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PokéMasters / Walkthru / Elite Four

Elite Four - Let The Battles Begin
Lorelei likes to use Water and Ice Pokémon. Electric Pokémon will have the advantage. Try using Jolteon or Pikachu (in Yellow).
Pokémon Red Blue Yellow
Dewgong 54
Cloyster 53
Slowbro 54
Jynx 56
Lapras 56
Bruno likes Rock and Fighting Pokémon. Water type Pokémon like Blastoise or Gyarados can take out the Onix with one Hydro Pump. A Psychic can take out his Fighting Pokemon, or perhaps try a Haunter with Hypnosis and Dream Eater.
Pokémon Red Blue Yellow
Onix 53
Hitmonchan 55
Hitmonlee 55
Onix 56
Machamp 58
Agatha likes to use Poison Pokémon. Psychic Pokémon like Kadabra can KO all of her Pokémon with one hit of a Psybeam or Psychic. Electric attacks can also help, especially a Thunder by Jolteon or Pikachu.
Pokémon Red Blue Yellow
Gengar 56
Golbat 56
Haunter 55
Arbok 58
Gengar 60
Lance is the Dragon Trainer. His Gyarados and Aerodactyl can be taken out easily with a strong Electric attack. Dragonair can also be tamed with Electric attacks, but again, Haunter with Hypnosis and Dream Eater can really help you finish off the rest of his Dragons. You may want to try an Ice attack since Dragons are weak against them.
Pokémon Red Blue Yellow
Gyarados 58
Dragonair 56
Dragonair 56
Aerodactyl 60
Dragonite 62


Game Over?
You may think the game's over, right? Wrong! Yep, Gary beat you to the punch and now you'll have to open a can of you know what and dethrone his smelliness.
Pokémon Red Blue
Pidgeot 61
Alakazam 59
Rhydon 61
Pokémon Yellow
Sandslash 61
Alakazam 59
Exeggutor 61

The remaining 3 will depend on Gary's last Pokémon.

Pokémon Level
Gyarados 61
Arcanine 63
Venusaur 65
Pokémon Level
Arcanine 61
Exeggutor 63
Blastoise 65
Pokémon Level
Exeggutor 61
Gyarados 63
Charizard 65
Pokémon Level
Magneton 61
Cloyster 63
Flareon 65
Pokémon Level
Cloyster 61
Ninetales 63
Jolteon 65
Pokémon Level
Ninetales 61
Magneton 63
Vaporeon 65


Pokemon Master!
Congratulations, you've become a Pokémon Master! But is your adventure truly over? Not until you have all 151 Pokémon it isn't! It's time to go back to Cerulean City and visit the  Cerulean Cave.


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