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Silicom drivers package version 1.2 Beta contains drivers for the Ethernet part of Silicom PCMCIA Ethernet card (SPE), Silicom EtherModem PCMCIA card (SEM) and Silicom EtherSerial PCMCIA card (SES). Silicom Modem56 (MPC) and Silicom Serial card (SRS) do not require special drivers and will work in the original Linux environment. The package is distributed under GPL General Public License. 

You have to install the pcmcia-cs package version 3.0.6 or later in order to work with Silicom network drivers. You can download the latest pcmcia-cs package:

Download the Silicom drivers package 

If you discovered a bug or made some improvements in the driver, please send e-mail to

Older versions:
Silicom Drivers package v1.0b

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