1,000,000 CDs and we go marching! 
What is our goal?

We want to personally deliver to AOL Headquarters as many of their CDs as we can.  Our goal is an even one million (1,000,000).  Upon reaching this number, we will begin our cross-country pilgrimage to "Return To Sender" the unwanted CDs.

By sending us your AOL CDs you will be part of this Epic Crusade to take back our privacy. 
So send them in! And E-mail us some feedback!
Started 8/1/01
He wouldn't want'em either
Our Mission

To make it clear to AOL a lot of people do not want and have never asked for their CDs.

To stop the needless pollution of the environment due to distribution of unwanted materials.

To preserve our personal privacy.
Mail your unwanted AOL CDs to:

No More AOL CDs!
1935 El Dorado Ave
Berkeley CA, 94707
Share your thoughts with us Share your thoughts with us
Liberty and Privacy, we want'em
The road to No More AOL CDs
Share your thoughts with us
Share your thoughts with us
We'll count, sort, transport, and deliver them for you.  Yes, this is for real.  No, we are not nuts, just motivated.  Updates and Photos will help document our progress; check back regularly.  Next update will be 8/13/01!
Are you tired of countless unwanted AOL CDs?

Do you already have enough "FREE HOURS!" to last until the Sun turns into a cold, dark cinder?  Does the postman think that you and your spouse are named "Occupant" and "Current Resident"?

Have you tried time and time again, in vain, to get AOL to stop sending you free CDs that you never wanted?  Are you sick of that cloud of 5-inch chaff that clogs every newspaper, magazine and video rental store on the face of the Earth?

On behalf of all humanity,

We have nothing against the AOL corporation, it's browser, internet services or anyone who has anything to do with them.

Our sole intent is to end the unrequested distribution of their CDs.