7/30/01 Pitch Black/Bride of Chucky Promo Released!

You asked for it and they listened! Thanks to GraemeRevell.com and all of Graeme's fan email, Pitch Black and Bride of Chucky have been released on a limited edition promo release, only available at SuperCollector.com!

7/23/01 New Interview on Tomb Raider and other projects

A great new interview by Soundtrack.net (our gracious hosts) can be found here:


7/23/01 Corrected Tomb Raider Titles

Graeme reported earlier that the track titles on the Tomb Raider score album were incorrect. Here are the correct track names:

1. Main Titles/Lara Croft at Home

2. Powell and the Illuminati

3. Lara Dreams of her Father

4. The Clock

5. Alex West and Mr. Wilson

6. Home Invasion

7. The Letter

8. Journey to Cambodia

9. Angkor Wat

10. Deep in the Temple

11. Lara Battles Stone Monkeys

12. The Brahmin

13. Siberia

14. The Planetary Alignment

15. Lara Defeats Powell

7/6/01 Graeme Comments on the Tomb Raider Score Album

With the Tomb Raider score album now released, Graeme wanted to say the following to GR.com about his latest work:

"I don't feel the album represents my best work. The time factor was just too prohibitive. I also want to apologize for the track sequencing on the record. I was not able to stop the pressing plant from manufacturing the discs in time. They contain an error in sequencing such that the titles don't match the music. Hopefully those who buy the album will just enjoy the music for what it is and not be too annoyed by this mistake."

Graeme also wanted to thank all of the positive comments on the score from those who have heard it.

6/21/01 Pitch Black/Bride of Chucky Album

Graeme reports that a promotional release of Pitch Black and Bride of Chucky is close to a release. There is also a possibility that his work on the Anne Frank Mini-series may also have an album release. He is currently working on the latest Arnold film, Collateral Damage. And due to time conflicts with current projects, Graeme has had to leave scoring duties for Equilibrium.

6/12/01 Tomb Raider Score Release

The score to Graeme's latest project will be released on June 26, 2001. You can pre-order here. Thanks to J.P. for the info!

6/9/01 GR Merchandise!

The GraemeRevell Online Store will now be selling GR merchandise. You can now buy T-shirts, mugs, and mouse pads sporting your favorite composer's logo. Before you think that Graeme is selling out, this is for a very good cause. $2 of every sale will be donated to Peter Gabriel's human rights organization WITNESS. The rest of the profits will pay for the items and to help keep this site online. So please support WITNESS and GraemeRevell.com by visiting the ONLINE STORE!

6/9/01 Fan Digest #2 Sent to Graeme

For all of you who have written to the Graeme Revell Mail Bag before today, expect a response in the next coming weeks. Unfortunately Graeme will be unable to write to you directly, but he will write a letter that will be posted here answering as many of your questions and/or comments as he can.

6/3/01 Tomb Raider Finished, finally!

Graeme just finished the score today. They had to precut the last reels and made reoccurring them necessary.

The Emma Shapplin recordings have been postponed until October while she completes her contract with Sony. Graeme says,"Thankfully, that gives me some breathing space. Collateral Damage is hot on my case now."

5/27/01 Tomb Raider Album

According to Soundtrack Magazine, Elektra Records will at some point be releasing the score to Tomb Raider on CD!

5/27/01 Michael Kamen speaks out about Tomb Raider

In a comment made to Music from the Movies, Kamen says: "I think that there was a
mutual awareness that as good as Tomb Raider might be, and as good looking as Angelina Jolie is, that I'm much better suited to involve myself with projects that I am deeply emotionally involved in like Band of Brothers [HBO]. I'm working on it nonstop 'til it's over - 10 hours of music!"

An inside source on the project commented: "This is what I would describe as a panic situation. Kamen made his first demo for the director/producers and there was no immediate feedback to his cues. Feedback started after he already made a second demo,the whole communication process was out of synch and they panicked because the film is supposed to be out the first week of June. At this point they decided
to hire another composer to do the job." That composer was of course, Graeme Revell.

5/2/01 Revell takes on the Tombs

Graeme has just been hired to score the new movie Tomb Raider. The film is scheduled to be released in early June. He has to write 100 minutes of music in just 14 days! That also includes recording the score in London. Because it is being scored in London, there is a good chance that a score album will be released. The previous composer working on the film was Michael Kamen (X-men, Robin Hood, Lethal Weapon). There is no word as to the situation with the former composer or if both composers' music will be used.

4/13/01 Anne Frank, Emma Chaplain, and Schwarzennegger, oh my!

Graeme is currently working on a Anne Frank mini-series for ABC. It is a "terrifying schedule" which involves composing 100 minutes of music in just two weeks!

After this project, Graeme will be producing an album for Emma Chaplain (French singer on Red Planet). It will contain orchestrations and songs written by both artists. They plan on premiering the work at a concert in Athens in which Graeme will conduct.

Graeme's future Hollywood ventures are Equilibrium (Miramax) and Collateral Damage (dir. Andy Davis, starring Schwarzennegger). After that:  High Crimes with Carl Franklin, Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd; then Below with David Twohy (Pitch Black). There is also another comedy which may also happen before the end of Summer.

4/13/01 Fan Digest #1 RESPONSE

Just three days after he read your letters, he responds! If you took advantage of the MAIL BAG before the 10th of April, you might have a response in the following letter from Graeme:

"I apologize for the lack of my material on CD and thank people for their interest. It is always most gratifying to get such positive feedback.

There was never a Dead Calm or Bangkok Hilton CD.  One day I will take some time and record a suite - probably a fully developed Stabat Mater based on the Dead Calm music. But I don't know when. Maybe when I think I could do it well.... it may seem strange or arrogant but I am intimidated by Pergolesi's and Rossini's works in this genre and even though I probably could not hope to reach their stature, I think when one begins such a task one should at least be aiming for the stars.

Sorry there won't be an album for Gossip. Pitch Black I haven't talked to Ford Thaxton lately about the release. He's probably going to see if the Dune soundtrack does OK and then he' may go ahead. I take everyone's point about releasing CDs privately but if you look at my upcoming schedule you may get a sense of why I don't have too much time to organize releases myself. My music editor Josh Winget recently talked about this but he's obviously busy too.

Kudos to the person who noticed the sonic connection between the Spawn score and Babylon 5. This was due to the same synth programmer being employed on the 2 projects : Paul Haslinger. I think it's quite remarkable that the listener caught such an obscure link!

Also thank Paul Painter for the web site link. I will try to have a look at that in the near future."

If you want Graeme to answer your questions or comments, write to the MAIL BAG today!

4/10/01 Fan Digest #1 Sent to Graeme

For all of you who have written to the Graeme Revell Mail Bag before today, expect a response in the next coming weeks. Unfortunately Graeme will be unable to write to you directly, but he will write a letter that will be posted here answering as many of your questions and/or comments as he can.

4/9/01 LINKS Removed, replaced with MEDIA

I have removed the oh so boring LINKS page and have replaced it with a MEDIA page. It contains interviews, reviews and music downloads for you to enjoy! Thanks to all the supportive film music sites that have supplied me with tons of content.

4/4/01 DUNE Now Available in the Store

Revell's fantastic new score to the Sci-fi Channel Mini-series DUNE is now available at the GraemeRevell.com Store! This may be the last score available to purchase for some time, so get it while it's hot!

3/5/01 New Site

Welcome to the newly designed site! Hopefully this will be a more elegant way to find info. on your favorite composer. Be sure to check out the new ONLINE Store to find all of Revell's latest releases.


If you have news on Graeme, please send it to philcastillo@mac.com