Blogger gives me a chance to vent and voice. I am very opinionated and loud. Blogger is patient.




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We lost our lease! Everything must go! Pyra is having a moving sale. If you're in the Bay Area, please stop by to take some stuff off my hands (cheap!).

BTW, because people have asked: This has nothing to do with Pyra going out of business or any other such thing. (And I was joking about losing our lease—you know, like those cheesy furniture commercials? You know?) Our lease was up, and our ISP screwed us last month so we have no connection anyway, and I'm the only one there these days, and office prices in San Francisco are dropping like a stone, and I don't really like the location anyway, so I figured it was a good time to move. I don't know where we're moving. I'm working at home for the time-being. If you have some space in SF you'd like to share, let me know. That is all.
– Ev. [6/28/2001 11:13:51 PM] +

OJR: Content Management for the Masses: "Maybe the most exciting advance in CMS over the last two years has been the development of Web log, or blog, technology. While not originally intended as CMS, that's just where the programs are headed. As typified by Blogger, most blog systems were built to give users a cheap and easy way of posting daily thoughts on anything and everything."
– Ev. [6/28/2001 06:22:45 PM] +

CNN reports on the marketing for Neil Gaiman's new book, American Gods: "We've built sites before,' says [Lisa] Gallagher, 'but this was the first time we launched a site with a real-time online journal.'" And in a similar Wired article: "Laurie Rippon, a senior VP at HarperCollins, said that Gaiman?s online journal not only created excitement about the book but also became an event of its own." (The journal is powered by Blogger.)
– Ev. [6/27/2001 08:47:48 AM] +

Need a new look? Check out Blog-Plates: "Blog-Plates are supplied complete with all the Blogger scripts embedded for you within the template, so they're simple and easy to use. Choose from Standard Blog-Plates or purchase your own Exclusive Blog-Plate license. From as little as US $10.00 Blog-Plates are the ideal way to dress up your blog and give it that unique look." (They're not affiliated with Blogger -- just interesting!)
– Ev. [6/26/2001 05:57:44 PM] +

200K! This morning, Blogger got its 200,000th user sign up.
– Ev. [6/26/2001 12:35:29 PM] +

Announcing Ad-Free Blog*Spot: Sick of those pesky ads interfering with your witty banter and rad design? Now, get rid of them for a measly 83¢ a month.

Update: Here's what it looks like on some first takers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
– Ev. [6/26/2001 04:22:34 AM] +

You might notice something new in the posting and editing form. I just implemented one of our all-time most-requested features: spell check. Eleven different languages are supported, plus grammar checking and a thesaurus. Consider it a beta feature, as we have yet to see how it responds under load. (Wow, I originally spelled three words wrong in this post!)
– Ev. [6/21/2001 05:01:52 PM] +

I launched a new blog for Blogger users: Status.Blogger.Com. (It will get better...)
– Ev. [6/20/2001 03:29:50 PM] +

Show your love. The hour is drawing near, and the race is close. If you find Blogger at all useful or handy, and you haven't done so already, I must ask you the small favor of showing your appreciation with a vote for the Webby People's Voice award (in the Personal Site category). It takes about two minutes (really). The reason your vote is important is because a certain other personal publishing site has very actively in poking and prodding its users to help them "beat Blogger." That seems to be their mission in life. That's fine. I don't want to get in the whole Us versus Them thing. They do good work, and anyone enabling personal publishers is cool in my book. But man, they're just so dang cocky, it would be lame to lose to them just because we were lazy. We're not lazy. Right?

One more thing: I will be the last to claim that awards like this — either the people's choice kind or the "official" judges kind (the Webbies have both) — add up to much more than a bunch of flapdoodle in the grand scheme of things. Nor, more importantly, are such awards true measures of the quality or worth of the things being judged. It partially comes down politics, popularity, and luck (and poking and prodding). However: I will also be the last to claim it's not cool to win stuff! More seriously, it's also useful. After all, recognition often brings opportunities. And opportunities bring resources. And those resources may reduce the number of nights I have to stay up until 5 AM messing with servers (such as last night -- yes, I'm still working on the problem), instead of staying up until 5 AM coding you a cooler, better Blogger.

So, you see, it's in your self interest: Go vote! Please?

BTW, if you want to really help, encourage your blog readers to go vote for the free service that helps you publish your witty and charming self for their frequent enjoyment.
– Ev. [6/20/2001 01:04:39 AM] +

Kevin Werbach has put up a version of Triumph of the Weblogs, from the latest issue of Release 1.0 (Esther Dyson's $800/year newsletter for industry big wigs). It's quite well put. Among the many great quotes: "All this leads to a brave new media world, where the boundaries between committed amateurs and working journalists may be difficult to determine." If you're at all uncertain about what this Weblog Thing is about, go read it.
– Ev. [6/18/2001 03:48:00 PM] +

Will you join FryKitty in Blogging for charity?
– Jason Shellen [6/15/2001 07:16:57 PM] +

USA Weekend a magazine-style Sunday newspaper insert will be running a piece on blogs this weekend. Now you can show your grandmother where you have been spending so much time online. ;)
– Jason Shellen [6/15/2001 07:06:20 PM] +

Invites are working again.
– Ev. [6/11/2001 05:19:55 PM] +

The ever-helpful Phil Ringnalda has started a Blogger archive/template troubles blog to help users with some of the more confusing/annoying Blogger idiosyncrasies. (Of course, we'll try to get these annoyances fixed. But in the meanwhile, we appreciate the help in tracking them down and helping people work around them.)
– Ev. [6/9/2001 04:08:03 PM] +

Ok, we have another server up and running now.
– Ev. [6/6/2001 06:21:44 PM] +

One step forward... Things are a little better now. Blog*Spot is back to its old server (which was going strong for nine months without a reboot or any other downtime until our line went down). But now it's at the data center. Blogger is fast again, for the time being. But, unbelievably, the machine Blog*Spot was on temporarily (and that I was going to put back in charge of sharing the Blogger load) has suffered some sort of catastrophic hardware failure. So I'm still working on that part. Meanwhile, if your Blog*Spot site isn't up-to-date, please republish.
– Ev. [6/4/2001 11:13:33 PM] +

The reason Blogger is slow right now is because, in order to get Blog*Spot back up quickly, we had to repurpose one of the servers that was sharing the Blogger application load (and it the meanwhile, it looks like we've had an increase in use). So, we just need to move things around a bit. Should be speedy again within 24 hours or less. Thanks.
– Ev. [6/4/2001 02:46:48 PM] +

Note to NewsBlogger users: The site is down, due to the same outage that took down BlogSpot, et al, and we weren't able to get it up so quickly. But I'm working on it now. Thanks.
– Ev. [6/4/2001 08:21:51 AM] +

I guess some people were having problems submitting Template Design entries, so we're extending the deadline a few days (until the 5th). I think I fixed the problem (though I wasn't able to actually duplicate it), so let me know if you're still having problems.
– Ev. [6/1/2001 04:08:07 AM] +

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