romper63t.jpg - 15094 BytesThe true origins of Petticoat Discipline for recalcitrant males are rather uncertain. By Victorian times a method of Discipline frequently employed by stern mothers and dour Governesses involved offending males wearing ‘shame garb’. It was a form of deterrent used by mothers mostly in England and Scotland, around the nineteenth century.

Most commonly this involved dressing an unruly male in attire more fitting of a young girl. For a pubescent boy to be so attired was of course most humiliating. To be seen by relatives, including sisters and nieces, would serve to further bring home his sense of shame, prior to the inevitable thrashing he would receive for his misdemeanours.

Blue velvet shorts, a white shirt with ruffles adorning the front and sleeves, a big bow tied at the front, white stockings, black patent leather shoes and a blue velvet cap would make any self respecting male squirm with embarrassment. If this attire didn't sufficiently humiliate the lad, more lace and ruffles would be added. But his feelings would not be spared. The male would be marched out to the giggles of family and friends. Such attire ensured a more subdued and respectful attitude.

In Scotland in particular this form of Discipline took a real hold and was commonly employed throughout the 1930’s, 1940’s and even through the 1950’s. Offenders would often be seen out at the shops, wearing a kilt, alongside their unsmiling mothers. What was perhaps not so obvious were the little girl's petticoat and drawers that were hidden beneath the kilt of the previously recalcitrant male. Males subjected to such Discipline would take immense care to ensure their kilt did not flap around to reveal his delicate and feminine frillies! It is perhaps understandable that such apparel would curb the most willful of behaviour.

At home he might be required to change into something even more mortifying. Slipping off his kilt and shirt he would don one of his sister's party frocks, gaily adorned in lacy frills, puff sleeves and tied up with a great big bow at the back. A pair of lacy ankle socks and slippers would leave him ready for a big pink bow to be tied in his hair! Imagine the ignominy, that would be felt when neighbours or relatives called, and the ridiculing he would be subjected to by sisters and nieces! Many a male completed his domestic chores red-faced and teary eyed. One could always tell if his mates were so punished too. They were the males who didn’t laugh if they saw him dressed so shamefully when they called around.

No wonder males subject to such Discipline tended to be well behaved, especially knowing a thick leather tawse was hanging behind the pantry door too.Such treatment certainly led to their being more demure and placid. After all, who is going to go running around the garden and climbing trees in a prissy frock and risk showing their knickers with layers of frilly lace at the rear! Sadly such punishments have all but disappeared for troublesome males. Though not in My household or those of some of My friends!

I know of one unruly adult male who is subjected to extreme Petticoat Discipline on a regular basis. But as his wife says, “I know that he’ll be home on time, he is well behaved, his chores are always done and there is no way he’ll be out boozing with 'the boys' after work or flirting with the office girls!”

She has developed a variety of fun rules. Having caught him 'playing around' early in the marriage, Pauline decided to bring him into line. She enjoys the stature and money he brings in, for it allows her to pursue her own interests and live in a beautifully restored Victorian home in an exclusive suburb. She did not however intend to suffer any embarrassment herself, amongst her society friends, due to his wandering ways. He was given a stern ultimatum that he had no choice but to comply with, given her knowledge of his financial dealings, which were frequently a little too far of the correct side of ‘discretion’.

As a consequence he has come to learn of the rigours that females have had to endure in society over the years, with the added humiliation of being a male subjected to intense and ongoing Petticoat Discipline. He quickly learnt to adapt to the basic rules. No socks or other male underwear. He wears his ladies frilly panties, lacy nylon slip and tights - the latter to match the colour of his suit, when he goes to the office, but more particularly, to any function outside the home or office. Dark blue nylons for his navy suit, black for his grey suit and dark tan with a brown suit.

Ladies in years gone by had to put up with avoiding showing their sexy ankles. George never quite accepted this though and is still acutely embarrassed that someone might notice he is wearing stockings beneath his suit trousers at the office. Consequently, like a true lady, he has to be very careful over his posture when sitting down. He has also had all his pockets sewn up. Ladies have had to put up with garments with no pockets for centuries in pursuit of fashion. He now has to cope too, or use a hand bag!

Tights are preferred over stockings as it means he has to pull them down to go to the toilet, so he can’t benefit from the ease of using a urinal like other males. His lingerie is classic white, and tough luck if someone sees his slip through his shirt. No open neck shirts in the office for George.

He is required to keep his nails long, trimmed in a feminine fashion and lacquered with a clear polish. This contrasts with the macho image he used to portray. Pauline has further decreed that all his body hair remains removed and she uses a hot wax to keep his skin smooth and hairless, after all, tights would look so ugly with hairy legs!

George also has to carry sanitary napkins with him all the time for he never knows when his periods might strike! Pauline will just call him up out the blue, once a month, to advise it’s time. He has to go and insert a sanitary napkin into his panties! And woe betide him if he is caught without wearing them for the next 7 days!

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