Diversity University - Main Campus

You are a ghostly presence at Student Union Lounge.

This is a busy place, frequented mostly by students who're looking for colleagues to talk to and ways to kill time. There is an old red couch in the corner, usually occupied by sleeping students. Several hallways branch off this center, and large glass doors on the southern wall lead to the foyer.

You see DU Directory, Test Survey, Help Desk Sign (hd), DU Places of Interest (POI), MOOList, *DU AIDS Memorial Quilt Poster*, Online Educator's Meetings (OERG), DU EdTech Discussion (ed), visit meter, DUETS Pledge Booth, **DUETS Spring 1999 Donations Wall**, and a small gray mouse (Kitt's emissary).

The exits are east (to Underground corridor (SU <-> Admin)), north (to Entertainment Hall (1-6)), northeast (to Student Union Elevator), northwest (to Universities Room), west (to Help Desk (Not just for Newbies)), south (to Student Union Foyer), and down (to Student Union Utilities Room (Lost+Found)).

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Visiting as a character and not just as a web ghost, which is what you are now, lets you talk to other people here (there are 2 people connected right now). For instructions on how to do this see the Web Gateway page. You'll need to be able to open a telnet connection.
Web ghosts have additional limitations in that they can't see people or be seen, read signs or notes, or manipulate objects. This is both to conserve computing resources for people actually inside, and to encourage you to come inside too and socialize. Don't be shy!
This ghost user service has been used 239895 times.
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