CORRECTION 12 JULY 2001: Progress Software Corporation and NuSphere Corporation are no longer partners of MySQL AB and lack any right to use the MySQL trademark.

"We have always considered ourselves committed members of the Open Source and Free Software communities," said Monty Widenius, project leader on MySQL. Moving to the GNU General Public License (GPL) is a way to show this". It is the latest beta (version 3.23.19) and all new releases that is being GPLed.

MySQL forms strategic alliances with VA Linux and Progress Software

To further establish MySQL as the standard open source database we have formed strategic alliances with both VA Linux and Progress. We hope that this will increase MySQL's viability for even the very demanding commercial customers since it will increase the support offerings and speed up the further development of MySQL to make it even better.

VA Linux makes an investment in MySQL AB

VA Linux has made an investment in MySQL and will work with MySQL on advanced support and service programs. VA Linux will also host MySQL as a project on, the world's largest Open Source development center, growing steadily with over 5,800 software projects and over 37,000 registered users.

"I've been a big fan of MySQL for years, so it's cool to see them take this step," said Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda, founder of, the largest news/community site for Open Source developers.

"All of the VA Linux and Andover.Net web sites-including,, SourceForge and - have been built on MySQL," said Dr. Larry M. Augustin, president and CEO of VA Linux Systems. "We are honored to host the development of MySQL on SourceForge, and we look forward to offering in-depth support of MySQL through our alliance with the project team. By moving to the GPL, MySQL will increase its distribution base; we look forward to being able to ship MySQL with our systems."

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Progress Software helps free MySQL with GPL license

To create an open source business, Progress Software has formed NuSphere, a Progress Software Company, to distribute and support the NuSphere MySQL open source database.

Progress Software will be providing up to $2.5 million (US) to help further the development of MySQL. NuSphere will extend the core development team's efforts by creating NuSphere MySQL; a multi-platform integrated distribution of MySQL and related open source products. NuSphere will provide commercial support, consulting, and training for customers deploying MySQL as part of their web infrastructure. As a single, global source of integrated services for MySQL, NuSphere will provide support from three main support centers in the U.S., the Netherlands and Australia.

NuSphere chose to support MySQL because of its position as the market-leading open source database for web infrastructure. MySQL is especially well suited for capturing web site traffic, providing authentication and authorization services, and content personalization. The MySQL database is the first widely used database product released under the Free Software Foundation's General Public License (GPL). The GPL is also used to license the Linux operating system, and is widely accepted by the open source community.

"Progress Software's financial and technical support of MySQL will help this very popular but currently grass-roots open source database gain greater acceptance by mainstream IT organizations," commented Mark Driver Research Director for Internet & eBusiness Technologies of Gartner Group."

Contacts to MySQL AB

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