Nehemiah Wood and his sons

Chapter III

Nehemiah, the ancestor of our branch of the Wood family located near where Rileyville now stands,---possibly eight or ten miles from Luray, the county seat of Page County.

He had four sons,---Benjamin, John, Joshua and David. David never married. He died at the age of 60 and was buried on his father’s estate.

The other three brothers owned large bodies of land in the Shenandoah valley.

James W. Wood, in his history says, "Benjamin, Joshua and John Wood owned almost the entire northern end of the county". There are 97 deeds conveying land to and from the Wood family on the records at Woodstock, Shenandoah county, and 235 recorded at Luray, Page county.

In 1818 Joshua built the first brick house in that part of the county, and probably the first one in the county. It contained much carved work, all done by hand. The Roof was shingled with the best yellowpine shaved shingles which were still doing good service 85 years later. In those days they were considered wealthy.

Here they lived and died, and from them sprang a great multitude, scattered possibly in every state of the union.

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