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February 2001
(Formerly Hitchin Grammar School Old Boys’ Association)



It is sad to report that Ivor Bayley (1928), our previous Presidents is seriously ill at home. I have sent a card to him expressing our kind regards and that our thoughts are with him. David Baines has been to pay him a visit and I gather from his sister Beryl that such visits are welcome.

The notice and the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting and the Dinner to be held on the 7th April 2001 are enclosed. The proposer of the Toast to ‘The School’ will be David Whitaker OBE (1966).
He would be delighted to meet Old Boys that were contemporary with him, and of course any staff as well. Efforts are afoot to drag as many of these along as possible.
Due to the expected increase in numbers attending the dinner we have changed our caterers. Mrs Park has served us well for a number of years and we thank her for this but she feels unable to satisfy our requirements to cater for a larger number of diners. We have therefore invited Couzins of Letchworth to prepare and serve the meal. The Parents Society will be running the bar, so there should be plenty to drink. The cost of the dinner is again £16.00. Please reserve your place (why not bring another old boys with you) and send your cheques asap so that we are in a position to tell the caterers fairly accurate numbers attending. Could Ordinary Members please include their £4Annual Subscription to save further reminders.
If anyone has accommodation available for the Saturday evening please let me know and I will put you in touch with those looking for B&B


When I left school in 1949 I never dreamt that one-day I would be asked to be the President of the Old Boys Association. Never did I think for one moment that such an honour would come my way, because history tells me that from the list of past Presidents there are many who have become very important and influential and I hardly thought that I would ever qualify.

School was very different in those days, much more disciplined, the `atomic deterrent’ was the cane which hung in the Headmaster’s study waiting to strike across the buttocks of any boy foolish enough to be caught passing across that line drawn in the sand by the great T E Jones. He was always an enigma to us boys, no one ever penetrated that veil which he drew across his private life, a great scholar and teacher, but what did he do when school had finished? Other old boys have recently told me that he was fond of a dram and imbibed rather heavily, but I never ever suspected such a thing when I was at school. Hated by some but held in great respect and some awe by the majority and yours truly in particular, he played a great part in shaping my character and moral standards – I shall owe him a debt of gratitude to my dying day.
I enrolled at the School in 1942 with some 60 odd other intrepid and frightened rabbits – all boys were rabbits to V E Miles, one time my form master and one of two of our staff with whom I kept in touch until near to their last days. A wonderful man who brought us young boys out of our shells and taught us to have confidence in our own latent abilities. The other was Francis Attwood Huckle, Deputy Head and also the Scout Master in tandem with Stan Rainbow. Mr Huckle always burst into the classroom, gown flowing behind him as he greeted us "Morning gentles" – perhaps we were little maggots to him, I shall never know. A great one for creating puns, a habit I copied to the chagrin of my wife who has learned to live with them with resignation over the years. When the bell rang and the lesson was terminated - off he went in the same manner with the, to us, immortal words "more in our thrilling next". The other great gift given to me at school was the lesson of using and projecting my voice, taught by Mr Thomas and Mr Tromans when being taught to act in the school play. Subsequent to that I have always been able to dispense with microphones when addressing crowds – a wonderful gift. Thank you Hitchin Grammar School for what you gave me – a wonderful foundation on which to build my life. What a pity I didn’t realise it until I was getting near old!

To celebrate those days of long ago, can I appeal to all those who were at school in my year, and those who knew me from other years, and also in particular, the Scout Group of which I was such a keen member, to come to the annual dinner. Let us have a real "Big One" this year as we approach our 70th birthdays, and yes I dare add the last bit, "before its’ too late", and please ask those that you know of who are not members of the Association, (you don’t have to be a member to come to the Dinner) to come as well.. Lets be having you then. John Mayhead. (1949).

Committee News:
The minutes of committee meetings are available of our website. The main points from the last meeting were: a welcome to three new members – David Simmonds (1954) again, Gerald Cherry (1948) and Nigel Webb (1984). The Archive area in the library now has some furniture and will be used for storage and display. It was decoded to adopt the Sixth Form tie, as the association tie, so all those who have left over the more recent years will be able to find it especially for reunions. The details for Old Boys Day were discussed and are given elsewhere in the Newsletter. The sub-committee for the project to refurbish the school hall reported back and outlined what was required to achieve a successful outcome. The Committee hopes that the Association agrees that this support of the school is a very worthwhile project and that you will help us to see it to fruition by your support. Please see the back page and send your contribution.

The committee expressed their concern that Pat Thornhill has been injured (broken leg) as a result of a road accident. She is at home and seems remarkably cheerful. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Congratulations to Nigel Webb (1985) and Kate - Jonathan James Webb, born just before 4pm today (8th January) weighing 8 lbs 11 oz. Mother and baby doing fine. Father, rapidly learning how to deal with small daughter, single-handed!

News of Old Boys

Gavin Bowyer (1946)  It is always sad to read of the death of figures from one's youth. I remember both Eric Reed and Roy Allen. But this is compensated by the news of one's contemporaries, in my case Roger Sexton and the generally happy memories even the sad news stirs up from the past.
This note also gives me a chance to pass on some news of myself and another old boy - Mike Northwood (1959). Last year, I was made redundant by the geological and mining consultancy, I had worked for for many years. Just before I left, the company had taken over an engineering company. At my farewell drink up, I was talking to one of the newcomers, Mike Northwood, and it turned out that we just overlapped at the School. More recently, going through my late Mum's papers, I found that she had kept several documents 
mentioning me from my school days, including the programme for Speech Day, 11 November 1960. In it I am mentioned for my second place in the first year exams that summer. (The height of my academic career! I never reached those heights again) and the A level results for 1958-59, with Mike's three passes, he also was one of those highlighted as obtaining "Good Results". I lent Mike my copy of the School History, which may prompt him to contact the Association. Otherwise, I'll pass you his contact details. These days I am one of the great intermittently self-employed and a director of a select consultancy company, London Mining & Mineral Consultants. If you perversely wish to see how I look visit our web site
Mike Brown (1956) Is looking forward to the April reunion and is hoping that Mick Bray (1956) will be able to join him (Mick and Mike were the formidable wing-pair in the latter years of the school football team). Mike is still ‘plodding-on’ after his wife died four years ago. He is now Chairman of the Cuckfield Dramatic Society and in the odd bit of spare time he acts as a school bus driver for disabled children. He finishes by saying ‘ How lucky were to be normal and to attend HBGS’
John Cotton (1956 -63) writes ‘I enjoy being kept up to date although I admit to being a pretty poor correspondent. 19 years of headship at a large comprehensive school in County Durham and a retained obsession with sport have kept me pretty busy so now I stick to golf and slow motion squash. I amtrying to keep up with a wife who works all over the world with her job at the University Business School here in Durham. Son and daughter both recently finished university new found wealth! My years of headship are just about to give way to a period of secondment to the Inspection and Advisory Service to work in support of heads and schools a move that I’m really excited about.
David Cox (1970) I left after the 5th form in 70 to join the RAF, and am now in my last year of service living in Grantham, being based at Cranwell. I went to school with the likes of Tom Chapman, Ash Croft, Nicky Ball, Dinger Bell, the Allingham twins Michael and Martin, Pete Desborough, Neil Farrow. I remember a history lesson with dear old Mr Pridmore (Priddy) when he told us he had a recording of Churchill’s wartime speeches. He brought in a reel-to-reel tape machine and asked us to get it ready because he did not know how to use one. After some minutes were wasted he asked us where did he put the record, he had an LP not a tape! We obviously thought a lot of him though because at Christmas we all clubbed together and bought him a new pipe. I can also remember Josh Hewitt shutting all the windows along the corridor in winter, and opening them all in summer, all done at a very leisurely pace. Digger Gardiner was a favourite, as was David Highton (Holy Joe). Schooling was different in the 60s and great fun was had by all in Mr Moseley's (Little Mo) maths lessons when any handy plimsoll or ruler was used to mete out well deserved punishment, usually for cheek from me. I can remember a couple of times we had Mac Macleish as a stand-in and he would walk round the class asking a question of each in turn, a clip round the ear the reward for a wrong answer. 

Chris Dowlen (1970) writes ‘I went to Loughborough University to do Automotive Engineering and gained a first in 1975 and then returned to what was then Triumph Cars where I was a design and development engineer on the TR7 and TR8 sports cars. I then worked in the British Leyland research areas, including working 
on the Energy Conservation Vehicle for a few years. After that I spent a three year period with a computer bureau as a Finite Element Consultant, before coming to South Bank University in 1983, which 
seems to be ages ago!
Since then I've been teaching Engineering Design and running South Bank's Engineering Product Design degrees - which I am doing currently. I guess that means that if anyone at the School is interested, I would be very happy to come and talk to them about what we are doing in the Design area, covering not just Engineering 
Product Design but also Industrial design and our Special Effects course. Let me know if anyone is interested, please.
I've also had a couple of spells back in industry: one in 1990 where I worked for Motor Panels in Coventry, and one in 1998 - 99 where I worked with Hothouse Product Development Partners in Merton doing 
some industrial design work. I've also had a period teaching at Monash University in Australia in 1996. 
Another of my interests is with the development of Romania, and I have been a director of a company called Design for Transformation for a number of years. We started the Romanian Design Foundation and 
ran that for the first three years of its life, and have done a number of other projects in conjunction with other universities and agencies there. Fun, but rather different from daily life here!’
‘Olly's (Chris’s younger brother) is living in Welwyn Garden and is teaching art history at St 
Christopher's School in Letchworth.
Martin Hare (1985) Is Currently Quality Manager at the Spectrum Flair Group Northampton.

Bill Hedley (1949) is currently Quality Manager at the Spectrum Flair Group Northampton and sends his regards to John Coxall (1949)

Peter Hollingsworth (1961) has at last got round to writing to the editor. 
As one of those who went through school close to royalty ( Actually Pete Bonfield wasn't a bad hooker in the house matches) it is now 39 years since I left school ! Doesn't time fly when you are enjoying yourself!
Obviously, the years I spent with Blueharts kept me in contact with the school but, apart from
attending the school balls on a regular basis, I have been very remiss in attending the Old Boys'
Dinner. I know a number of my contemporaries attend and I shall make all efforts to attend this
Without boring anyone ( too late !) I have been in Computers since I left in 1961 and am currently
International Projects Manager for an American company who sell Swipe card Terminals and
Communications Networking equipment. Lately I have been involved in a small circle of ex Blueharts, who all played together in the sixties:
Tony Hull (1962) Has now retired with his millions in Canada, where he has lived for many years
Eric Nutter (1959), who has just celebrated his 60th birthday and having worn out most of his body
parts is only playing squash 4 times a week now.
 Mick Whitmore (1962 ), is another one who has taken early retirement (must be because he is
married to a teacher !!!) and taken lucrative contracts, helping him to see the whole of the
Olympics, live in Sydney ( No I am not jealous....)
Mike Norris (1962), has also retired from the Air force after a very distinguished career and in now
in the Balkans working for the UN, sorting out democracy for the locals down there. If anyone had
seen him taking apart a poor defenceless left half in his hockey days, you would wonder at what he
could do for democracy!
Kit Birdsey ( 1962) Left school and worked with Mike in Beddall Bradfords in Hermitage road. He
stayed the course whilst Mike went on to 'higher things' and has been living 'up North' in
Darlington for many years. So long in fact that he even talks like them.. ugh!
David Walmsley (left early, went to Eton) is the chief Legal Eagle at Hawkins Russell Jones in the
town. An interesting fact that David and I are the middle ones of three generations who have attended the
school and both fathers are still living. Peter is also in regular contact with Doug Hankin (1958), Peter M. Thomas (1962), Colin F. Guyton, Tony ( Widge) Buckland, Tony ( Chesh) Morris, Hugh Sheppard. Plus a few golden oldies at John o' Gaunt and Letchworth Golf Club.

James Ide (1993) I got my degree from Exeter University in Biological sciences 2.2. Then I have ended in accountancy working for EMI records in London. 

Simon Lupton writes: ‘I really enjoyed the last edition of the newsletter, although I was sad to
read about Mr Reed - I remember him with fondness, and of course was in the same year as his son William.
I just wanted to mention a couple of things. As you can see from my e-mail address I'm now working at the BBC and have just finished Producing a sitcom called "Fun at the Funeral Parlour" which will be transmitted on the BBC's digital channel, BBC Choice every Monday from January 1st, and hopefully on
BBC 2 later in the year. Amazingly one of the crew, Steve Roberts who was the Assistant Director, was also an Old Boy (the year above me) and also a member of the Bancroft Players which I too joined, although we missed each other by a year. Small world - and we had fun reminding each other of other
old boys and teachers.
David Marshall (1958) gives a family update. ‘I know it's a bit late, but Mike (Salter) died in October 1990 of stomach cancer, leaving behind widow Janet, and two daughters, Claire (the elder - still unmarried), and Liz (subsequently married, and now also with son, Harry, age 3 years in April). Michael’s younger brother Colin is living in Hayward's Heath’ (Why isn’t he a member of the Association?)
I've more to add about the website, but will do it via its "Bulletin Board" facility. (Haven’t seen this yet) Another site of local interest is that of the Lytton Arms, Old Knebworth - a really good Real Ale pub, with their own "brewery". Worth a visit to both pub and website at

Simon Payne (1998) I'm currently studying out here in the states at the Colorado School of Mines, Golden CO, a part of an exchange year abroad with my course. I came out here in mid-August with one friend off my masters geophysics course from the University of Leeds. As far as other contacts go; I'm sure Tristan (who passed me onto you) has been able to provide most of those that I know, the only one he might not know is Nick Houghton's:

Mark Tear writes from ‘Sunny Canada’ helping to recruit some new members. ‘Anton Austin I believe is the only current member but he qualified a while back by losing all his hair at the age of 23.’ He also adds to my selection of activities to liven up Old Boys Day ‘creating a new smeg bottle in study 4, biting Paul Jaworski's rear-end, water pistol fights and making Anthony laugh and getting him into trouble (surely not? Ed).

Bob Watkin (1969) I am looking shamefully at the July 2000 newsletter - and then the November 2000 newsletter - and remembering somewhere along the way a request to provide e-mail info to save the Association postage. Sorry! Ever since spending the then princely sum of 7/6d on a lifetime membership back in 1969 I have greatly enjoyed receiving news from an institution which travel and years have taught me to recognise ever more clearly as having embodied and encouraged excellence. My excuse for being so slow in responding is that after having spent 15 years attempting to build a small business in an increasingly hostile environment I have been in the midst of a career change. From running a "mini Brookers" I have transformed myself into a security officer with ALCOA (Aluminum Co. of America) in Massena New York. Please don't be fooled by the address; our nearest city is Montreal, Quebec, Canada! 
My wife of 27 years - Marie - has also been switching from one nursing job to another to add to the confusion. Finally, you know you're old when the kids are grown and gone. Our 27year-old son, James, lives and works in Indiana - a 16-hour drive away - and 25 year-old daughter, Adrienne is married, gainfully employed and working on her MBA in her spare time. 
Congratulations on the revitalisation of the association - and a silent prayer that Mr. Thomas will forgive the Americanisations, which are no doubt creeping in to my English. 

Andrew Wearmouth (1968) Many thanks for the newsletters. I always read them from cover to cover. I note that there don't seem to be much input from my own year (1968) but then I haven't been writing either! I am still the Valuer and Estates Surveyor at St.Albans City Council, a post I have held since 1989. We live in Letchworth. My wife, Sheila, (HGGS 1970) teaches at Kingshott School. My daughters all went to the Girls School. The eldest, Elizabeth (1994) obtained her degree in Biology at Cardiff University and now teaches at Stanborough School, Welwyn. She will be getting married next Summer to Jeremy Turner. Edwina, (1996) is in her fourth year (research year for her Masters degree) studying Chemistry at Magdalen, Oxford and Emily (1999) is in her second year studying History at Leicester University. 
With regard to the photo album being organised by Pat Thornhill, I am wondering whether Peter Cranfield (the dentist) might be able to help. You are probably already in contact with him because I believe he runs the Scout Troop, but some years ago, there was a Scout Reunion (Stan Rainbow came along - it was shortly before his death). At that Reunion, Peter had a photo album of Scouting matters ranging from School Revues to Summer Camps, which we found very interesting. He also took some photos on the day, which should be good. Some really entered into the spirit of the occasion: I particularly remember Ian Cheshire (1967?) came in his uniform. He deserved congratulation because it still fitted! 
Geoff Quentin 1956-63 married Caroline in 1969. We now have three grown up children Peter (30), Rosemary (28) and David (26) and two grandchildren Otti (3) and Tilly (1)
Geoff has done various jobs all connected with computers. He has spent the last 20 years with a focus on the testing of systems and now feels he is getting somewhere. He started the Specialist Interest Group in Software
Testing, which is one of the BSC most successful SIG's. While Chairman of the SIG the EuroSTAR conferences started, BS7925 was created and the foundation for the ISEB certificated course created. Geoff has run his courses all over the world and the best selling course the User Acceptance Testing workshop has been presented to over 20,000 delegates. Currently Geoff runs a small training company called QBIT and this may be found on Through a distant relative of my wife's, I came across quite by accident another old boy, Ken Teacher. Despite the fact that he is ten years my senior we had a wonderful time recalling the many inspirational and totally unforgettable teachers we had in common. If you want a bit more than this then just let me know. I will try and get Ken Teacher to send some news.
Is there such a thing as class lists for various years? I quite forget who was in my class let alone the other classes. I can remember the science group I was in but little else such is the damage of passing years. 
How about a then and now set of photos on the web or perhaps just a short biography?

Jim Watt (1969) Jim has rejoined from down-under. . We've only been here a year but it is already nice to be reminded of old ties. Please say hello to Bob McLeish for me. He and you will of course remember John Tooke (Dean of the new medical school he is founding in the SW) and Murray Saunders (Professor at Lancaster Uni) both of whom I am in constant touch with. All our kids, wives (all from Hitchin or Letchworth) and we spent the Millenium New Year together. 

New Members

We welcome the following new members:

Richard Atlkinson (1984) Although in my time at HBS, I took no Exams, it was my pleasure to be taught by such a varied and gifted bunch of Teachers. My highlights were Tom Easton & Dick Barton in History, Mrs Mulder in Maths, and of course in sport. Tim Cottle, Richard Davies & Tony Procter. Who instilled in me the basics of Cricket & Rugby, which, in later life has led me to make great Friendships throughout England and abroad. Although I spent a short time at the School, it still gives me great memories every day of my life.

Stephen Ide (1969) Following 4 great years back at School as a teacher at the School, where I made great friends, lowered my golf handicap and learnt to teach (badly probably!!- {No you did all right Steve!!}) I had 15 years with the Dow Chemical Company. During this time I saw the world, lived in Vienna and Nice and moved into the exciting world of HRD ( Human Resource, career planning, recruitment etc.) In the last 6 years I have lived in the Middle East, first in Dammam, experience not to be missed, at least for a short time, moved to Bahrain, (a little island with a close British connection-think Isle of Wight only MUCH smaller and very hot!!) And now am off to Dubai. Remarried, boys (James & Mike off our hands and doing well), happy in the Sheiks paradise and recommend thelife style and business opportunities to anyone wishing to leave British shores.

Tom McGrenery (1999) Tom is now in his 2nd year of a Chinese degree at SOAS (University of London). He is currently living in Beijing. See Tom’s e-mail address if you would like to contact him.

Andrew Nicholas (1989)
I'm now a solicitor in private practice specialising in marine insurance work. Due to injury forced to give up rugby and take up the whistle. Work and refereeing don't allow much time for other "distractions".

Adrian Sillence (1975)

After leaving the school in '75 I joined the Civil Service, where after a few unsettled years I finally (and somewhat to my own surprise) found myself working in computing. Nothing in my school career had pointed in that direction! Even more to my surprise, I enjoyed it, and I've remained in computing ever since. I am now working for a computer services company as a technical analyst.
In 1991 I got married, and just 8 months ago my wife Maureen and I became the proud parents of a little girl, Martina. I've kept up one of my main interests at school, namely music, and I play in Chester Brass Band, also our local church music group, and even a barn dance band, when I get the chance. Maureen shares my love of music and also the other great passion of my life, hillwalking. But that is on hold due to the arrival of the baby...! Hope this is of some interest. I'd be pleased to hear news of any of my contemporaries, or near-contemporaries. I notice from the website at least two members of staff I remember well - Messrs. Stancombe and Monk, Biology and Latin respectively. And is the deputy Head, Mr A R Parr, the same Mr Parr who taught French from the early ‘70’s? {Yes that is the one!!}

Clive Tomkins (1961) Joins up with ‘I have lived in Canada for the past 31 years. I own a successful medium-sized printing business in Montreal. Married with two children, five grandchildren. In good health and would love to hear from former pupils from my years. (Clive called in to see me recently and pay his subs. It was an enjoyable reminisce over coffee.)

Mark Turner (1982) Mark qualified as a "Chartered Management Accountant" - ACMA. He is currently Operations Manager of a Carton Printer in Letchworth having now spent 16 years at the company.
I am widowed (1997) but have a partner. I still partake in various sports including Cricket, Clay shooting & Golf (8 handicap).

Paul Vickers (1985) Confesses ‘ I haven't been back to Hitchin since 1991 when Gina (Mrs Vickers) and I visited Michael Durnan who was best man at our wedding. Michael was in the year above me at school. I guess you heard that he was killed in a traffic accident in Russia in 1995? 
The newsletter was interesting. I remember Nigel Webb. He too was in the year above me, but I knew him from the music dept. I studied A Level Music (with Mr Noyce) and remember Nigels Webb and Eccles floating around playing Howard Jones LPs and messing about with synthesisers. 
I never really fulfilled my potential at school. The kind view was that I was held back by insecurity, self-doubt, and depression. The other explanation is that I was pathologically lazy! The truth, as usual, lies somewhere betwixt the two. I passed my O Levels on native wit (as Mr Nicholas described the technique) and, alas, that was not sufficient for my A Levels. I got an E in French and a C in History. I enjoyed history and found Mssrs Robinson and Eason to be encouraging teachers. I got on well with Mr Robinson I think because I was (and am, to the annoyance of my wife who calls me a pedantic bore) a good speller. Despite musical talent, I had not the motivation for the more tedious side of the subject. In French I just felt inferior to my two seeminly brighter classmates. 
I thus lost my university places at York, Leeds, and Sheffield to study philosophy. Perhaps that was a lucky escape as I then went up to Liverpool Poly to take a 4-year BSc hons in Computer Studies. I loved it, got as throughout and ended up with a first. They asked me to stay on as a junior lecturer in 1989 and I'm still there. Although I'm now a Principal Lecturer (the top of the three scales) and am line manager of many of my former lecturers; now that's weird. I picked up a PhD part-time from Loughborough Uni along the way. That was to investigate using musical feedback to assist with the debugging of Pascal programs. Good fun, and has led to some interesting follow-up research to do with computers and disability. I am also admissions tutor for our department at the moment, so if you want any advice for your sixth formers, get in touch. In fact, I could have an excuse to come down and visit if you were to ask me to come and give a talk on careers and educational opportunities in computing and IT! You can have a look at my work-related web site at  The family moved up to the north-east in 1988 and I sort of lost touch with Hitchin then. I can't see a move back down south with property prices the way they are. I married Gina in 1990 having met her at the Spring Harvest festival (an annual Christian event) in 1988. We have two daughters, Caitlin aged 7 1/2 and Carys, 20 months. Gina and I are involved in the local CofE church where I run the music group. It was a shock to hear of Eric Reed. He taught me O Level physics. I also worked with his son Robert at my Saturday job at Woodbridge's shoe shop. I remember Eric playing the variable oscillator at a school concert. I've lost touch with all my old friends at school. If Gareth Williams, Greg Breden, or Ian Smith (does anyone have a contact for these?) are listening in, I'd love to hear from you. 

Jeremy Stancombe (1983) Went to Trent Polytechnic on a Business Studies degree course, during which time he went to Butlins for the work experience aspect. This led to a job there and ultimately to a Senior Exective position with Rank Holidays. A recent take over of this group has led to busy times and changes that are still going ahead. Jeremy is married to Sarah and they have three sons, including twins.

Patrick Stancombe (1987) After his first degree at Lancaster he went to do research at the John Innes Institute in Norwich. He then decided to go to Leeds for his PhD and carried on with some post-doctoral work there. He has recently moved to CAMR at Porton where he continues with his research work in a more economic atmosphere.

Chris Stancombe (1988) A Building Management degree from Coventry led to Site Management work for Lovells in the Anglia region. He currently work for another large building concern, Morrisons, but is looking for an opportunity to widen his experience and qualifications in the building field.
Alex Stancombe (1988) Studied a Business Studies degree course at Newcastle and has sampled a wide fiels of business opportunities. He is currently with Ysaki – you may have seen the name on the front of the Samoan Rugby Union team.

Michael Yates (1956)
David,I don’t suppose you remember me back in the days of Bearton Green ,its long ago.
I was so suprised to see a name I recognised,I left at the end of the forth for as we moved to St Albans I remember other neighbours being the Burrows,Steadman or Studman? they had a pond behind their house which backed onto St Michaels Playing Field. Info re career visit thats me- nom de brush.

e-mail addresses

Tony Hull (1962)  Eric Nutter (1959)
Michael Whitmore (1962)  Tony Norgan (1963)
Michael Norris (19)   Kit Birdsey (1962)
David Walmsley  Alan Hazlewood (1956)
Chris Dowlen (1970)  Simon Payne (1998) spayne@Mines.EDU
Rodney Marshall (1960) Tristan Self (1988)
Vince Holmes (1985) Adrian Sillence (1975)
Stephen Ide (1969)  Nick Buckland (1994)
Tom McGrenery (1999)  Michael Yates (1956)
Clive Tomkins(1961)  Andrew Webb (1987) 
Jeremy Stancombe (1983) Mark Turner (1982)
Patrick Stancombe (1987) Alex Stancombe (1988)
Dick Corder (1944)  Esmond Ball (1936)
Alan Tippett (1962) Dave Cox (1970)
Alfred J Barker  (1944)  Luke Sobek (1997)
Bob Watkin (1969) Dave Sanderson (1973) 
Martin Pullinger (1996) John Mayhead (1949)
Jim Watt (1969) Paul Vickers (1985)
Jamie Cawthorn(1991)  Andrew Nicholas (1989) 
Richard Atkinson (1984) Mark Russell (1985)

The School

The wet weather has made things difficult, as there is not enough hard surface when the fields have to be put out of bounds. There are some staff shortages but HBS is a much better position than many schools in the county.

Sport: The weather disrupted the Rugby season. The 1st XV reached 2nd round and the under 15s the 3rd round of the Daily Mail Cup. Pierson won the House Badminton Competition.

Parents’ Society: Are busy raising funds for a new minibus. They organised the Annual Quiz evening last term and have an Auction of Promises planned for this term.

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Communications for the Association may be sent to me at 25 Chiltern Road Hitchin Herts SG4 9PJ or phone 01462-457-510 or e-mail
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