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A revolution in desktop audio

DATStudio is a SCSI Audio DAT Machine system based upon DDS-DA (Digital Data Storage Digital Audio), an extension to the DDS format.

Unlike normal DDS-2 SCSI DAT drives, DATStudio has the capability to read and write NORMAL AUDIO DAT FORMAT tapes, at up to Double speed. between the Audio tape and a soundfile on your mac's hard disc.

The audio transfer is 100% digital, and requires no other audio hardware whatsoever. DATStudio is also capable of reading and writing DAT subcode including professional TIMECODE formats.

The system consists of the DATStudio software and the 2xSTREAM DDS-DA SCSI DAT device. More specialised applications will become available offering even more powerful functionality for Audio Post production, multimedia and broadcast. In addition to the audio functions, DATStudio can be used as a high performance SCSI backup device, using Grey Matter Response Mezzo software, Dantz Retrospect or Optima Desktape.

Pricing is significantly less than a timecode capable DAT machine.

The 2XStream Dat device utilises the new DDS-DA(tm) format (Digital Data Storage - Digital Audio). This amazing drive breaches the gap between DDS Tape drives and regular audio DAT machines. DATStudio represents a monumental breakthrough in desktop audio technology : Finally it is possible to perform audio transfers to and from timecoded AUDIO DAT FASTER THAN REALTIME.

Using a combination of 2XStream, our specially modified DDS2 SCSI-II 4mm DAT archiving system and a stunning Macintosh application, DATStudio can read and write NORMAL AUDIO DAT TAPES. In addition, it can be used as a high performance DATA archiving system.

The audio tapes are read at data level and hence the audio information can be transferred via SCSI at 2 times real time.

An entire 60 minute audio tape can be transferred into a Sound Designer II file in around 30minutes !

Similarly masters may be recorded back to tape at 2 times real time speed. All DATStudio transfers are performed as digital data copies via SCSI, and hence do not tie up your Digital Audio Hardware. In fact, DATStudio transfers can be performed in the background. Because the tape is read at a low level, DATStudio Pro also has access to all the subcode on the tape. This will allow this incredible system to additionally READ AND WRITE ProR-Time TIMECODE and other subcode data, prompting a new generation of faster than real time post production applications.

We are already working towards a double speed Timecode DAT Autoconform system. In addition :

Other facilities such as the ability to automatically segment discontiguous timecode sections, and convert StartIDs to SDII regions will offer unprecedented control over the audio capturing process.

Add to this background operation with ProTools and you have the Ultimate Audio Transfer Tool. DATStudio will only operate with the unique Gallery 2XStream SCSI DAT drive, which forms part of the package. The system is compatible with backup software such as Retrospect, DeskTape, Mezzo, and may be used as a data drive for normal backups.

Any Audio Professional who values their time should buy DATStudio. Based upon a typical post studio hourly rate, DATStudio can PAY FOR ITSELF IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS of use by saving more than half of every transfer hour.

Latest features hot off the presses include the Totally NEW 'Time Doubler' facilities which allow you to Speed Up the Audio WITHOUT altering the pitch !! This facility is ideal for monitoring high speed transfers where you are interested in listening to the content whilst audio is transferred at Up To DOUBLE speed. This feature is a massive leap forward for dialog editors in particular, allowing high speed transfer but with the advantage of absorbing the content whilst it transfers. Soon we will add the ability to drop markers during transfer, making the editing process EVEN faster.

DATStudio provides many other facilities which take advantage of the fact that it is directly integrated into your audio workstation. A normal DAT machine can only communicate by a crude audio connection, limiting the level of integration into your work pattern. As DATStudio develops, more and more capabilities will be added to further enhance productivity and ease of use.

New features already added include the ability to read Subcode User Bits, and soon time of day display will be added. This kind of extra information will, in the future be used to directly communicate with your workstation. Time of Day for example can be used to alter the creation Date of any audio files transferred so they match the time the audio was originally recorded.