The Quaintance Family Gathering

Aylesbeare, Devon - 23/24th August 1997

The 1st ever gathering of the Quaintance Family was held at Aylesbeare, near Exeter, Devon, England over the weekend of 23/24th August 1997.

A printed copy of the family tree, which occupied the whole of one wall of the Village Hall, allowed members to see exactly where they fitted into the family. There was also a searchable computer version which allowed for easy corrections and additions.

The programme of events included a talk from a local historian on the "Life and Times" of our forebears; a visit to view the registers at Aylesbeare Church; a family dinner at the Aylesbeare Inn; Sunday Morning Service with the Lesson read by a family member; and a walking tour of family locations with another local historian.

A panoramic photo of all those present was taken as a record of the event. Individual digital photos of most participants were also taken for inclusion in the genealogical database. Copies may also be viewed online by clicking on the relevant names in the list below.

The family history research which led to this gathering was done by Mrs Nicy Roberts, 35 Highgate Road, Woodley, Reading, RG5 3ND, United Kingdom to whom any questions regarding the family history should be addressed.


Sue Bowness Peter Brown Audrey Clarke Douglas Clarke
Jean Cooledge Malcolm Cooledge Ivor Jones Donald Kirk
Sheila Kirk Leslie Louis Veronica Louis Dominic Matthews
Melanie Matthews Myfyda Matthews Victoria Matthews Andrew McAleer
Christopher McAleer Ian McAleer Rosalind McAleer Florence Miller
Cynthia Mitchell Patrick Mitchell Paul Mitchell Jean Phillips
Andrew Quaintance Arthur Quaintance Brian Quaintance Colin Quaintance
George Quaintance Gladys Quaintance Jack Quaintance Janet Quaintance
Kate Quaintance Kathy Quaintance Leslie Quaintance Linda Quaintance
Margaret Quaintance Marianne Quaintance Mark Quaintance Martin Quaintance
Neil Quaintance Peter Quaintance Robert Quaintance Valerie Quaintance
Vernon Quaintance Walter Quaintance Yvonne Quaintance Amy Roberts
Nicola Roberts Paul Roberts Timothy Roberts Maureen Smith
Felicity Thomas Stephen Thomas Margaret Tovey Diana Wright
Kevin Wright Melvyn Wright Peter Wright Stephen Wright

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