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Putting the Dragon in DragonCon Visits DragonCon 2000
by Shane Ivey

From Thursday, June 29, to Sunday, July 2, was at DragonCon 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia. If you couldn't be there, we're going to make you wish you were. Here's just a sampling of what went down, with links to full Zealot coverage!

A Zealot Guide to DragonCon 2000

Day-by-day coverage of DragonCon! From Koenig to the Crow, an Ewok attack to the Masquerade, it's all here. [more]

The Crow: Salvation

Our first DragonCon 2000 article is from a midnight screening of an early print of The Crow: Salvation. The print clearly still had some editing due (hopefully they'll do something about those pesky boom mikes that kept creeping into view), but will editing be enough? Find out in our exclusive review. [more]


Everybody's been wondering about Andromeda, the new project based on concepts by Gene Roddenberry and set to star Hercules' Kevin Sorbo. Andromeda writer and executive producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe was at DragonCon to tell us all about it... and it sounds pretty damn good so far. [more]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Read our exclusive interview with Buffy writer-producer Jane Espenson about the shows, the writing process, and hints about next season! [more]

Dungeons and Dragons

You've heard the rumors. You've seen the teasers. You've had your doubts. Now: the time is at hand. The Dungeons and Dragons movie will be previewed at DragonCon 2000, and its director, producer, and stars will be on hand to hype the movie and answer all our questions. How will it look? Will it capture the spirit of Indiana Jones, as the director aimed for, and perhaps some of the fun of popular fantasy television shows? Or will it only remind everyone why the fantasy movies tanked after glutting the market in the 1980s? Will it whet our appetites for The Lord of the Rings, or will it cast unwanted doubts at that mammoth production? At DragonCon, we came a little closer to the truth. [more]

Roger Christian

The director talked about Battlefield Earth (and its sequel), his work in the Star Wars movies, dealing with critics, and his upcoming vampire flick. [more]

Battlestar Galactica

Richard Hatch, Apollo himself, was there to talk about his plans for Battlestar Galactica, the licensing troubles, and his next big science fiction project. [more]

The Lord of the Rings

The buzz about Peter Jackson's film adaptations of The Lord of the Rings is not slowing down. At DragonCon, actors Brad Dourif and Karl Urban (Grima Wormtongue and Eomer from The Lord of the Rings) were on-hand to discuss their roles in the films and their other projects, and there were extensive presentations by the Tolkien experts at AND WE SAW THE SHOWEST PREVIEW! [more]

Terry Brooks

We spoke to acclaimed author Terry Brooks about the Shanarra novels, filming fantasy, and the Episode I novelization. [more]

Babylon 5

Look for our talks with Walter Koenig (Bester), Bill Mumy (Lenier), and Jason Carter (Marcus) of Babylon 5. COMING SOON!

Highlander: Endgame

I'm afraid Adrian Paul cancelled and Dimension Films said the rumor that Highlander: Endgame would be premiered at DragonCon was just that: a rumor. We did see a trailer for it, though. Sorry, girls: Adrian cut his hair.

We're Famous

Yes, we even caught up with a Zealot fan at DragonCon! (Hi, Sneezythesquid!) Even better, our Berman/Lucas press conference parody was a hit in all the right places. But more on that later.

So stay tuned for all the features and for Zealot coverage of the other big sf events this season!

DragonCon 2000
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The Crow: Salvation
Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
Jane Espenson Interview
Zealot Guide to DragonCon 2000
Dungeons and Dragons: The Movie
Roger Christian Interview
Richard Hatch & Battlestar Galactica
The Lord of the Rings: Keeping the Fantasy Real
Terry Brooks Interview editor Shane Ivey has his camera, his camcorder, his tape recorder,
his PalmPilot, and his comfortable shoes. Wait a minute... where's the wizard's cape?
Where the filk is my wizard's cape?!




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