The recordings of domestika are well underway. They have taken Björk to the both sides of the Atlantic. The album is produced by Björk and mixed by long time collaborator Spike Stent.

Domestika is the title of this work in progress. It is scheduled for release in early spring, no date has been fixed yet but May is the likely month.

concerts will be scheduled before and after the release of the album. Venues are yet to be decided, but they will be special! Cities scheduled for these events, but yet not confirmed are are London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, New York, L.A., Tokyo, Sydney. This is not the gospel, but only what is on the drawing board. It will be no other than Matmos who will be executing these concerts with Björk and
Zeena Parkins.

set up camp in New York this summer and started work there with harp player Zeena. The location was a loft in NY, which was transformed into a working station. Much was composed, crafted and edited. The loft has now been vacated but we are left with this New York experience.

  We call this the domestika special.
  & sometimes the Meester Fly experience
  as he submits to the MWC shaky photos
  from various situations.
When the autumn leaves started to fall in Iceland, Björk summoned Jake Davies and Marius De Vries to Iceland for a writing session. More tracks were laid down, in addition to these nine already mixed.


Kindly Meester Fly asked Björk for song titles. Alas, they were not ready to be published, except for one. Which she gladly gave him. It is a song called 'Harm of Will'. The lyric is by Harmony Korine. Here is the lyric, now we need the music.
Meester Fly does simply say: 'The music is beautiful. Believe me on that, Mad Web Carpenters'.
And we do!

H A R M  O F  W i L L

if there's a troubador washing
it is he
if there's a man about town
it is he
it there's one to be sought
it is he
if there are nine she's
they are bought for me
this way is as is she
and he placed her unclothed longlegged
on top of the family tree
and if he has chosen the point while she is under him
then leave her coily placed crouched sucking him
for it is i
with her on knee
i leave her without pith or feel
and leave her be
leave it be for he controls what there´ll be
he makes his face known to none
for if he is seen then all will
and all will know
know me