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SCO WORLD is an independent, international magazine dedicated to helping computing professionals turn SCO and third party products into effective business computing solutions. Published six times per year by Venture Publishing, Inc., SCO WORLD is not affiliated with The Santa Cruz Operation.

Editorial focuses on the B2B (business-to-business) Intel Unix/Linux converging server marketplace, Unix-on-Intel technology, and compatible third-party hardware, software, and connectivity products. Features, columns, and departments interpret SCO industry news, analyze trends, and provide product information and reviews.

SCO WORLD readers evaluate, review, purchase, and install hardware, software and peripherals. This audience includes manufacturers (OEMs), resellers, software developers, and users in companies and government agencies worldwide.

Look around. Let us know what you think. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Drop us a line at letters@scoworld.com and let us know what you want to read and what you would like to see here.

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