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    PlanetQuake | Features | Tech Tips

Every week, our resident hardware expert Love2Play gives you tips and info on how to get the most out of your computer for a rockin' game of Quake. It's everything from building your dream gaming rig to tweaking your Q2 config. Read up and get informed. Any questions? E-mail TechTips.

Latest Techtips

  • TechTips Mailbag - June 23rd, 2001
    Geforce tweakage and video drivers. Does it ever end?! And servers, get them up and running!

Quake Configurations & Guides - Quake, Quake 2 and Quake III Arena

Systems & Hardware - OS & harware tweaks and explanations, guides and info.

  • Windows System Information - February 3, 2001
    Know what's in your computer and what drivers you have installed BEFORE you need help. This guide to using Windows System Information will show you how to know and diagnose your computer components and drivers.
  • Build your own Gaming Rig - Part I - August 26, 2000
    Part I of our guide to assembling your own gaming rig.  That's right, we are going to take you from shopping for parts to hardware assembly and on to installing the Windows OS for the first time!  Hold on to your wallets!

Gaming Extras- Interviews, reviews, and maybe some interesting extra gaming goodness.

Mailbag - Every other week we answer the burning questions readers need answered. Your answer may be here!

  • TechTips Mailbag - June 9th, 2001
    Choosing a new gaming device, video card drivers and a lil grapple hook. Something for everyone. And what's with the Invalid cd key thing?!
  • TechTips Mailbag - May 12th, 2001
    A variety this time, and a mini mouse review. No copyrights were infringed upon! NOT that mouse!
  • TechTips Mailbag - April 27th, 2001
    Focus on servers. The cry for help is heard  running your servers here!
  • TechTips Mailbag - April 14th, 2001
    Oh those naughty GeForce cards again and heavy on the hook man!
  • TechTips Mailbag - March 31, 2001
    Love2Play rants a bit and then gets to the meat. Oh yeah, we got Quake questions!
  • TechMailbag - February 17, 2001
    Server errors, hardware problems and oh yeah.....Quake Quake Quake!
  • TechMailbag - January 20, 2001
    Quake 3 Arena 1.27g and h and j and k... ok, only g and h ;-) And how about those Quake 2 servers?!
  • TechMailbag - January 6, 2001
    Lots of internet and lag problems and video cards!? When will they stop making us crazy!?
  • TechMailbag - December 23, 2000
    Resolve those pre-Holiday blues with some fixer uppers for point release 1.27, some connectivity issues and a few links for mapping.
  • TechMailbag - December 9, 2000
    Some more of the same but we all need a little reminder now and then. And the Newbies, mustn't leave them behind!
  • TechMailbag - November 25, 2000
    A little of this and a little of that and a list of the current Quake 3 headaches!
  • TechMailbag - November 11, 2000
    Quake 3 troubles online, voodoo2 in Quake 1 and the old Nvidia darkness.  Read up, it's in there!
  • TechMailbag - October 28, 2000
    Server setups, LANs, Routers, you name it.  We deliver your Quaking questions and answers on it!
  • TechMailbag - October 14, 2000
    Oh the pain of lag and the heartbreak of lock ups. Let's settle some differences on Point Release use between 1.17 and 1.25 while we're here.
  • TechMailbag - September 30, 2000
    Some Quake 1 here, Quake 2 there and a new motherboard.  And suggestions from readers for making your rig building schweeeeet.
  • TechMailbag -September 16, 2000
    More! always more! and a little schweeet review of Q3Offline's features.
  • Tech Mailbag - September 2, 2000
    Oh yes, the GeForce 2 again and then a little Quake 3 fixer upper and some modem and joystick advice.  You never know what issues lurk in the mailbag!
  • TechMailbag - August 19, 2000
    A little of this, a little of that and a few tips on upgrading, overclocking and running your Quake 3 mods. 
  • TechMailbag - August 5, 2000
    Quake 2 servers, Quake 3 model files, and of course the ever so troublesome GeForce card.  It's pretty, but it's a pain! 
  • Techmailbag - July 22, 2000
    Server Q's, AMD's, and Quake patches.  It's in there!
  • TechMailbag - July 8, 2000
    More server issues and GeForce is sweeping the market.  Plus some Quaking business.
  • TechMailbag - June 24, 2000
    Win98SE ICS installation, upgrades and issues with the Quakes.  You send it, we answer.
  • TechMailbag - June 10, 2000
    News for Internet Gate users, Quake 3 benchmarking and what to buy for your new box.

  • TechMailbag - May 27, 2000
    Some Linux mail mixed with Athlon opinion and a little Quake 2 and 3.

  • TechMailbag - May 13, 2000
    Quake III Arena Point Release 117 salvation plus Linux questions with answers that make your hair curl! Added Bonus: Jason Begley tells us how to start a Quake 3 server on NT.

  • TechMailbag - April 29, 2000
    More Quake questions and a review of video card fixes.

  • TechMailbag - April 15, 2000
    Alternative operating systems, Q3A's system reqs, more classic Quake, and other questions.

  • TechMailbag - April 1, 2000
    Q3A demos, Q3A and Win2K, and as always, more!

  • TechMailbag - March 18, 2000
    Issues of ping, lag and the old dilemna: Which one should I use? Cable or DSL? Plus some basic Quakin' business.

  • TechMailbag - March 4, 2000
    GeForce issues, motherboards and Quake questions. And what are we doing for Quake 1?!

  • TechMailbag - February 19, 2000
    Spoon gives a review of the Ratpad plus more Quake woes resolved.

  • TechMailBag - February 5, 2000
    Suggestions from readers for onboard sound cards, and some questions about running mods in Quake III Arena. PLUS! a GeForce DDR solution worth checking out!

  • TechMailbag - January 22, 2000
    All kinds of goodies for your Quake III Arena. Readers tips etc... And believe it or not, GLQuake is alive and kicking!

  • TechMailbag - January 8, 2000
    Questions, answers, yada yada. And a couple of cool links for modems and cooling fans!

  • TechMailbag - December 25, 1999
    Answering Questions and providing tips even on the Holiday because WE LOVE YOU GUYS! Oh yeah, and check out the review for the Boomslang Razor Mouse!

  • TechMailbag - December 11, 1999
    Answers to those burning questions and BigDaddie's Tips for using the PantherXL for Quake2!

  • TechMailbag - November 27, 1999
    From soundcards slowing you down to GLQuake revisisted. Readers asked, we answered.


        TechTips Glossary of Commonly seen words while Quaking.

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