$ 150 REWARD
RANAWAY from the subscriber, on the night of Wednesday the 5th of June, a young negro about 12 or 13 years of age.  The youth is of a dark color and has several old marks of the whip, one of them straight down the back.  The youth could be traveling with other runaways.
A reward of $100 will be paid if taken in any county bordering on the Ohio river;  $50 if taken in any of the interior counties except Fayette;  or $20 if taken in the latter county.
june 6 - 1856 - tf                                                B.L. BOSTON.



Project Scenario:  The wanted poster shown above is already being distributed on the streets, nailed to trees along the roadways and posted in towns throughout the South notifying the country of your escape.  You left in the middle of the night.   Your only plan was to follow the North Star.  A Quaker who lived near the plantation gave you directions to a safe house or "station" on the mysterious Underground Railroad.  After traveling all night through the woods, you reached the house.  A candle in the window was your signal that it was safe to approach the house.  The Quaker family hid you in a fake closet in their kitchen.

 You are afraid to continue but terrified to go back.  Where will you go on the underground railroad?  What dangers might you face?  Who is traveling with you?  How will you know where to go?  Who will help you?  How will you know if it is safe to move on? Now, your journey begins.

Project Goals: Students will research the Underground Railroad and develop a route that could have taken a runaway to freedom in the North.  Students will build background knowledge about the biographies Harriet Tubman:  Conductor on the Underground Railroad and Anthony Burns:  The Defeat and Triumph of a Fugitive Slave and the novel Slave Dancer.  Students will create maps of their escape routes, and they will write diaries recording their experiences during their journeys. The project will be evaluated using a rubric developed by the class.

A Place to Start: 


 The Underground Railroad by Raymond Bial
Many Thousand Gone by Virginia Hamilton
Get on Board!:  The Story of the Underground Railroad by Jim Haskins
Barefoot Escape on the Underground Railroad by Pamela Duncan Edwards
Follow the Drinking Gourd by Jeannette Winter
Underground Railroad Records by William Still 

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