The best part of this website for me is getting to know all of you. I have made some very worthwhile friendships during this whole process of creation. Many of you have been sharing your every day experiences with me, through letters, cards, and email.

An overwhelming number of you have expressed questions and concerns with sexuality, looking fit, and feeling sexy at any age. I was very surprised by the young adults (in their 20’s and over) asking for advice on dating an older, more mature woman.

From the correspondences I have been receiving, people need a lot of important information. Men and women over 40 want exercise routines, ideas on how to romance their partners, ideas on how to rekindle an existing romance. Many of you have children that are all grown up and moved away, and now, one of you wants to roam. How do you deal with this?

Many of you want to know why Frank did not stay and support me throughout this whole ordeal. It seemed like I was his type, more so than his wife. One person commented that I looked better for a woman of my age than his own wife.

Now, it is time to share some secrets with you. This will deal with my life prior to the scandal. It will give you a sense of why beauty, health, fitness welfare and spirituality have always given me the confidence I needed in any business or personal situation.

My background in school was in science and health. I was a physical therapist when I met my husband (who was a pioneer in the fitness industry, like Joe Wieder and Jack Lalanne). In the late 50’s, my husband started to transform the old, dark, stagnant gyms into more luxurious places for meeting and working out. (When we first met, we had very glamorous spa days.) He incorporated nail and hair salons, gourmet restaurants, private massages, eucalyptus body wraps, and steam rooms and saunas, to the list of amenities for his gyms. This was a natural career choice for him because he was a football player for U.T., an international boxing champion, and a golden gloves champion. He was quite the athlete! Do I dare say that women loved him and still do? This can make any woman jealous. What do I do about it? I stay healthy and fit, keeping myself on my toes to look the best I possibly can, to hold on to what I have. Of course, it’s much more than physical. Mentally, I am a together person. This in combination with my fitness regimen makes my life simple and easy to manage.

Since you are sharing your health, fitness, goals for success, and so much more, I wanted to let you know a little more about me. I want you to know why I feel my web site can be so good for all of us. It is very different from other web sites and is not a porn site at all. When you go through my site, you can feel my positive energy being passed on to you. I have written about what I feel is necessary for every day stress-free living. I try to be an upbeat, confident, loving, caring and giving person to everyone around me. You can take this energy, and process it in your own life. You can be proud of your own sexuality and begin to relate this to others around you.

I began working with my husband to develop the best fitness, weight loss, wellness and medical centers around the country. We are certified in nutrition, exercise and fitness, weight loss and weight control through behavior modification and lifestyle changes. We studied at the New England Deaconess Hospital, under the well-known nutritional expert Dr. George Blackburn of Harvard University. This was accomplished through many hours of hard work.

In addition to this, I opened a chain of unique clothing boutiques. We specialized in sexy swimsuits, work out wear, and my own line of leotards, tee shirts, sweatshirts, workout shoes and much more. We also had our own line of cosmetics, Prescriptions healthy style entrees and protein powders.

My husband and I have an amazing sixty years of combined experience in the health and fitness industry. My airline job was like a hobby to me. I am very thankful because it gave me the opportunity to travel and experience new techniques and ideas for our fitness classes.

Shortly after our semi-retirement, I worked as a business consultant for a fabulous man who owned several large companies. I designed and placed fitness centers in his hotels, worked on starting new restaurant chains, and helped him with land development projects. When you come right down to it, I am a businesswoman with a passion for travel. I have met many wonderful people over the years. Some have been celebrities, high profile dignitaries, royalty, and even Frank Gifford!

Stay tuned for Part Two. This is going to be difficult for me to write about because I suffered so much pain and humiliation during this whole ordeal. This was one of the lowest points in my life.