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Critical Mass Award
~ so many strive for greatness, so few achieve it ~
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The Critical Mass Award


   Do you consider your site "Critical" to the "Mass" of the WWWeb? If so send me your Homepage URL and I'll visit your site and see if you qualify for the "Critical Mass Award". I'm looking for sites that have useful content, good design and presentation and are easy to navigate. No x-rated stuff, please. I think Flash is great if used in moderation and actually contributes something to the site. If you qualify I'll send you the Award and link by e-mail, usually within 48 hrs. To submit your site you can use the form below, or send an e-mail, if you're using the AOL browser or WebTV *please* don't use the form, send the info by email to :
with your name, e-mail address, URL, and a brief description of site. Thanks!

note: Winners who are looking for their listing may search here.

If you're looking for a phrase or group of words, use quotes..."The Grand Canyon"
The search spider comes once a week so if its a real recent listing it might not come up yet.

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Updated 08-12-2001

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