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Site Discussion
Post your comments on PlanetDuke features and news in this area.
163 1,301 8/12/2001
10:37:44 AM
by Phoenix
Lucky, MrBlonde
Miscellaeneous posts in this area, where (almost) anything goes!
394 6,633 8/13/2001
12:32:26 AM
by Lucky
cyborg, Lucky, MrBlonde
Other Duke Games
Post about console Duke games, or other Duke PC games!
11 62 8/11/2001
10:33:00 AM
by Lucky
Lucky, MrBlonde
GameSpy Discussion
Post your thoughts and suggestions regarding the GameSpy Network.
20 153 7/16/2001
9:01:08 AM
by Phoenix
Lucky, MrBlonde
Hosted Discussion (Private)
PlanetDuke staff and hosted site webmasters can go in here to chew the fat. (Private)
4 9    
Duke Nukem Forever
DNF Discussion
Discuss and post thoughts on the upcoming 3D Realms game Duke Nukem Forever with other users.
172 1,767 8/13/2001
12:28:39 AM
by Lucky
Lucky, MrBlonde
Unreal Engine
Share views on the Unreal engine and it's modified version to be used in Duke Nukem Forever.
5 33 8/1/2001
11:48:09 AM
by Eclipse
Lucky, MrBlonde
Duke Nukem 3D
Duke3D Discussion
Post questions, and comments about Duke Nukem 3D.
150 579 8/12/2001
8:57:09 PM
by Usurper
cyborg, Lucky, MrBlonde
Total Conversion Discussion
Post questions, comments, and ideas for Duke Nukem 3D total conversions.
55 296 8/11/2001
9:10:57 PM
by Usurper
cyborg, Lucky, MrBlonde
BUILD Discussion
Post questions and tips for the BUILD editing engine for Duke Nukem 3D.
45 182 8/11/2001
7:57:27 AM
by JS Build
cyborg, Lucky, MrBlonde

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