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    PQ | Features | Rants & Raves

Everyone's got something to get off their chest; they may love a new mod, they may hate it. They may be so sick of our drivel that they just want to scream, and that's what Rants & Raves is for! You can pop off about anything Quake or PQ related and submit it to get posted, but remember..we get our say too.

Latest Rants & Raves

  • Damn Patches
    August 5, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Don't tell us, just do it!

    Past Rants & Raves

  • Cheat News
    May 13, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    How responsible is it to post cheat news?

  • The Proximity Mine Launcher
    May 6, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Is spamming prox mines ruining the fun in Team Arena?

  • Enough With the Factories Already
    April 24, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Do we have to battle in just factories?

  • Overcompetitive Gaming
    April 17, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Are FPS fans getting a little over the edge?

  • Newbie Bashing
    April 8, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Short, sweet, and to the point: Newbie Bashing blows.

  • Female Gamers
    April 1, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Female players get the boot from sexist males?

  • CounterStrike CPL
    March 25, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    The CPL drops Quake 3: Arena like a brick in deep water.

  • Q3:TA...Loved?
    March 19, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Talkin' about TA's success.

  • id Bashing
    March 11, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Do people really have to bash on id?

  • Team Jumping
    February 25, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Are fair teams too much to ask?

  • Nick Profanity
    February 11, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    A plea to stop the sexual and racial nickname slurs.

  • The Quake Community
    February 4, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Are we losing the quality community we used to enjoy?

  • Mod Authors
    January 23, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Why do they have to be so stingy?

  • Burn the Quad
    January 9, 2001 — by Pappy-R
    Does Quad Damage ruin the game?

  • Tweaks
    December 12, 2000 — by Pappy-R
    Should Quake 3 be played without any of the eye candy?

  • Offhand Grapple
    December 6, 2000 — by Pappy-R
    Getting crazy like Tarzan? Wonder if he could swing while firing a rocket launcher with the other hand.

  • Cheat Video Drivers
    November 28, 2000 — by Pappy-R
    Is it really cheating, or just another purchased advantage?

  • Splash Damage Bug
    November 21, 2000 — by Pappy-R
    So it's not realistic, but it's fun, should it stay?

  • The BFG
    November 06, 2000 — by Pappy-R
    It had to be here sooner or later, here's the rave about the BFG.

  • Ping Equalization
    October 23, 2000 — by Pappy-R
    This week's Rants N' Raves feature is all about equalizing the ping.

  • Camping and Anti-Camping
    October 16, 2000 — by Pappy-R
    The first Rants n' Raves feature kicks off with the timeless topic of camping and anti-camping.

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