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Picture of the day archives: 8/13/2001 - 8/8/2001

8/8/2001: Throwing out a Beta before they even got launched here on PQ, the Proball mod for Q3A is all about fun! Get the ball, score, repeat if you can. Check out Proball, the new ball on the block.

8/9/2001: If you haven't noticed yet, QuakeCon 2001 starts today, and we've got it covered! Here's the wallpaper for the event, and you can get a bigger and less compressed version (280 X 1024) at Quake The Wall. Let's get ready to kick it!

8/10/2001: It's here and it's live, XBuster for Quake III is well into production here at the "Big Fuzzy". Anime action with the power of Q3A behind it, things are gonna be crazy. Check out the grand opening of XBuster today!

8/11/2001: Following hot on the heels of the Quake 4 announcement comes Ww3's idea of the Quake 4 logo. This one could actually be the box art it's so smooth. I can't wait for another crack at the Strogg!

8/12/2001: Watch Tritin Films like a hawk today for the release of Quake The Movie! You'll be able to scoop it at 1pm ET or see it played at QuakeCon. This 15 minute flick is gonna make you dream of space battles and Strogg invasions!

8/13/2001: Check out the newest spot on the Planet, Painter's GroundPlan! Quake 1 and Quake III levels are available with the author's own style and flair along with artworks, articles and more. The pic you see here is from Painter's latest beta level, Digital Citadel and this is one to see!

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