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150701  Projects
250501  Hacks
  • Kill The King (disappeared) - Simple but fun Mod for Quake2.
  • Matrix Screensaver (file) - Losely inspired by The Matrix, this is a screensaver that's less True To Life than the real one, but is more "cool". Version 0.2, 28/07/1999, Win32.
  • MatrixQuake (disappeared) - An OpenGL proxy which transforms Quake2, and quite a few other games, into a Neo-becomes-the-one scene from our favorite movie.
  • TGA2JPG II - A simple tool for cutting, resizing and polishing game screenshots
050201  Websites
A list of websites I'm somehow involved with :
  • Linux Game Development Center - For developers interested in writing Linux games
  • MSR News - Did the gfx, layout and php3 programming. Currently online is the version from 1998 though.
  • GSM In Belgium - Did some gfx here, but the site got reorganized and the gfx reused, the result is not optimal.
  • AN1X (disappeared) - Great resource site for the Yamaha AN1x synth, has some of my hardcore noise patches.
  • Larian Studios -- This is where I work, the company which hosts this page. More php/mysql programming.
  • Fragland -- Belgium's hottest online gaming place. Gizmo installs servers, I mess them up
  • Clan Gemini - Home of the Quake3 clan I'm in.
  • Clan Gargoyle (disappeared) - Home of the Quake2 clan I was in.
050700  Articles
280300  Misc
This wouldn't fit anywhere else :
  • Retro - Stuff I recovered from my 386SX and 486. You're warned.