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Rape the Abortion Exception? A Survivor's Storyimages/new2.gif
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Thanks for visiting the SALT!! We are a generation of young people who seek to lift God's truth; change the hearts and minds of our peers; do justice; and stand firm against apathy, complacency, and immoral tolerance while also raising up young leaders through the Gospel of Christ.

We hope that our website will encourage you and help shed light on the many issues confronting young people. Our resource page is full of tools where you can find information and counseling on such issues like abortion, sexual brokeness, and drug addiction. We now have a new Prayer line, where you can also anonymously post your needs. Here at the SALT, we will personaly lift each request before the Lord. In addition, you can debate topics and post comments on our Message Board . Please feel free to surf our many other features as well. God Bless!


*Special Note to those seeking answers

Our desire is to see you find freedom, restoration, and hope in your life.

God understands your situation, and His Word says to "throw all your troubles on Him for he CARES for you." So please, before leaving this site, select one of the links below that addresses your situation. For God has people, right now, who are willing to help shoulder your burdens because He doesn't want you to internalize, and go through life's everyday problems alone.

Help, I think I'm Pregnant
I recently had an abortion...and I feel so guilty
I'm want to have sex with my boyfriend or girlfriend. What's so wrong with that?
My friends and family say I have an alcohol/drug addiction, but I don't know what to do about it.
I'm an alcoholic and I need help. Where can I find a support group?
I'm attracted to the same sex...What can I do about it?
Are there others like me who are gay and who have gone through the same emotional pain?
I crave for online sex and I don't know why
Someone I love is addicted to pornography.
Have something else on your mind?
By all means, please email your concerns to us!
611 Pennsylvania Ave S.E. #337
Washington, D.C. 20003
Email us here!

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