Here's what I can remember about the creation of Mozenrath--Mark and I thought that Abis Mal was wearing rather thin and thought it would be cool for Al to face a peer of his own age, but with even more dangerous power then Jafar. We didn't set out to make him "sexy." I think Wendy Lee started that talk. I believe Tad came up with the name Mozenrath by combining the names of Motz and Roth, the writers on the Citadel. Bill and Bob actually were extremely skeptical about doing a serious villain Aladdin's age, but Mark browbeat them into submission.

The Citadel started out because we just wanted to do something spooky and I thought "The Land of the Black Sand" had an ominous ring to it.

Although I think we might have come up with Wind Jackals first, becaue we wanted to do Al on a secret mission, then backtracked and did Citadel to explain who the big M was. Without taking undue credit, I remember writing some choice hunks of the Mozenrath dialog in the early stories that Mark and I edited. "In a Gomorah minute" and "If looks could bruise" from your website are me.

We picked Jonathan Brandis for the voice because when we were casting about, he was on the cover of every teen magazine at the Thrifty next door to the recording studio, so he seemed like a crassly commercial good choice. Jonathan was extremely nervous, but very nice and down to earth, even though he was the teen idol of the moment when we recorded him. The voice director and a few others were extremely wary of using him, because his tracks didn't sound like polished voice guy stuff. But that was precisely why we liked them, they sounded fresh and weird. We wanted this guy to have a twisted appeal.

For one brief moment, we pushed to make him the villain in King of Thieves, but management wanted to distance that from the series to make it more special. Plus, once we had Robin Willaims back, the villain became less important.

Anyway, it was a while ago and my memory for this stuff is getting worse than worse. All you Moze fans may be interested to know that most of the people who shaped him (Mark and I, Tad, Bill and Bob, Mirith Colao) are presently killing ourselves to make the Hercules series make Aladdin series look quaint and old fashioned. In fall of 1998, you get to judge for yourself. But let me just add, then when it comes to villains, James Woods as Hades is the best we've ever written for. We even have him sing a song in an episode.

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