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Sagebrush Dancers were among the 1000+ who came through the doors at the 12 hour marathon at the closing of the Saddlerack on Sunday ...some of us know our way around the bar scene and when the band/DJ plays a particular piece of music here ...we know the line dance that will fill the floor: any cha cha (Cruisin'), any waltz (Midnight Waltz), west coast swing (Syncopations), some line dances are only done to a particular piece of music ... Baby Likes To Rocket (Rock It), Still Cruisin' (Cruisin'), Copperhead Road, Anyway The Wind Blows (Ain't Going Nowhere), The Cowboy, Watermelon Crawl, The Fireman, Un Momento Alla (Cha Cha Lengua), Boot Scootin' Boogie (Skippy Blair), Honky Tonk Twist, Bocephus (Bill Rice), Swing City (Swingtime Boogie), All Shook Up (Randy Krul), Got To Be Funky, Cannibals (Cannibal Stomp), Love Potion #9 (Ooo Aah!), Cotton Eye Joe, Fat Sally Lee (Arthur Smith) and then some dances are done to many tunes the band plays. At the Saddlerack these dances filled the floor numerous times throughout the evening ... Cruisin', Linda Lu, Tush Push, Rodeo, Cowgirls' Twist, Racing Cowboy, Tropicana Parking Lot, Go Go's Stomp, Smokey Places, Alley Cat (Aiken), Chocolate City Hustle, Mustang Sally (Cajun Style), Bar Room Romeo, Travlin' 4 Corners (circle dance), Got To Be Funky, Slappin' Leather, Electric Slide and the Knoxville Stomp.

GGC update: *Weekend* Event Pass (Sat/Sun) Adult: $55 before 01 September - Includes: Fri/Sat Dance Socials and All Workshops (does not include the Saturday Evening Broadway Extravaganza Dinner Show). Please NOTE: The Dinner show ($10) is limited ...get your registrations in now if you plan on seeing this show ...I was in conversation with both Terry Hogan & Simon Ward in June in Toowoomba ...they are so lookin' forward to puttin' on a performance for US! ...My opinion is well worth $65 (American) just to see these two dance!

Newest original dance sheets from the choreographers:
Original Dance Sheets:
Rock It Tractors - Baby Likes To Rocket - Hillbilly Rick
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Charlotte Skeeters 
For KeepsHeal The World Heal The World, Voila, Just BobFill My Life, Hasta Manana Hasta Manana, Because Of You, Pencil Thin Mustache, Too Hip Got To Go, Hollywood, Begin The Beguine, Line of Pearls, Reaching Out, Looking Glass, Mama's Lil' Baby, Huey Lewie, Does Your Mother Know? Does Your Mother Know?, Going, Going, Gone, Nevertheless 

Michael Barr
Midnight Rendezvous, Dancing Hearts Dancing Hearts, A Waltz In Time, Backroads, Whatever, Vern Is Vern, This Woman, This Man, Black Dresses, Hey Bruce, TTS Boogie, What's Your Name, Listen, Mad Love, Join The Queue, All-Right-A, Give It Up, Cooin' & A Wooin', Off To The Races, Lonesome Blues, Green Green Grass

Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson 
Spirit In The Sky, Jose & Rosie Jose & Rosie, Smoke Rings, Real Fine Day, Rhythm & Blues, I Love You, You & Me, Pony Shuffle, Husbands and Wives, Wasn't That A Party, Best Friends, America , Do The Walk, America, Runaway, Canada Dry ,Dance Away The Night, Hesitation Waltz , C'est La Vie, Every Step You Take, Hotel California, Tequila Time, The Darlene, The Cowboy Cumbia, Louisiana Bound, Under My Skin, Rose Colored Glasses, Carmel Cha Cha, Hold On, Makin' Lotsa Noise, I Can Help, Hooked On Love, I Ain't Missin' you, Let It Be, Happy Together, No Way (Pedro), Time In A Bottle

Evelyn Khinoo 
The Lady & Me, Blue Ribbons, Silk & Satin Silk & Satin, That's My Hat, Down by the Riverside, Attitude, Going, Going, Gone, Mambo Across Texas, Saturday Matinee, Claxton Stomp & Go, That Night In Tennessee, Jump Start, Take A Look, If My Friends Could See Me Now, No Thanks I'll Walk, Picture Perfect ..Rollerblade, Maverick Waltz, What's The Hurry

Mike Sliter
Blue Monday, Dancin' Moon , Cajun Girls & Gumbo Cajun Girls & Gumbo, San Antone Rose, Livin' Together, Shouldn't Be Doin' This, Roll Of The Dice, I Won't Forget, Heartbreak Radio

Neil Hale
Jukebox Blues, Last knight's Waltz, Cruisin, A Fanfare To Brittany, Linda Lu, Un Deux Trois Waltz MixerHot Tamales Hot Tamales, Cha Cha Lengua, Mamboria , Whole Lotta Peppas, Storybook Endings , One Toke Over The Line, Prancin' Pony, New Things West, Mustang Sally, Running Bear, Front Row Attitude, Ribbon Of Highway, Gimme Back My Bullets, Cruise Control, Diamonds Are Forever,

Sal Gonzalez
Ooo Aah!, Chevy, Havana, Two Cool, Strait Cha Cha, Dancin With You, You Sang To Me, Hurricane , Desert Sands Cha Cha, Byrd Country, Road House Inn, How Does It Start, Tamworth Taillights, Whatcha' Gonna Do

Terry Hogan
Don't Ask, Too Much FunToo Much Fun, Who I Am, Two Shades of Blue, Alright Already, Alligator Shoes, Think Quick , Cuban Heels, Them's The Rules , Along For The Ride, Completely, Straighten Up & Fly Right, Border Crossing, Too Good To Be True, Time Warp Two Step, Change Of Heart, Tequila Blues, Fatal Attraction, Sweet Temptation, Riding The Rails, Live It Up, Flying Leap, Dance With Me, Here's Hoping, Last Laugh, Monkey Business

Michele Burton
Midnight Rendezvous, Callin' From The Heart Callin' From The Heart, Midnight Rendezvous, Ohhh Behave, Let's Do Lunch, That's All She Wrote, 8 to 8 , I See It Now, Vern Is Vern, This Woman, This Man, One Cherokee Boogie, Hallelujah Junction, Ace 10, Poor Boy Shuffle Mixer, The Next Step

Chris Kumre 
Rednex Stomp, Perhaps, Dimelo, Hillbilly Hip Hop, Some Hot Stuff, Mystic Mambo, Scooby Snax, Cherokee Boogie, Count Me In

Simon Ward
Larger Than Life, God Bless The Child, Shimmy Shack, Open Arms, Phoneaphobia, Get Over It, Go With The Flow, Live It Up, Titanic

Vinylcafe The Fantastic Shakers Jitterbug Boogie
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