matter is concentrated energy. (As we'll see later, the energy of God is in all things). 3. Matter behaves differently, as it aroaches the speed of light. (In other words, matter must act differently as it aroaches God). However, in God, no time exists.

A human, limiting construct, time is a construction, or belief system of humans to structure their universe. No factual basis in reality.

The past is found in our memories. We can go back any time we wish. We can change our focus.

v Future is determine by ESP, open to us through focus change. By knowing what can haen, we can actually take a part as what will haen(prayer).

Ability to shift the focus of time periods. Since memory stands out clearly because refer to the storage of information for (future) integration, e.g. a motor response , stored that Sensory and motor information in memory.

Psychics such as Sylvia indicate memory cells can contain past memories. They can also retain in the "spiritual autonomic system" reactions, stored information as to how to act.

. Triggers of past life –the stronger an emotion(Imprint), the easier the recall. ; e.g. piece of music; a scent;(e.g. Mary and roses used to be around me, ad we didn't even realize it at the time; subconscious;. the mental activities just below the threshold of consciousness; also : the aspect of the mind concerned with such activities --compare UNCONSCIOUS ).

Blocking attempt of conscious mind to avoid pain. Have to go back to the memory that caused it. Relationships–often continuation of other lives. Spontaneous recall-when person responds to an emotional.;

Multilevel awareness–of being aware at past and present simultaneously.

Time, a convention agreed upon by humans. Our concept, an assumption. An arbitrary decision about divisions, then agreement of the divisions as a standard.

Time is flexible(not linear): 1, Long when doing something you don't like. 2. Short when having a good time.

Dreams-days worth can occur in a few minutes. The past is not over(God has said prayer can change. Also you can do healings of past hurts. Other view, events haen simultaneously, not sequentially.But in a deeper reality, time is a construct of man, not God. There is no "time" in God.In many it is but units of experience.

(God is never in a hurry, but mortal, material " time" is definitely set).If we are not in sin in our material and enclosed spiritual bodies, we yield the higher vibrations of light and energy.

The resultant radiant light or glow is the source of "halos" or circles around the pictures and icons of saints. It is also the basis of the "aura" around the human, energy body.

As an act of God with and through grace, this light partially explains why the holy men and women of God, can, through God's grace, co-opt or suspend so-called natural laws of physics.

We have heard of saints bloating, that is traveling at the speed of light, being in two places at once. Others live on the Holy Eucharist alone. "Walk in the Light," and "This Little Light of Mine--I'm going to let it shine," are old songs which attest to the phenomena.

God calls us to HOLINESS, that is, to the state of ultimate light and perfection, love and peace. "Be holy, as I am holy". "But", Jesus says, " It can no longer be said of him or her who accepts the light, that he or she is about to receive love. Whoever foolishly deems what I propose to be impossible, cannot conquer. Consequently, I remove the light without having imbued the grace of love in him or her."

Light, unless it is intensely focused as a laser, cannot pierce such steel, or iron. This is true especially of delicate sunlight (like GRACE).

This blocking occurs when we allow the lower, vibrational natures into our sphere, our environment, our cells, our life. It is why sometimes bad things haen to people.

"God is Light and with it illuminates all which is created. God is Life, for from Him beings have received it.

God is Love and for that Love, He became man the Son and rescued with His Blood humanity which offends Him, paying Him with hatred and incredible offenses for this incomparable sacrifice.

"Ask for that grace to live simply and to be humble. Be children of light. Know the commandments of God and carry these laws of God in your hearts. Mary says the light of the Father, and Jesus, and the Spirit is in EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY.

Be truthful and light, as He is. He says that " truth heals. Lies damage and wound. Truth is freedom. Lies yield confinement".


. Now the ellipse is the basis of atoms, and things of creation. Being atomic, molecules or atoms float about a center. Protons, neutrons, neutrinos, light emitting photons, and quarks-- are all eventually colliding, even in material not moving.

With the light (energy) of the Father being in all things, the Native Americans had it right. A Holy Spirit, or force exists in all the worlds' aurtenances.

St. Francis used it to talk with rocks, trees, and animals of God's nature, as did St. Martin De Porres. That force remains with us, around us, in us always, ready to act, or be acted upon.

Jesus suffering and death-breaking the cycle and fear of death was a letting the light of God shine in, which light always existed. For in Adam and Eve's sin and consequent debt to death, they feared that unknown.

God had to lead us back to him, that state hope, realm and dimension of perfection."Come to know and suffer the love of your LOVE, who is not loved.

Be the tabernacles of Jesus, like the silent HOST which pours forth rays of His divine light to enlighten the souls of human kind. His rays are like the sun. He is the SON who touches, warms, inspires, enlightens and loves each soul. Be Jesus."

"Be prayerful, loving children. Like the silent Jesus in the HOST, you too will send out rays of His love and gather souls as you sail on your voyage. You will then be apostles of action and your works will be fruitful."

You can attract the positive or negative, neural highway or circuitry. In the former, God's spirit will be talking with God.

His light is in you. You direct that light or power to Him (or elsewhere) by your, actions, intention, or desire.(As in prayer, you refocus your light back to Him, and like a mirror, it refocuses back to you in a series of reflections, power, then action).

Mary has said prayers said rapidly do not reach heaven.(Longer waves???) Yet she said, all prayers are answered. Is it that they go within, ("The kingdom of God is within yoku. Hence dealt with here?).

Centered on Him, this links with His Spirit in all things. Alternatively, it connects with the pure circumstance He initially created, (even though life filters it through innumerable causes and effects).

Still, that focus induces the potential, actual power, or circumstance you wish to occur-- through God's Will. Your desire effects, or helps cause or stimulates your goal, as changed or controlled by God.

As the Holy Mass prayer goes, "Through Him, With Him, In Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit".

"Follow my Son's light. Banish all darkness from your souls. Keep the laws of God. You cannot love God without keeping His commandments. I pray for you to come to the light. As my Son went to the water for His Baptism, I ask you to return to the light of your Baptism".

According to Jesus, "by Baptism, every soul can reach the grace of experiencing God is their lives."

"Souls that belongs to Me, hold the torch that I give you so that you can light up the way for your brothers and sisters. This light must not be put under a bushel.

I want it on high, to light the house. You are to light the food that I have brought in for My beloved ones. Light the faces of those who look at Me and you will have accomplished your work. Away with those that turn away to look at darkness".

"You have been blessed by God to receive words from Heaven, and in His light you should be making every effort to change your deep- seated ways to be like Jesus."

"The thorns, nails and lance piercing Jesus exposed LIGHT. It is in His light we are sheltered, hid from the harming darkness of evil.

Like bright automobile headlights coming toward us in pitch, black night, we can see nothing but the brilliance. Or looking at the sun [which you shouldn't do, except in Holy places], nothing can withstand its direct effulgence".

One purpose of Jesus' passion was this exposure of light into the world. For where Jesus is, there, too, is the Father and the Spirit. "I and the Father are one". Through the exposure of His light, we are, "hidden" in and with it. (This is because of the promise, " Ask and you will receive. As you ask, believe that you have it").

Thus, we are repaired in the light of Christ. It is God's laser surgery cutting away sin, if we let it.

So by His wounds and in His light, our selves, personality-- ego, consciousness, even super consciousness, and id are hidden, protected, LIGHTED, given sanctuary, re- sanctification in the earth's cause and effect process established by God, in and by His Holy Spirit.

more at the Body and Blood site here: _______________________________________________________ God wills, wants us to be free from evil, according to Mary. So to be hidden in His wounds, we would also be repaired and hidden from the breaks or tears of sin.

vThe function of His light does this ,which is His Word [Jesus, AND the Gospel], His way [example], which would be and lead to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, penance [conciliate, means repaired. Reconciliation, repaired again, rejuvenated, made right, invigorated--given new life]. It is why God asks us for reparation).

" I want you to surrender not knowing that you are doing it! My Father, Who sees in the silence, will know how to reward you."

Besides God's intuition in us( the knowledge which accompanies His spark of light--the stuff that is "written on the heart"), the determination of a thing, circumstance, or condition can be from a human method of thought, called "induction". Here, one studies facts and derives a rule or principle from them. You can't beat the Lord in giving. The more a soul strives toward such light, such perfection, the more blessings, gifts, or mercies that soul receives. The old rubric declares that, "as praises go up, blessings come down".

Such Charity of God (a type of love, or gift) bonds perfection, and increases the interior life. THREE TIMES WHEN A CORRECT/GOOD CHOICE MADE 1. When God moves, the soul decisively does what has been presented to it. 2. When we have derived much light through consolation and desolation of diverse spirits..Put on the armor of LIGHT Romans 13:12 "Nothings haened, so far," we think. And evil tempts us --it is a liar-"it won't attack if we just go along".

..... But Jesus says, "You do not have light. You are in darkness. Darkness attracts darkness". The power of darkness succeeds when you turn your will over to them.

With worsening souls, the spirits' reverse actions. They differ...

Unless a soul surrenders its will to God's will, it cannot come to God's love, trust, and confidence. Jesus says, "I give to souls who do my will, the power to repel the assaults of the infernal enemy."

He graces His loved ones with intellect and supernatural light. Then He imbues Him or Her with love, which is necessary for conquering those obstacles which Jesus wants overcome. Evil would have you attend the consequence or its threat in fear. But Jesus says, " Keep focus on Me, not the consequence".

Part of the "light" PATTERN something called LIFE ( my note: there exists different lights, hence different patterns of light, infrared, radiation, etc.. life???) "We are all whole, light fibers in the same perfect fabric(thought, God's will)of God's creation, separated by transition of "going home" We have been given the gift of creation).

No coincidences

God loves(helps, assists, with) us constantly, eternally, unconditionally.

God is a part of us as our parents, grandparents, and everyone else in our ancestry. Mary said the spirit of God is in every cell of our bodies.

God's law, as creation is a product of the thought of God Universal interconnection (molecules in you are not the same as yesterday. Atoms ).

Physicists: "NON-LOCAL *REALITY"( originality, gospel, being, existence, actuality, fact, truth, verity, coporeality, materiality, tangibility, authenticity, life,(Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the light...reality being light, photons, neutrons, electrons, neutrinos).

Reality:In The Construction of Social Reality, John Searle argues that there are two kinds of facts--some that are independent of human observers, and some that require human agreement The totality of what is, rather than what seems to be .

Metaphysicians and ontologists disagree as to what is to be included.Reality: energy pattern that exists in nature

A pattern containing ALL(everything) that ever was and will be. Non local reality:

A. where time and space do not exist, and everything haens at once.

Morse-THERE is a non-local reality that contains the master program for our bodies, our behavior, and quite possibly, our memories.

B. independent of time and space.

C. we can access this reality through the right temporal lobe(biological structure).

D. patterns of those who have "died" continue to exist.

E. communication possible through meditation using right temporal lobe.

F. communication with us in after-death communications.(uneasiness)

G. contact possible(uneasiness here, so not an area to focus)

One seer queries: why talk to Quasimodo, why not directly to God.

H. "Spiritual" healing–all healing is spiritual-my thought...direct communication with the master pattern(and as Jesus is the author of the master pattern, a rearrangement)that programs an individual. Spirit: Spirit, (so too all the problems above, neutrons, protons, electrons, neutrinos of God's creation, as matter is not solid.

Even circumstance, situations, and your sense perception of these are so regulated. These emotional things, impressions in the ether, as prayer, impressions/perceptions feeling/ body/ mind connection.

I. Errors can be corrected accessing the master program. (Grace, spiritual correction programs..???). Spiritual correction of DNA

Not limited by biological machines(us as outer bodies; or Evolutionary bioligists Rupert Sheldrake: we are based on patterns of ***energy which code for our bodies and behaviors; patterns that exist in nature or non-local reality.

As conscious life evolved, it only reflected changes in patterns of energy that underlie animal and human forms.)

Not limited through senses (our perception of reality fashioned by Perceptions-attitude, insight, judgement, opinion, intuition, clairvoyance, insight, view(light based),revelation, acumen, discernment, perspicacity, sagacity, wit, areciation, awareness, cognizance, understanding, arehension, comprehension, knowledge(information, erudition, intelligence, learning, wisdom, awareness, consciousness, awareness, areciation, realization–what is real recognition, evidence, proof, education, literacy, scholarship, familiarity) testimony, realization.

Non-local reality: time and space

Level of reality containing all knowledge(universe in an atom???)

All time

All space

Filled with loving light

Some say we have a blueprint:--the life's chart we all write for ourselves on the Other Side before we come here...My thought- GOD'S WILL FOR US TO WHICH WE ACQUIESCE, AND THEN FORGET AND HAVE TO REDISCOVER?

Light stifles the darkness, pushes it back.

A. Vibrations (ability to read)(vi*bra*tion (noun) 1 a : a periodic motion of the particles of an elastic body or medium in alternately oosite directions from the position of equilibrium when that equilibrium has been disturbed (as when a stretched cord produces musical tones or particles of air transmit sounds to the ear)

b : the action of vibrating : the state of being vibrated or in vibratory motion: as (1) : OSCILLATION (2) : a quivering or trembling motion : QUIVER

2 : an instance of vibration 3 : vacillation in opinion or action : WAVERING

4 a : a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit that infuses or vitalizes someone or something and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced -- often used in pl.

b : a distinctive usu. emotional atmosphere capable of being sensed -- usu. used in pl. -- emo*tion (noun)[Middle French, from emouvoir to stir up, from Old French esmovoir, from Latin emovere to remove, displace, from e- + movere to move] 1 a obsolete : DISTURBANCE

b : EXCITEMENT 2 a : the affective aspect of consciousness(con*scious*ness (noun) 1 a : the quality or state of being aware esp. of something within oneself b : the state or fact of being conscious of an external object, state, or fact c : AWARENESS;

2 : the state of being characterized by sensation, emotion, volition, and thought :

MIND(mind [1] (noun) [Middle English, from Old English gemynd; akin to Old High German gimunt memory, Latin ment-, mens mind, monere to remind, warn, Greek menos spirit, mnasthai, mimneskesthai to remember] 1 : RECOLLECTION, MEMORY.

2 a : THE ELEMENT OR COMPLEX OF ELEMENTS IN AN INDIVIDUAL THAT FEELS, PERCEIVES, THINKS, WILLS, AND ESP. REASONS B : THE CONSCIOUS MENTAL EVENTS and capabilities in an organism c : the organized conscious and unconscious adaptive mental activity of an organism

3 : INTENTION, DESIRE. 4 : the normal or healthy condition of the mental faculties

5 : OPINION, VIEW 6 : DISPOSITION, MOOD. 7 a : a person or group embodying mental qualities b : intellectual ability. 8 capitalized, Christian Science : GOD 1b 9 : a conscious substratum or factor in the universe 3 : the totality of conscious states of an individual 4 : the normal state of conscious life 5 : the uer level of mental life of which the person is aware as contrasted with unconscious processes )

: FEELING b : a state of feeling c : a psychic and physical reaction (as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling and physiologically involving changes that prepare the body for immediate vigorous action

1. Only thing separating here, there is thinly veiled difference in vibrational frequency.

2. Death non-existant (a) spirit (ours) always alive since God created it.

(b) always will be alive.*** Lock in the difference between soul and spirit

(c). We leave home (GOD) (the other side) for the purpose

(1). of experiencing and overcoming negativity

(i)We choose who, what we'll be each time before we come here.

(Ii) we write our own blueprint to chart exactly what we want to accomplish on this brief trip away from home. MY NOTE: WE SHOULD SURRENDER THIS BLUEPRINT TO GOD'S WILL

(iii) we're surrounded by God Himself, and spiritual suort group, Angels, spirit guides, and departed loved ones(with permission of God)

(iv) we have ready access to them with knowledge, how.

(2).learning from it. (3). Participating in ongoing process of spiritual perfection.(Doing GOD'S WILL is the reality.

B. We are "tuned" ,"attuned" differently 1. Ability to know phone call before it haens(reading the immediate future).

a. Wealth of spiritual knowledge present and available in every human subconscious mind.

(1). We had a note: we've been down this path a long time before.

(2). Note: I will bless you beyond your wildest dreams.

2.Spirit Guide(we each have one). My thought, rather concentrate on –voice you are more advanced, attuned, spiritual"to my Guardian Angel(s).

3. Not psychic about ourselves.

a. entrusted to us.

b. not to be used for ourselves., but to be nurtured.

c. information, impressions comes through one.

d. Comparative religion. e. paranormal 4. Occurrence is our material lives haens in our souls.

a. souls yearn for place where they have all been before -GOD

b. heaven, paradise, beautiful (see the flowers)., meadow.

c. (Another's seer's opinion):-Other side right here among us, dimension superimposed on our world, some three feet above our version of "ground level".

d. Vibrational frequency-why we're able to communicate with spirit world.

Floating above our ground. "We're the ghosts in their world, sharing the same space, but unreal by comparison, since it is in the spirit world that all beings are completely and fully alive".

(1). Tunnel..can be across., not necessarily above(but closing our eyes, God is above).

(2) Spirit world unhindered by time, space, laws. Since, too, the world comprises a SPIRIT system of neutron, protons, electrons, neutrinos, quarks, forces of magnetism, ectoplasm, and things we have yet to discover,

God IS STILL THE SUPREME ENTITY, BEING, SPIRIT. Spirit in nature as the Spirit of God. day. Spirits live on forever. In hainess state, heaven. Joy. The Beatific Vision. Being with The Lord, three in One, with various aspects and roles. Characteristics.

Time, as a creation of man. Spirit living within me. Our shells. Every shell has its own spirit. Willing acceptance. Willing rejection. Intuitively understanding right and Thought originates in the spirit, soul, or mind--that function of spirit and/or soul which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of recall or remembrance.

We define it variously as "an opinion formed by judging something." Your desire, intention, what you intend to do, that stimulating, experiential function of experiences: learning, which alters our brain structure at the cellular level; formal education [activities that imparts knowledge].

These impressions on your soul, spirit, mind, and/or body cells, result from an action directive part of the soul and spirit.

It uses that energy we previously mentioned. That power, or energy flows up the neurons to the cerebral cortex.

That power or energy enters the brain, where thought, or activity of the thinking body(soul, mind, spirit), gains the propensity ("potential" in physics theory) to cause or create action.

This is one reason why God says have no strange Gods before him (money, power, sex). You waste His spirit, His power. You can attract the positive or negative, neural highway or circuitry.

In the former, God's spirit will be talking with God. His light is in you. You direct that light or power to Him (or elsewhere) by your, actions, intention, or desire. Centered on Him, this links with His Spirit in all things.

Alternatively, it connects with the pure circumstance He initially created, (even though life filters it through innumerable causes and effects). "Inclinations of the flesh and human nature will attempt to fight the inspirations of the Spirit Thus, a "passion" can strengthen.

Such suffering is extreme, and intense agony. This agony (Jesus' and yours') is impressed upon the ether of the earth and universe, creating a sort of spirit. Our every action and every moment must be lifted to God. This really lifts our energies or spirits, so to speak.


1. When God moves, the soul decisively does what has been presented to it.

2. When we have derived much light through consolation and desolation of diverse spirits.

3. During a tranquil time when the spirits have not agitated the soul. And when (wo) man considers the purpose (s)he has been born, with a desire to choose as means to serve God .


To Admit Them Within The Soul.Evil is accustomed to proposing such imaginary pleasures (SENSES, FEELING, SMELLS), or the propensity, thought, or the possibility of those pleasures, even if one does not get them.

When a body does get them, they have USUALLY LET the soul DOWN (after all, hell is "down"). The soul then feels remorse, but feels it cannot go back to God, does not want to, or is too ashamed.

******* Where the soul seeks to rise in greater perfection, or cleanse (through God's grace) itself of sin, and move in the service of God, evil spirits harass with anxiety, afflict with sadness, tear the soul down, depresses, raise obstacles.

They back their actions by fallacious reasons that disturb the soul. Evil seeks to prevent the soul from advancing.

IN DESOLATION (darkness of the soul, turmoil of spirit) there exists an inclination for what is low and earthly, restlessness, rising from many disturbances and temptations that leads to want of faith, want of hope, want of love.

We suffer desolation because we have been tepid and slothful, separated from the Lord, through negligence in piety.Our Lord. God does not wish us to build on the property of another, to arise up in spirit to be vainglorious.

GOOD SPIRITS use the LIGHT of reason, arousing the sting of conscience and filling you with remorse. The Good Spirit gives courage and strength, and consolation tears. (Tears are often signs of a healing, or the anointing of God). For example, Good Angels(Spirits and saints) give encouragement, inspiration, and peace. (S)he does it by easing your way, making all easy.

So say the " Angel of God" prayer, often. The Good Spirit removes obstacles, so that the soul goes forth doing good. If a cause precedes, both the good angels, and the evil spirits can give consolation to a soul, but for a different purpose.

The good angel is concerned with the progress of a soul to advance and rise. Evil concerns itself with its own intentions, to draw the soul down for its own purposes and wickedness.

Evil spirits sometimes aear as angels of light. It is normal(for most were once angels).

THIS IS WHY THE BIBLE HAS TESTS FOR DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS. This is why the CHURCH SACRAMENTALS OF HOLY WATER, SCAPULARS, CANDLES, OUR LORD made THE SACRAMENTS AND PRAYERS TO GIVE GRACE to combat them. Do enjoy infinity and eternity. Hundreds can ift into an elevator without problem. Everybody's 30 Can choose their own attributes(manipulation of light, my note) Weight, hair color.

(One seer's opinion): they joyfully study, work, do research. they create, invent, transmit through God's permission such here. Communicate by telepathy. Speak Aramaic, access to knowledge,

Akashic records(Hall of Records)written depiction of God's memory(though God doesn't need it, WE DO-my note).

All have instant access to God My note-those not in hell or purgatory). Infused knowledge through the Holy Spirit to the mind. So souls retain mind.(illness-state of being ill in body and mind(and He healed them)

Mind of God What does God want.

Mind- ability to be aware.Persons thoughts or attention, a person, as embodying mental qualities. A way of thinking or feeling.that which is responsible for one's thoughts anbd feelings, the seat of recall or remembrance.

Peace of mind, hainess, all your worldly needs, thinking(use or exercise of the mind to arrive at a solution). In contrast, opinion remains a personal belief that is not founded on proof.

If you pray you will be able to discern what is of God with a clear mind." "For the rest, may it stay very firm in your mind that I go sleepless for you, infinitely more than what you think and that I miss nothing, absolutely nothing of what you say haens to you.

Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you and to open your eyes and your mind to see Jesus in all people and to be immune to the ill residual effects of the sins of humanity.

You must be strong and never forfeit at any cost your position in God's Kingdom."

Mary cautions us to watch our minds and imaginations. She counsels that idle fancies come from the evil one. Preface all things, "Lord, what would you have me do?" Acts 9:16; and, "Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven." Matt 6:10. Discerning God's will CAN BE DONE with Jesus, her son, the Son of God".

Examine everything you place into your system (body, mind, soul). You amplify (or decrease) God's gifts through your use of His molecules, atoms and electrons. Stop worrying. With time your mind and heart will join and you will achieve mental interior prayer of the heart."Peace in the heart, and certainty in the mind are different.

Do you have a moral certainty? Place before your mind, the object of choice (e.g., study or fight). Focus on as your aim, the end for which God created you, praise of God and the salvation of your soul, without any inordinate attachment to a proposed choice, so not more inclined or disposed to accept the object in question or to relinquish it, to give it up.

Beware of pride. Remember, Jesus said no such thing as a coincidence exists. These emotional (and thus spiritual) impressions in the ether, as prayer, projection, desires, feelings, mind/body connection is further controlled by cause and effect, stimulus and response, consequence(again, not necessarily yours).

Emotions-(this all has to do with-neuron cortex/body/mind/soul experience: helps people things act, move, do, work, force, any strong feeling all about electrons, proton, neutrons moving up and down the cerebral cortex, and outside the body e.g. feramones, amplified by God's grace and mercy.

Be)Do not let others influence you negatively or place words of doubt in your mind. Press on for unity through love and unconditional service

No negativity,no aggression, no ego, jealousy, pride, no judgement.

Experience: If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger.

_____________________________________________________ GRACE (from our tradition).

Secular Webster's describes mercy as mer*cy (noun), plural mercies [Middle English, from Old French merci, from Medieval Latin merced-, merces, from Latin, price paid, wages, from merc-, merx merchandise] First aeared 13th Century

1 a : compassion or forbearance shown esp. to an offender or to one subject to one's power; also : lenient or compassionate treatment 2 a : a blessing that is an act of divine favor or compassion b : a fortunate circumstance.

3 : compassionate treatment of those in distress. MERCY, CHARITY, CLEMENCY, GRACE, LENIENCY. For we of the Christian belief, "price paid" has greater significance, inasmuch as Christ died for our sins, and our redemption from darkness. By going so far as to give up his own Son for us, God reveals that he is 'rich in MERCY'.[Eph 2:4 .]

By giving his life to free us from sin, Jesus reveals that he himself bears the divine name: 'When you have lifted up the Son of man, then you will realize that 'I AM'.'[Jn 8:28 (Greek).]" "God is the Father Almighty, whose fatherhood and power shed light on one another: God reveals his fatherly omnipotence by the way he takes care of our needs; by the filial adoption that he gives us ('I will be a father to you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty'):[2 Cor 6:18 ; cf. Mt 6:32 .] finally by his infinite MERCY, for he displays his power at its height by freely forgiving sins."

"God predestines no one to go to hell;[Cf. Council of Orange II (529): DS 397; Council of Trent (1547):1567.] for this, a willful turning away from God (a mortal sin) is necessary, and persistence in it until the end. In the Eucharistic liturgy and in the daily prayers of her faithful, the Church implores the MERCY of God, who does not want 'any to perish, but all to come to repentance':[2 Pet 3:9 .]

Father, accept this offering from your whole family. Grant us your peace in this life, save us from final damnation, and count us among those you have chosen.[Roman Missal, EP I (Roman Canon) 88.]" An old missive indicates, " My Son's power and infinite mercy come to you unceasingly through the means of the cross and Holy Eucharist"(That last word means "assuming grace" or "favor").

For as it is said, ""God is eternal and from His eternity, at being Father, He has in Himself His Son, Who is also eternal. From the unity of Father and the Son lives the Holy Spirit which is the Love of both, forming the three one Divinity."

"One is His Will, His power, and one His MERCY. This unity in Love goes always aimed to the only end which is God. Immense in His simplicity, filling all that exists, penetrating everything, living in everything and in everything encompassing all distance, dominating all space."

Exodus 20:2-6. I am the Lord, thy God, mighty, jealous, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; and showing mercy unto the thousands to them that love me, AND KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS).

Our Lord says not to put our reputation above His. "I Am greater, the gift giver. You are the objects of My love, mercy, and goodness. Your life and name stem from Me. Honor my name. Respect Me. Love Me,"Jesus demands.

But He notes, especially for those seeking to ABUSE HIS MERCY mercy, forgiveness exists (until death) there still exists the temporal punishment (consequences on earth, pregnancy, diseases. etc). "Still, My heart is rich in mercy and

compassion. Be like a little child. Come to Me like one little who is sorry for hurting his parents."Some recognize Me and come to My arms, and I kiss them with Love and Mercy. My holy angels are watching over your work.

They will bring in their hands, baskets filled with love and peace. These blessings I will send to My laborers, and My angels will carry back baskets filled with works of mercy, prayers and praises to the most Holy Trinity", Jesus says."Trust in Jesus with all your heart and respond to Him if He calls you to do His works of mercy. He will not lead you astray.

"Some events are inevitable. Pray with all your hearts that you will be able to persevere in your faith and not turn from God. Receive the sacraments while they are available. Pray. Pray. Pray, little children and ponder God's mercy."

You must never cease in challenging yourselves to grow in love and mercy."Jesus desires you to be stewards of His love and mercy."There are many souls in need of mercy and love.

When we care for neighbor in such a way, we extend God's mercy, not our own. (Like an employee dispensing the food, or services of the boss). God planned it that way. If you focus on the behavior and outer aearance of the poor, it can be frustrating. If you focus on Jesus, who is personified in each person, whether he be poor or wealthy, then you will be able to perform works of love and mercy."

"Remember that each one of them is an example of what man can do without Me. Be sure that no one condemn themselves without his own wish. And believe that not even against them will the Divine Justice ring out with the rigor that they well deserved. I am just, but I aease justice with Mercy."Love God. Be humble before Him. Be cognizance of His justice, but also of His mercy.

"Apud Deum misericordia et copiosa redemptio! In God is Mercy and overabundant redemption. Jesus says ‘My redemption is sufficient to save a thousand worlds like the earth. I am Mercy in life and Mercy in death, I am a loving father to whoever loves Me, and a severe judge to whoever refuses Me a heartbeat of love… Think only of Me, saying to yourself: Now I must take care of My Heavenly Father's business. I will show you My power and Who is He Who leads you. Your misery is great, but My Mercy is infinite.'"

Practice the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. The former include feeding the hungry; giving drink to the thirsty; clothing the naked; sheltering the homeless; comforting the imprisoned; visiting the sick; and burying the dead.

Among the spiritual works of mercy are admonishing sinners; instructing the uninformed; counseling the doubtful; comforting the sorrowful; being patient with those in error; forgiving offenses; and praying for the living and the dead. Tell Jesus, "I love you". Perform acts of mercy to prove it. Words alone mean nothing.

"Blood and Water, gushing forth from the side of Jesus as a font of m

ercy for us, I trust in you." HE WILL CARE FOR YOU! An ancient prayer, to be sure. But the mercy of God reflects an almighty act Mercy by which we are forgiven of our sins, as an element of love. But we,too, can exercise it through goodness. Practicing the beatitudes(Matt.5:3-12), corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Your thoughts?


"All true friendships are nourished by My Grace, for every friendship, truly shared, can help to bring you Home to Me."

[JESUS] True friendship requires Grace. To be in Grace, friends must submit to the Hand of God in their relationship. When friendship is raised in Marriage, it is blessed with Sacrament. When such a friendship is broken, the Sacrament remains. Divorce does not absolve the Sacrament of Marriage. By the Grace of Marriage, friendship attains a new depth: the ability for oneness of flesh. This is not possible without true immersion into Me. Children, Marriage.....this Sacrament....this holy giving of self is achieved by God's Blessing Hand. And by it, the commitment of those in the union become as one in Me, though the life into such unity is ongoing. ______________________________________________________


L. starting to receive a locution from Jesus and said: "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Jesus then said: "War is imminent!!! Unlike the flood of Noah's time you, My sinful little, disobedient and often unbelieving children, will be attacked with chemicals, germs, insects, floods, droughts and fire. It is happening around your world this very day. STOP ignoring My signs!!! LISTEN!!! OBEY!!! Witness ALL My warnings!!!

Today, yes TODAY, you must repent if you wish to save your soul. Your days, your hours of peace, are quickly vanishing.

The leaders of the Far East are following My adversary. He is their leader NOT Me, your God. Beware of these evil leaders!!!

The Antichrist too will come from this region. Pray for your (USA) president and all your leaders to follow Me and reject all evil for He (Satan) is very convincing and very powerful. Offer many, many prayers.

Pray too for your Pope, John Paul II, for he is in dire need. Many of his cardinals and priests do not obey him. He speaks for Me!!!

Your world, your country (USA) is on the brink of a great catastrophe. Never before, in the history of mankind, has sin been in such control. Never before has man been on the verge of such destruction.

One day, very soon, World War III will begin. War IS the result of sin i.e.: pride, control, lust, murdering of My innocents, love of money and the materialistic and your lack of morals. Your faith in God is nearly dead. Few believe and follow Me. Love is also missing from many hearts. Men, evil men, desire to control My children and place temptation before you, covered over with honey (sweet-talk and lies), to have you accept their nonsense.

This terrible day is now nearly upon you. I beg you, My children, open your eyes, your ears. Hear and accept MY truth -- I AM TRUTH!!!

Pray! Pray and follow Me. Place love in your hearts to disperse all hate. Obey your God and have My beautiful peace. Repent and receive My mercy. Pray for it has begun."


Friday, July 27, 2001 - 12:20 A.M. L. starting to receive a vision and said: "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

L. then saw what looked like an enormous electrical wiring system under the oceans. Everything is interconnected. When God gives the word, an Angel will start the so-called ignition and events will begin, one triggering the others. As His hand lowers, so does the `start or on' switch.

God The Father then said: "Understand that all creation complements one another. It is a woven network under the oceans. Every ocean and sea is connected and every mountain has its roots.

Nothing I've created stands alone. Each is dependent one on the other for total harmony. Break this God-made union and friction and discord will result.

Keeping this in mind, you will see My signs of the times erupting all over the earth. Devastating volcanoes, fires that are destroying thousands of acres, floods and droughts with much heat killing all life and mud slides carrying away homes and buildings, lightning with torrential rains and often high winds creating havoc, the seas rising and rare and incurable diseases.

There are conversions, but far too many are still in denial. I am destroying areas where sin is greatest.

I do not wish to destroy life and My creation but the air is thick and black with sin. As your God I expect homage but I am ignored, denied and blasphemed. My laws are all--without exception--disobeyed.

My signs are increasing and it will continue until My people return to Me. Few will return and the majority will continue to wallow in their sin.

Until the very end, I will call to you. My mercy and love I will impart to all. I will shower many, many graces upon mankind to aid you and strengthen you. I will send you peace as I light the path before you.

I ask all people to come to an awareness of all natural events. See My hand punishing My fallen children with a Father's love. Seek understanding of these events and wisdom to enlighten you and lead you. Allow your hearts to become filled with a true fear: fear of losing your soul. Pray for Our Holy Spirit to immerse your soul, your immortal soul, in all of Heaven's gifts.

Do not tarry, for you know not where My hand will fall next. Put all fear behind you and follow Me. I await to hear your voice in prayer."

_______________________________________________________ For more information please visit John Leary's Recent Messages - www.johnleary.com (Fair Use 17 U.S.C. 106 set seq, teaching, scholarship, comment, and newsreporting.)

Thursday, June 28, 2001: Prayer Group: Mark said: "I stand before God and I am giving this message so you will know your place on your knees in giving praise to your God. At the Mass and around the tabernacles the angels of God are constantly praising Jesus in the Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.

Even if you have to bring broken statues of the angels, it is fitting to show your adorers that the angels of God are constantly praising His glory as we do in heaven. It is your place also to give praise and adoration of Jesus in His Host. You have a miracle of the grace of Jesus that He has left His presence with you on earth."

Jesus said: "My people, I am showing you this watch containing a smart card so you will remember not to buy any of these chips that will be advertised for buying and selling. I warned you not to have any smart cards in various forms so you would not be tempted into the next stage of chips in the hand.

You will not be condemned for taking smart cards or watches, but they could control your spending habits. Those, who take chips in the hand and worship the beast, could lose their souls in hell for selling out to the Antichrist. Refuse these chips and rely only on Me to provide for your needs."

Jesus said: "My people, those on the internet are drawn to have cell phones and your latest palm held devices to trade stocks and send messages and data quickly from one place to another. Speed and a fast moving society is becoming more dependent on electronic money transactions and news as it happens. Do not let these devices control your life because the evil ones will demand chips in the hand soon for all of your transactions. Focus more on Me than your money and stocks. I am forever, but earthly things are gone tomorrow."

Jesus said: "My people of America, you are seeing the evil ones manipulate another economic downturn since so many individuals are vulnerable to their stock holdings. These evil ones have played a massive sting operation of luring you into stocks with low interest rates and high quick stock gains.

Now many are holding huge losses and are vulnerable to further losses. Your economy is teetering on disaster as many of your economists do not understand a possible credit and loan collapse from the mountains of debt all over the world. A deep recession could trigger the events that the one world people have been waiting for to have world control. You are about to witness physical and financial disasters from which you will not recover. Pray for My help because you will not make it alone."

Jesus said: "My people, you will soon see the United Nations and local entities as the European Union controlling world laws and world trade.  Money in the form of loans and aid will be centered more around the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund for transacting world currencies into one electronic money.

The Antichrist will use the money of the world bankers and the UN troops to control all the nations. As you see this shift of power change from national to world organizations, you will know that the reign of the Antichrist is close. With the Antichrist's coming into power, you also will know that My reign is close as well. Trust in Me as I will defeat all of your enemies in My time."

Jesus said: "My people, do not think that your armies and war machines will protect you from your enemies. In America much of your defense force is overseas and you are very vulnerable in your own homeland. Those, who have trusted in arms, have been conquered many times. Better to trust in the spiritual armaments of My grace than on physical arms. Your souls are much more valuable to protect than your mortal bodies. Use My sacraments as your best protection."

Jesus said: "My people, this latest anti-missile program could initiate a new terror of a weapons race. More unnecessary money will be spent and more nations will be hostage to these new weapons. You are bringing nations closer to war with such a new weapons plan. Better to work on peace and rely on spiritual weapons than placing all of your trust on weapons that have yet to be proven effective."

  Friday, June 29, 2001: (Sts. Peter & Paul)

Mark said: "I stand before God and you are seeing this mission of yours directed by Jesus in the Light. In today's reading an angel guided St. Peter from the jail and broke his chains and brought him to safety. In the same way I have been protecting you from the evil one and all of the number of incidents that could have prevented you from carrying out your mission.

Behind what is apparent, you have been sheltered in many ways from people who wanted you silenced. Give praise and thanks to God for your care in miraculous ways. Keep faithful in your prayers and live in the trust of Jesus who watches over you and protects you from harm. As the time of tribulation comes about, you will be persecuted as Jesus' disciples were, so have confidence that Jesus will protect your soul even if your body is maltreated. Jesus will give you all the grace that you will need to endure your trial. Give thanks to Jesus that He has chosen you to spread His Gospel and for sending His angels to watch over you."

Jesus said: "My people, as earthquakes will continue to increase in frequency and magnitude, you will see an increase in tidal wave destruction as well. With three-fourths of the earth covered with water, there is much more chance of an earthquake occurring under water. These disastrous events are occurring more often and it should be another sign to you that the days of tribulation are getting closer.

Lives and many homes are being lost with earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and pestilence. These are all the signs that I gave to you before I would come again to the earth in judgment. I have asked you to be prepared spiritually in your souls by prayer and frequent Confession. By having your soul pure as much as possible, you will not be caught unaware when I will come on a day that you least suspect. This great day of My victory over the evil ones will change history as you know it and I will renew the face of the earth."  

Saturday, June 30, 2001: (Early martyrs in Rome)

Jesus said: "My people, in the early days of Christianity it was dangerous to admit your Christian beliefs. Many of My followers had to risk their lives in order to continue to believe in Me. They hid in caves of the catacombs so the evil authorities could not kill them. In your modern world it is hard to understand that such persecution could threaten your lives. Look at Russia and China where Christians are still being tortured and killed for their beliefs in Me. All over the world My faithful will be persecuted even to death as the Antichrist will come to power.

You think that you are safe now, but your freedoms and possessions will be taken from you. You will also be tested with this choice of being faithful to Me and die, or you can give in to the Antichrist for fame and wealth and spend eternity in hell. I offer you eternal life in heaven while Satan can only offer temporary pleasures on earth and eternity in hell. Stay close to Me and trust in My grace of endurance and you will save your soul."  

Sunday, July 1, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, I want you to have your souls prepared to receive Me in Holy Communion. Many of you are very meticulous at cleaning your houses and preparing your place if a guest should arrive. You sweep the floors, clean your rugs and put away anything that is out of its place.

When you prepare to eat, you buy the food, set the table, prepare the food and say your grace before meals. When you want to receive Me in Holy Communion at Mass, you need to prepare your souls to receive the greatest guest of all, your Lord. I ask you to say your act of contrition to be sorry for your venial sins, but if you have mortal sins, you must come to the priest in Confession to be forgiven.

Do not commit a sin of sacrilege by receiving Holy Communion with mortal sin on your soul. By frequent Confession, then your soul will be pure and fully prepared for My Eucharistic Host. Just as you will need pure souls when you die to come to My banquet table in heaven, on earth you will need to purify your souls to receive Me at the table of My Eucharist."  

Monday, July 2, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, I am putting you on alert that you will be persecuted by the followers of Islam. The Arabs and the Moslems will taunt you for they see you as their enemies. The palms in the church represent how glorious it is now in peace as it was when the people welcomed Me into Jerusalem.

Later, the religious leaders wanted to kill Me to stop My following and My teachings which were foreign to their way of life in a stronger sense of love than man's justice. I have shown you the Antichrist as an Arab, so you should be forewarned that the Moslems will turn against you in a violent way.

They see Me as a prophet, but not the Son of God. Only those, who accept Me as Savior, can enter the kingdom of heaven. The Antichrist will exploit this division and some will worship him. Do not accept this evil one, nor his money or his chips. Trust only in Me even if your life is threatened to believe Me. I will provide for your needs, so have no fear."

Jesus said: "My people, I am showing you this television running because many people watch too much TV and their lives are influenced by it too much. TV watching is a form of entertainment that can cause images or emotions that can influence your morals usually in a bad way. People should make it a point to not watch more than one or two hours a day, or it could become habit forming.

Be careful of what programs you are watching because violence and sexual movies can cause you an occasion of sin. Especially be careful of how your children could be influenced by too much TV and the wrong programming. TV is a tool of the evil one and he will use it to control people's minds during the coming tribulation.

I have told you before to remove these TVs from your houses so you would not be influenced by the Antichrist. So be careful not to let this device control your lives because it can be very domineering. Pray for My help in controlling all of your bad habits."  

Tuesday, July 3, 2001: (St. Thomas)

Jesus said: "My people, in today's Gospel you heard St. Thomas' affirmation in faith of My Resurrection. My victory over sin and My promise of resurrection into a new life in the Spirit needs to be proclaimed to all the nations. St. Thomas believed because he could feel the nail marks in My hands, but blessed are those, who have not seen, and still believe.

This pot belly stove represents the heat and fire of strong faith and My love which radiates out to everyone. You have the light of My knowledge of the Word and the flame of My love. When you receive Me in Holy Communion, or visit Me in My Blessed Sacrament, you can feel the heat of My power in My Real Presence. My blessings are poured out on My faithful and you feel the heat of My Presence just as those who felt the heat from this hot stove. I am the Great Healer of all of your physical and spiritual problems. Rejoice in the presence I have left with you to give you comfort and hope. Believe in My Word and believe in My Real Presence and you will be on the narrow road to heaven."

Jesus said: "My dear little ones, these bells are a remembrance of your wedding day. You are blessed to have placed Me in the middle of your marriage. By being faithful to Me, you have strengthened yourselves in being faithful to each other.

St. Thomas had great faith after being shown the signs of My real body that had risen from the dead. In the same way you have had faith in each other and have compromised your desires to please your partner. Staying together this long is a tribute to your love for each other despite life's obstacles. Be thankful for your successful marriage and the fruit of your union in your children and grandchildren.

You need to be a constant inspiration of love for your children and those watching you in the world. Pray for all marriages that couples will place Me in their marriage and be faithful in following My Commandments and being true to each other in trust."  

Wednesday, July 4, 2001: (Independence Day)

Jesus said: "My people, I am showing you a bright light in this large church to represent My Presence in My Spirit and the Blessed Host. No matter how large a church is or how ornate it is, the Blessed Sacrament's Presence is what makes My church holy. I have left you with My gift of My Body and My Blood under the appearances of bread and wine.

My spiritual presence is among you in this physical presence of the consecrated Host. Rejoice that you will have My Presence with you to the end of time by My own promise. You can come to Me and give Me praise and glory at any time that you can visit My Blessed Sacrament. My adorers at perpetual adoration acquire many blessings for themselves and their own parishes.

Whether you come day or night, I am always anxious to have someone acknowledge My Real Presence and give Me thanks for all I do for you. My adorers are like the one of ten healed lepers who returned to thank Me that his leprosy was gone. So I am asking the rest of My faithful, why are you not visiting Me because each of you have a lot to be thankful for in what you have?"  

Thursday, July 5, 2001: (Reading on Isaac offering)

Jesus said: "My people, there is great joy in heaven at the creation of each conception when a soul comes into human life and their guardian angel is joined with that soul. Human life is so precious and it should not be harmed in any way. Pagan cultures have sacrificed their children to pagan gods, but you, My people, know My Commandments enough to see the error in this killing.

Yet, many babies are aborted purposely in the womb because their mothers are still offering their children up to the gods of your materialism. Just as heaven heralds a new life, there is great sadness in heaven when a life is taken by man in murder or abortion. The angels of these souls witness to these killings and the wrath of My judgment demands reparation for these sins. I will forgive your sins when you are sorry in Confession, but woe to that person who kills My little ones without remorse.

Pray for these mothers to have their children as your country will be held responsible for every abortion."

  Friday, July 6, 2001: (First Friday devotions)

Jesus said: "My people, this vision of a nest with its eggs represents the new beginnings for man in his scientific experiments. Many have concerned themselves with contamination from the moon, other planets or even from biological warfare. There is still a more insidious source of disaster lurking in your tinkering with the DNA of plants and animals.

In your quest to increase the yield of your crops and lengthen your life span, you have forgotten a basic fact of nature that I have created everything perfectly. When you change the DNA for one trait, you may be weakening another. In making new versions of plants and animals you are upsetting the balance of nature and you do not know the long term effects of these changes. Seeds may not form properly or reproduce themselves.

Animal parts may fail or cause susceptibility to other diseases. In a word man cannot improve on nature, so why destroy this world of finite resources? I am coming soon to undo all of your mistakes and pollution. Rejoice that I will come to remove all evil and renew all of the plants and animals back to their perfect state once again."

Jesus said: "My people, this scene of a sunset at dusk is a sign to you that the end times are very near. You have many signs of an age of apostasy where people have lost their faith in Me. I have told you many times that the end will come as it was wicked before the flood in Noah's time. The only sign I will give you is the sign of Jonah who proclaimed to Nineveh that they had to repent to be saved.

It is the same with this age that the people need to repent of their evil ways and follow My Will. All of the signs in Scripture of the last days are occurring before your eyes in the earthquakes, pestilence, and famines. Some will be martyred for their faith, but My faithful will be protected and provided for."

Jesus said: "My little ones, you have gone out of your way to find such a refuge place at a great expense. I look into the intention of your heart to reward you for your courage and your interest to provide for yourselves and your neighbors. Many have been called to have refuges in prayer.

Not all refuges will have My white cross, but some will be interim refuges to help others on their way to a final destination. I bless everyone willing to have a refuge for My faithful to come and seek protection."

  Saturday, July 7, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, in the days of the coming tribulation the evil ones will be seeking out all those who believe in Me and will not worship the beast. Just as the early Christians were persecuted and martyred, the agents of the Antichrist will persecute you as well. My apostles were proud to proclaim My Word even in the face of torture and possible death for their faith. Many Americans have had a life of affluence without any persecution as in other countries.

This trial will be a real test of your faith, but you will need to call on My help to save your souls. I will protect those who are not martyred at My refuges. These open areas in the forests represent the refuges that will protect you from harm with My angels. There will be places of apparition and holy ground where the white crosses will mark My refuges.

There will be caves and interim refuges as well. Your guardian angels will lead you to a save place when you call on Me in prayer. So have no fear and trust in My grace to endure this tribulation. I will be watching over each of you and I will not leave you orphans."

Jesus said: "My people, you have read in the Scriptures how I carried My cross to Calvary and fell three times. I call on each of you to follow in My footsteps in carrying your own crosses to Calvary. It is not easy to accept a cross of suffering, but you will see that you will find your salvation in carrying your cross out of love for Me. A life of the cross is not desired by the body which seeks comforts and pleasures.

Your body is always in conflict with your soul as the physical life is opposing the spiritual life. When you consecrate yourself to Me, it means giving all that you have over to Me. You are only stewards of your possessions and your children because these are gifts that must be returned to Me.

Suffering may involve criticism from your peers for being a religious fanatic, but following Me seems foolish to the world. Fasting is opposed to gluttony. Humility is opposed to fame. Chastity is opposed to fornication. A virtuous life is one based on love and not lust or the seeking of wealth. Loving your neighbor is opposite to a selfish life.

Do everything for Me and your love will reach out from yourself to help your neighbor in need. You may give up your time and money in helping others, but your reward in heaven will be great. Carry your cross lovingly for this will be your means for obtaining heaven through My help."

  Sunday, July 8, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, in the Gospel reading I spoke to the seventy-two evangelists of My Word and how they should travel. In today's world you would be concerned with a place to stay, bags of clothes, and money for living expenses. Yet, I told My disciples to travel lightly and let the people take care of them for lodging and for food. The laborer is worth his wage because it is so important to harvest the souls in conversions.

Bringing souls to Me is the most worthy labor of love that you could do for your neighbor. Rejoice in the hands that help you and give thanks to them and to God for their hospitality. You are in a constant battle with the evil ones for the saving of souls. Pray for My help in teaching My Word among the people and pray that people's hearts may be opened to My message of love. I told My disciples how they were to come to heaven.

All those, who follow My Commandments and My Divine Will, will see the beautiful mansions of heaven as I showed in this vision. This will be the greatest reward that I could give for your labors of love for souls. Preach My forgiveness of sin and encourage all sinners to repent of their evil ways."

Jesus said: "My people, this trumpet is sounding to heaven of the evils on earth. The circle of blood and jewelry indicates man's continuing use of abortion to solve unwanted pregnancies. The jewelry indicates the love of the good life over taking care of children. Because you are still wantonly killing My little ones for your own pleasures, I will send My wrath upon you so your jobs and wealth will dissipate.

Do not think that you can take life and tinker with all manner of DNA variations for your own selfish abuses. Life is too precious to discard it so easily with no remorse for killing. Artificial conception and cloning are all mortal sins because you are trying to alter nature that is already perfect. Stop this flow of blood from the wombs of these selfish mothers. Follow My laws and stop experimenting with the workings of life where you should not be delving."  

Monday, July 9, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, I ask you to come to Me in humble submission to My Will. This vision of going out into the bush country away from the cities is where I will lead you to protection during the tribulation. As the religious persecution will worsen for those not worshiping the Antichrist, death will almost be a certainty for My faithful if you remain in your homes near the cities.

Leaving your home to go into hiding will be very difficult, but you will see killing for food and much violence that will force you to leave. I will have your angels lead you from your homes to My refuges so the evil ones will not be able to force any chips in the hand on you. You will know when to leave when events become focused around the Antichrist's coming to power. Trust in Me and I will heal your ills and provide your food and water.

Your living conditions will be crude, but it will be better than suffering at the hands of the evil ones. This tribulation time will be shortened for the sake of My elect and then I will come in victory. After you have suffered your purgatory here on earth, you will share in everlasting joy with Me."  

Tuesday, July 10, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, the garage door opening is a sign to you how through My death on the cross, I have opened the gates of heaven to all of mankind. Just as I have allowed you to come to heaven, you have to open your hearts so I can enter as well. The second meaning of this garage door opening is to liken it to your heart. Many have a lot of things and even garbage in their garage that makes it unable to put the car away.

You have to clear away these things, especially in winter to allow room for your car to be protected. In the same way you have to empty your heart of self and worldly desires and distractions. Then when you have made room for Me, I can enter your heart and mold you to the person that I want you to be. I want you to love Me and your neighbor as yourself, but it is impossible until you let Me into your heart and your life. Walk with Me in life and I will guide you on your path to heaven."

Jesus said: "My people of America, you have lost your sense of sin. This is just one sign of how many have lost their reverence for My Real Presence. Little by little people have wandered away from their traditions and now some have lost their faith. Pleasure is now running your lives and if a pregnancy should result, many see abortion as a way to solve their problems.

Your worldly lusts for sex and money have blinded you from seeing your sins and you do not understand how precious life is.Wake up, America, and see how your sins of the flesh and your resulting abortions are crying out for My justice on your nation. If you do not change your sinful ways, I will bring My chastisements against you and you will be brought to your knees. Nations before you have been destroyed for less than your abominations against life.

I cannot hold back the Father's hand any longer, so be prepared to be stripped of your possessions and your wealth. You have worshiped the gods of materialism and now you will reap the consequences. The wages of sin is death to the soul. Call on My help in prayer for forgiveness and I will save your soul."  

Wednesday, June 11, 2001: (St. Benedict)

Jesus said: "My people, this gutter represents how low the morals of your country have fallen. You now are protecting the rights of homosexuals to be married and to have all of the upstanding of a normal man and wife marriage. Both homosexual marriages and living together without marriage should be condemned as scandals to your society and your children.

You have lost your shame for sin and do not even recognize sinful living conditions. Your scientists are using the excuse of research to work with aborted babies and stem cells from fertilized eggs.

You have no honor for procreation being sacred and only proper to a married man and wife. Abortions continue to be accepted as a means of birth control. You are seeing fornication and adultery among married people as commonplace. Even birth control in many forms is being used among married couples. All of these sins against procreation are mortal sins and need to be confessed before you can receive Me in Holy Communion.

Do not commit more sins of sacrilege by receiving Me with mortal sin on your souls. It is this evil of your sins of the flesh and your abortions that will bring down your country to ruin through disasters and financial upheavals. Change your sinful ways, America, or you will be no more as other immoral civilizations have been destroyed."

Jesus said: "My people, this rock well represents two elements of faith and My Eucharistic Living Water. I have shown you before how I am the cornerstone of Christianity, yet My people rejected Me. I have built My Church on the rock of St. Peter as the first pope. Rock is hard and lasting and it symbolizes how I want your faith in Me to be. You need a sound foundation for your faith and it needs to be rooted in Me and in Scripture.

Your faith must be able to endure the test of time and the storms of worldly cares. In addition to faith you need water both in Baptism and My Eucharistic Living Water. Water is needed for survival to drink and grow your crops. If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you cannot have life within you. My Eucharistic Presence in My Host shows that I will be with you always.

With faith and My heavenly manna, you have everything possible to lead you to heaven. Treasure these gifts of a rock solid faith and My Living Water which will be your means of salvation for every soul who accepts Me."

  Thursday, July 12, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, I am showing you this crop field parched and infested with insects and worms as a sign of increasing problems with your food production. A world famine will result from bad weather patterns and conditions that will be ripe for plagues of grasshoppers, locusts and the like.

Unusual infestations have already been occurring in parts of the world in Biblical proportion. Excess rain in some places and droughts in other places will cause problems in growing and harvesting your crops. There will be manipulations of price, supply, and distribution that will worsen conditions for food distribution all over the world.

When you see your foods getting scarce and expensive, you will understand how a world famine will affect your population. For this reason and for not having chips in your hand My faithful will find obtaining food very difficult. Set aside some food now so I can multiply it in your need. This account of the famine in Egypt in your reading is how I am preparing you for this coming world famine. Prepare spiritually and physically for this coming trial of tribulation."

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: "My people, I have asked you before to set up a little altar with statues and pictures as a special place for you to pray at home. At this altar I want you to keep a candle burning or a red light as a sign of a constant vigil of prayer. It is not always possible to pray every moment, but this candle can represent a place of perpetual prayer just as you have eternal flames at places of honor and symbolic of My presence in your prayer.

Prayers are needed for sinners in your world where sins are greatly offending Me." Jesus said: "My people, it would be good if you had a statue or icon of My Blessed Mother holding a rosary. Keep this in full view in your home and in your churches so you can be inspired to pray your rosaries each day. In many places of apparition My Blessed Mother is calling for the fifteen decades for peace in the world and to stop abortions.

Many of your churches are empty of any statues, but you need them to remind you of how much prayer for sinners is needed at this time."

Jesus said: "My people, this vision of evil spirits roaming your streets is a strong sign to you of the battle going on to claim souls. Satan and the evil spirits are struggling for souls just as hard as My angels and My saints. You need to protect yourselves from the evil ones by wearing blessed sacramentals.

A Benedictine crucifix and holy water can keep these dark shadows from attacking you. Those souls that encourage evil ways can leave themselves open to demonic possession or demonic influence. Your soul is a treasure and you need to protect it with My help and My gifts in these sacramentals. Encourage your friends and relatives to protect their souls as well with their own blessed sacramentals."

Jesus said: "My people, there are many covens of witches and high priests of Satan carrying on black masses with animal sacrifices. At the Mass I am the sacred victim sacrificed for your sins. Just as there is a good blessing and grace coming from each Mass, there is also an evil resulting from these black masses.

Encourage the people to keep attending Holy Mass on Sundays because the evil ones are not resting. Pray for those souls who are not coming to church or who are falling away from their faith. Reach out to protect as many souls as you can from the influence of evil."

Jesus said: "My people, stay close to Me, My people, so I can pasture My sheep with My Eucharist and carry My lambs to My waters of forgiveness in Confession. When you look out and see these desert sands, you are looking where sinners wander with parched throats seeking My Living Water. I am the eternal oasis of grace and heavenly food and drink in My consecrated Host and consecrated Wine.

Come to Me and I will refresh you and give you rest. If you fail to come to Me, you could be like the withered fig tree that was thrown into the fire." 

I could see some prostitutes walking the streets. Jesus said: "My people, just as I talked of Israel as a harlot, so your country is courting similar disaster. You have many occasions of these sins of the flesh at places of prostitutes and evil influences in phones on television. Both women and men need to control their passions and only in marriage are such relations proper.

Your lifestyles are becoming more sinful as this age of apostasy moves further away from Me. I am waiting for you as the father of the prodigal son so you can return to Me seeking My forgiveness of your sins. Cleanse your souls in Confession and avoid all occasions of sin."

Jesus said: "My people, some of you are very enthusiastic in having a good time at your sports events, but you lack this same feeling when you come to Holy Mass on Sunday. At best you will see some players do well at their particular sport, but these are only men or women and they are not gods.

At Holy Mass you have My Real Presence in My Host and you have your one true Lord present before you. I alone can satisfy your soul because I created you to love Me and seek to be with Me in heaven. Coming to church should inspire you much more than any other earthly event. Keep focused on Me because I have the most meaning for life than any of your own pursuits."  

Friday, July 13, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, a time is coming when the focus at Mass will be more about man than about God. This meeting in a circle will be preparing for the day when the mark of the beast will be worshiped instead of Me. This will be the abomination of desolation, for when you worship anyone other than Me, you will be cut off from My grace and headed to the control of the evil one.

When you see My churches oriented to man instead of Me, leave this idolatrous church. Better to pray alone than to be a part of such an abomination. The removal of all of your traditions from My Church is where this evil plan is headed for disaster. For when you fail to worship Me, I will send My wrath of justice against you and all the evil ones will be destroyed and sent to burn forever in hell.

Have nothing to do with this New Age movement which will destroy the churches. This is not a religion but the beginning of worshiping the Antichrist. Hold close to your faith in Me and refuse the chips in the hand and refuse to worship anything but Me. Once the words of Consecration are removed, then that Mass is invalid and My Real Presence will not be there.

Pray for My help and discernment because many will be misled by the evil ones."

  Saturday, July 14, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, in the days of Joseph he helped prepare the way for his brothers so they would have food in a great famine. Later, Moses led his people to the promised land and the people followed him into the desert. Just as I led My people miraculously out of the hands of the Egyptians, so I will lead My faithful out away from the hands of the Antichrist out of your cities. It will not be easy to leave your homes, but I will protect you in this coming tribulation at My refuges of protection.

Just as I provided the manna and water for the Israelites in the desert, so also will I provide for your needs at My places of refuge. Some will be martyred for My Name's sake, but those who survive this trial, will be saved by My power and the angels. Only through Me will your souls be saved. Trust in Me always and have no fear of the evil ones. My faithful will have their reward when I will vanquish all of these evil ones and I will renew the earth for My glory."  

Sunday, July 15, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, you have heard today's reading about the Good Samaritan in describing who is your neighbor. The vision of the crown represents My kingship and how I am Lord over all of creation. I have given each soul enough gifts to enable you to come to heaven. It is what you do with your gifts that will show Me the intention of your heart. If you use your gifts to help people, then you will follow My Will as the man who helped the beaten man on the road.

If you use your gifts only for selfish purposes, then you will be like the Levite or the priest who passed by the beaten man. I am gracious to you in lavishing each soul with many opportunities to do good and I provide for all of your needs. This is why you should be charitable and share your gifts with My Church and others in need.

Do not worship your money and possessions as gods because they will pass away tomorrow. Better to store up heavenly riches of good deeds for your neighbor. The green lush fields in the vision are a sign of how beautiful heaven will be for all of My Good Samaritans. I told the disciple to go and do likewise, so I am telling My faithful to be kind and not hold back helping someone, even if it costs you money and time."  

Monday, July 16, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, I have come as in today's reading to show you how you will be divided in allegiance between Me and the things of the world. I am the Creator of all things, but I am a jealous God. I have created man with a soul and a free will. I want you to love Me and be with Me in heaven. I will not force you to love Me, but you must choose to follow Me by your own decision.

Some will choose to follow Me, while others will refuse to serve Me as Satan and all who follow him. The two pews opposite each other represent the goats and the sheep. I gather My lambs, while Satan captures the goats. This pit with the serpent represents the division that I will allow in My Church. There will be evil ones who will follow the New Age mentality that will mislead some of My faithful.

My faithful remnant are My lambs that will remain true to Me and will follow My pope son, John Paul II. Do not let this schism in My Church deceive you, but follow Me and the teachings of My apostles. Hold close to the traditions and the Gospel that I have taught and your souls will be saved with My help."  

Tuesday, July 17, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, I am showing you this white truck as an agent of the Antichrist in how he will send his people to capture those who are not going along with the One World Order. By this vivid image of the inside of a snake, I am showing you how evil the Antichrist will be and how he will be inspired by Satan, the true serpent.

These evil ones will come to your door and try to force the image of the beast on those that can be still found at their homes. Those, who refuse the chip in the hand, will be taken off to a detention center. At these centers some will be martyred, some tortured, and the rest forced into labor camps to do the work of the evil ones.

When you see people being picked up, know that it is time to leave your homes and have your guardian angels lead you to a place of refuge. At the refuge I will protect you from harm and provide for your needs. When you see these things happening, know that My victory is close as the evil ones will be vanquished and chained in hell."

  Wednesday, July 18, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, these kneelers are to remind you of the reverence that you should show your Lord in My Real Presence of the Blessed Sacrament. When Moses came closer to the burning bush, God the Father asked him to remove his sandals and to give reverence to God's presence. Many have a difficulty in understanding My Real Presence with human eyes on seeing My consecrated Host.

But you must have eyes of faith to understand My gift of Myself that I have left for you in My consecrated Host. When you look upon My Host, you really see the Blessed Trinity because We are One God in three Persons. Each Host contains this burning bush of God the Father, the Bread of Life in God the Son, and the dove of love in God the Holy Spirit. All of My angels recognize My glory and they are always present adoring Me at every tabernacle of My Hosts.

I ask you to receive Me worthily as often as you can so I can give you the grace of My sacrament and you may have My rest and My comfort. I am present in My tabernacles and in the monstrance of perpetual adoration. If you could visit Me, you could give Me praise and adoration as you share in the joy of My Presence.

If I came in bodily presence, you would surely come to see Me as much as you could. Still I am with you just the same, even if you cannot see Me in bodily form. I am a friend forever and I will never turn away from one who loves Me enough to give Me praise and adoration as the angels and saints do always."

Jesus said: "My people, I called Jonah to ask the people of Nineveh to repent in forty days or they would be destroyed. Jonah refused and tried to get away in a ship. He was thrown overboard and was swallowed by a large fish and he remained there three days and nights. After the three days, He was thrown ashore and he was inspired to warn Nineveh to repent.

This sign of three days in darkness represents how I died and remained in the tomb for three days. Then I was resurrected into a glorified body and I gave witness to My apostles how I conquered sin and death to open the gates of heaven. I have told you that the only sign that I would give would be the sign of Jonah.

The people of his day were given forty days to repent. You, My people, will be given your warning to repent by your life review in the Warning experience. You will have a similar time to repent before you will be tested by the Antichrist. Then you will be tested like Jonah in the three days of darkness caused by My comet of chastisement. After My triumph, you will see a new heavens and a new earth as you will experience a new life in the Spirit. Rejoice as My victory is close at hand."

 (Matt. 12:38-41; Luke 11:29-32)

  Thursday, July 19, 2001:

Jesus said: "My people, no matter how difficult life may get for you, even during the tribulation, I will always leave you a way out of your trouble. I have told you many times in Scripture how I will not test you beyond your endurance. For Moses I performed many miracles to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to the promised land.

My faithful of today, I will lead you through this coming tribulation to a new promised land of a new heavens and a new earth. This tunnel represents the trials of the tribulation that will test your faith. Again, I will perform miracles of protection to defeat the forces of the Antichrist and I will provide for your food and water.

The opening at the end of the tunnel represents the new Era of Peace which will be My faithful's reward. After My triumph over evil, you will have rest and comfort because I will bear the burden of your trials when you call on Me. Have faith and trust in Me even against insurmountable human obstacles and My Will will prevail over evil." _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Go To Next Page


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