April 2001 - For the record, GRP and Shining hasn't got anything to do with each other.

July 2000 - Another great release has been added, the new Sorhin CD "Apokalypsens Ängel!"

July 2000 - Finally added the new Triumphator gatefold LP "Wings of Antichrist" which includes lyric sheet etc.

June 2000 - Added the new exclusive Sorhin LP "Apokalypsens ängel" which also includes a poster and
the second issue of Hellish Massacre featuring Triumphator, Malign, Antaeus etc!

April 2000 - Added these supreme items to the distro, Sabbat "Karisma" CD, Tsjuder "Kill for Satan" CD
and Tales of the Macabre #6 featuring Possessed, Venom, Nunslaughter, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer etc!

April 2000 - Added Ancient Ceremonies mag issues 1, 2 and 3 featuring Mayhem, Marduk etc!

March 2000 - New website interface.

March 2000 - Added Puissance's new LP "Mother of Disease" and Sorhin's "I det glimmrande.." PicLP!

February 2000 - Added an Immortal (!) bootleg (Italy) and the great zine Hellish Massacre!

February 2000 - Added Funeral Mist's MLP "Devilry" to the distro!

January 2000 - Added four new LP's to the distribution!

January 2000 - Added a few items to the distribution!

December '99 - New site, Added pictures from the Uppsala gig.

October '99 - Homepage is up, credits to Chrille of Godmode.

October '99 - Threw a gig in Uppsala with Dark Funeral, Malign, Watain, Nephenzy, Flagellation and Insision.

October '99 - Watain 7" Single The Essence of Black Purity is released. Unfortunatly the printing place messed up the labels, they should be switched with one another.

June '99 - Thyrfing 7" EP Solen Svartnar is released.