back What is Maharaji's educational and professional background?
As a young boy, Maharaji attended St. Joseph's Academy in Dehra Dun, India. He later graduated from several flight training schools where he earned a number of pilot type-ratings qualifying him to fly commercial and other jet aircraft as well as helicopters. His practical and comprehensive knowledge as a pilot has enabled him to contribute to the development and testing of software applications for the aviation industry. Additionally, Maharaji has invented and developed a number of other aviation-related products and has a patent on a watch he designed. As a successful private investor, he has contributed to start-up companies in several industries. Maharaji also excels in the area of computer graphics and design.








back Does Maharaji have any hobbies?
Among his many and varied interests, Maharaji enjoys composing music utilizing state-of-the-art computer technology and plays several instruments including the flute and piano. Some of his poetry and music can be found on this website. Other interests include photography, oil painting, restoring vintage automobiles, cooking, and tennis.











back Does Maharaji have a family? 
Yes. Maharaji and his wife were married in 1974 and have four children.














back How broad is Maharaji's international outreach? 
On December 13, 1998 Maharaji gave his first global presentation via satellite broadcast. This live presentation was viewed by an estimated 86,000 people in 173 locations in 50 countries.

Language and culture are not a barrier for people interested in Maharaji's message. His addresses are translated into languages including Agni, Arabic, Baule, Bete, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Czech, Dutch, Ewe, Farsi, French, Ga, German, Greek, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mandarin, Mina, Nepali, Norwegian, Oriya, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Tagalog, Taiwanese, Telegu, Twi and Zulu, to name some of them.

Since beginning his work in1966, Maharaji has spoken at over 2,500 events in more than 250 cities in 50 countries. During the last seven years, he has personally addressed over 1.3 million people, over 300,000 in 1998 alone.

To bring his message to those interested, Maharaji has traveled more than 2 million miles (over 3.2 million kilometers) in the past 12 years.








back Can Maharaji's addresses be seen on video? 
Maharaji's speaking events are videotaped and made available for viewing by people unable to attend. Currently these videos are viewed at programs held in over 2,000 towns and cities around the world. They can also be purchased and, in some areas, loaned out for individual viewing. In 1998, the total monthly attendance at video presentations worldwide averaged 472,000 at over 14,700 events in 80 countries.











back How many people receive Maharaji's Knowledge in a given year? 
Numbers vary from year to year. Over the last ten years, more than 91,000 people have received Knowledge. In 1998, Maharaji personally showed the techniques of Knowledge to just over 20,000 individuals.












back Does Maharaji advocate a specific lifestyle or religion?
Maharaji neither encourages nor discourages any particular lifestyle or religion, and his teachings are independent of either.













back How is Maharaji’s work supported?
Many individuals who wish to support Maharaji's efforts volunteer their time and energy through independent non-profit organizations. These organizations support Maharaji's work by arranging his numerous appearances and providing the logistical support for the events that he attends. They also distribute video and audio tapes and coordinate the many events where such tapes can be viewed.

These nonprofit organizations are funded primarily by voluntary contributions and by sales of materials such as videos, audio cassettes, and books. There is no charge for attending events at which Maharaji speaks or for receiving the techniques of Knowledge that Maharaji offers. At some events, advance registration for pre-assigned seats is offered at a nominal processing fee to cover administrative costs.









back Do the non-profit organizations provide financial support to Maharaji?
Maharaji receives no fees, honoraria, compensation, or benefits of any kind from any of the organizations that support his work. These organizations pay only for documented expenses related to his attendance at events they sponsor.











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