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Whew. It's been a while we know, and we are very sorry for the long downtime. Our host had serious server issues and after all we had to decide to change servers, so welcome to our new home! Just as usual, we will bring you everything the JP fan desires, just like we did in the recent 2 years. You read right, inGenNET's 2 year birthday was celebrated while the site was down - what a mess. However, let's look into the future. Much to come there, that's for sure. JP3, all the games, toys and merchandise, as well as our very own IJPDB. Don't panic, we will be here to keep you updated on the latest buzz. So sit back, relax and thanks for staying with us!

 · I'm baack...
 · Interview with Rich Wyckoff
 · JP3 Overseas
 · Wild JP4 Rumor
...THE forum to be!

Monday · August 6 · 2001

 I'm baack... posted by Tyrannosaur
Sounds like something out of a horror movie doesn't it? Well I've decided after some careful talks and considerations to come back to inGenNET to my original position, and then some. I appreciate everyone's concern during these last few weeks, and I appreciate Jon from JPDatabase.Net for giving me something to do in these last few weeks. I know I said some discriminating things during those weeks, but it is really my outrage's fault. I do admit the things I said were harsh, but I know deep down inside I did not mean them. I learned a valuable thing from all of this. Background checks come in handy!

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Saturday · August 4 · 2001

 Interview with Rich Wyckoff posted by Varan101
Wajas from Trespasser City sat down and interviewed Rich Wyckoff, a level designer for the game Trespasser. Here is a part of that interview:

    "You created the Geothermal Plant level, could you give us a brief overview of the level?"

    "The 5-minute overview is that it came just before the Lab level, and you had to restore power to get through the gate into the lab. To do that, you had to solve a number of puzzles within the plant, which were all roughly based on the workings of a real geothermal plant. I believe you had to shoot the support out of a raised draw bridge so that you could get into the plant, remove a piece of wood jammed in the fan of a cooling tower, turn a valve to on the intake pump to refill the cooling pond (supplies water to the cooling towers), flip some circuit breakers on the transformers, and I believe turn another valve on the steam supply pipe to get steam flowing into the plant again. I did a lot of reading about geothermal plants to design this puzzle and the layout of the level.

    There was a control board in the control room of the level which lit up as you restored functionality to each part of the plant - I had that all working, but we ended up not shipping the level because every puzzle in that level exposed one or another of the weaknesses in the engine! (The bridge would often fall through the ground, it was next to impossible to turn the valve and throw the switches with the arm control, etc) It's too bad, because this was really the best puzzle sequence in the game."

Read the rest of the interview here.

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Friday · August 3 · 2001

 JP3 Overseas posted by Varan101
Glen from Las Cinco Muertes informs us that Jurassic Park 3 is doing very well overseas. So far it has collected about 43 million dollars, and it is the number one movie in the UK, as it quickly grossed 6.5 million dollars.

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Tuesday · July 31 · 2001

 Wild JP4 Rumor posted by Varan101
JPAftermath was hit with the first big JP4 rumor. This has a possible plot for the movie. Apparently someone saw this in TotalFilm Magazine:

    “Well,” the director said. “I have an idea to take Jurassic Park to a whole new level. What we are planning to do here is build a bigger adventure and make a whole new idea never used. Imagine this: dinosaurs breaking out from a secret preserve in Costa Rica and these things are evolving in intelligence. By the next month Costa Ricans will be extinct and a year later humans are extinct. Just imagine something along the lines of that, it would be an uproar.”

You can read the rest of it here. Remember this is a rumor, and its probably fake. If it is true then it is a terrible plot.

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Monday · July 30 · 2001

 More GBA News posted by Varan101
Two new Jurassic Park 3 games are on the way for Game Boy Advance, as you may already know. My favorite gaming magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, had a bit of info on the two games this month:

    Jurassic Park: Park Builder
    - Breed 140 (!) species of dinosaurs for exhibit
    - Trade DNA with your friends to complete your collection
    - Manage every aspect of your park

    Jurassic Park: (Island Attack?)
    - Outmaneuver 8 species of dinosaurs with unique AI and capabilities
    - Find, use, and combine over 25 weapons and items
    - Fast-paced motorcycle action with Raptors right on your tail!

Sounds good to me, though I wish the second game had more than just eight species of dinosaurs. The motorcycle chase sounds promising, if they can do it right. And who wouldnt want to build their own park?

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 The Thugs on Film posted by Varan101
Planet Hollywood has a fun short film called Thugs on Film, in which two cartoon thugs review and talk about big movies. Of course you will want to click on the Jurassic Park 3 episode. Its really fun, check it out. And it works very well, even on my 56 k! (Thanks Jurassiraptor)

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Saturday · July 28 · 2001

 New inGenNET messageboard! posted by Roksx
You asked for it, and now you've got it: An easy to navigate, and above all fast message board.
With our last board a lot of members suggested we should change the entire message board to the 'old school' Jurassic Park Encyclopedia color scheme. Well, now you can decide for yourself!

Wednesday · July 25 · 2001

 You win..A new Car! posted by Varan101
Toys 'R Us is sponsoring the JP3 contest called "Spine-Tingling Sweepstakes"! You can enter the contest here! The grand prize is a jeep! Check out these other prizes:

Grand Prize (1): 2002 Jeep® Liberty Limited Edition 4x4 with 3.7-liter V-6 engine and automatic transmission (approximate retail value: $25,625).

First Prize (2): Dinosaur Discovery trip for a family of four to Drumheller, Canada (approximate retail value: $7,500 each).

Second Prize (6): Full-size (approximately 10-inch-long) replica of a Deinonychus dinosaur foot/claw (approximate retail value: $600 each).

Third Prize (20): $100 online gift certificate (approximate retail value: $100 each).

Fourth Prize (100): A $100 Toys "R" Us gift card valid on Jurassic Park III or any other items at a Toys "R" Us store (approximate retail value: $100 each).

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 New Video Feature at Official Site posted by JP Site C
The Official JP3 site has been Updated with a new behind the scenes video feature, hosted by Jurassic Park star Ariana Richards (Lex Murphy)! The clip is available in the Windows Media and QuickTime formats.

Very cool!

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Tuesday · July 24 · 2001

 E! Online Talks JP3 and JP4 posted by Jurassic Joey
Mr Goodbytes has sent an article to Project Trespasser about Jurassic Park 3 and Jurassic Park 4. Here's some of the article:

No Walk in the Park: The most surprising thing about Jurassic Park 3 isn't that it moves faster than a hungry velociraptor--or that it clocks in at a lean but mean 93 minutes.
It's that the film even got made.
Director Joe Johnston (Jumanji) says the dino franchise flick could have been extinct before cameras ever rolled In fact, Johnston himself tried to get off the film just five weeks prior to shooting. The reason? JP III had no script.
"To start shooting a $100 million movie without a script, you want to blow your brains out," he says. "I called my agent and said, 'Look, you have to get me off this movie. I don't care if it's the end of my career. You have to get me off the movie--tomorrow.' He didn't do it. Obviously."
Instead, Johnston stuck with the project. He threw out a third draft that had already been storyboarded, budgeted and scheduled. A special-effects team from ILM and stars William H. Macy, Téa Leoni, Allesandro Nivola and the original's Sam Neill were all standing by.
By the time the George Lucas protégé began shooting, four writers--Peter Buchman, David Koep and Election writing partners Jim Taylor and Alexander Payne--had contributed to the shooting script.

The rest of the article, which mentions Jurassic Park 4, can be read here.

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How do you react to the recent JP4 rumours?

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C'mon, let's wait for JP3 first!

Only if it's a prequel or similar, no Main Land!

Hmm, I will have to see the 3rd first!

JP should be a trilogy - it's enough now!

They will kill it then - the idea is used up!

What the hell?!

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