Updated 7th May 2001

In a fit of free enterprise, we recorded last year's gig at the Forum, and in a further fit of community based good nature, I recorded some of them to MP3 and put them on the web. Even though the page has changed, the audio files are still here. Let's face it, it's the only reason anybody would visit. you never know. if I can find the tape, and if any of the other tracks on there are worth bothering with, I may even add a few more !

Let Me Move On - Live from the Kentish Town Forum - 14th January 2000 (3.8Mb)
This was the first public airing for this song, and for my money was the best of the new tracks aired at the show last January. it appeared to fall out of favour later in the year, resulting in it being absent from the Scala and the Los Angeles show, but they've been working on it since then, and it now looks likely to find a place on the new album.

Truth Rest Your Head - Live from the Kentish Town Forum - 14th January 2000 (4.4Mb)
A rare outing for a classic track from the first album, this track was appended at this show with an extra verse because, according to Martin, he was excited !

You - Live from the Kentish Town Forum - 14th January 2000 (4.4Mb)
This track appears to be giving the band some trouble. This first version has a typically anthemic Gene chorus. This later fell out of favour, and the version they played at the Scala and Los Angeles had an apologetic, almost downbeat chorus, as if they were trying to turn it into an anti-anthem. Subsequently they recorded a version for the John Peel show that was even more low key, with a recurring riff from start to finish. I prefer this take as it's more typically Gene than the others, whether it sounds anything like the version they're currently working on remains to be seen.

This Is Not My Crime - Live from the Kentish Town Forum - 14th January 2000 (2.7Mb)
Included here purely because it's another great track from the early singles that made a rare appearance when it was featured on the setlist at the Forum.

Who Said This Was The End ? - Live from Spike Radio, Los Angeles - May 2000
This track came from an interview that Martin and Steve did for an internet radio station during their Los Angeles stint, www.spikeradio.com. They played three tracks, and I managed to get a listenable recording of this one. When I first heard this song at the Oxford show in 1999, I thought it was a statement of intent, a fists up response to anybody who'd written them off. This version, as you'd expect with only the two of them is a bit more mellow and less aggressive, but it's still a great song, and I'd love to see it on the new album.

Left Handed - Soho Live, Radio 1 - January 1997 (2.3Mb)
A blast from the past with one of the rockier numbers from the first album, that doesn't get played live any more. It's a shame, because it was always one of the highlights of a Gene concert, and this energetic reading of it from this Radio 1 concert in 1997 is typical.

Why I Was Born - Soho Live, Radio 1 - January 1997 (5.2Mb)
Prior to the release of 'Drawn To The Deep End', this ballad had alerady been featured on a Radio 1 Evening Session. Again, this doesn't get played very much any more, whether because it's fallen out of favour or because Steve switches guitars halfway through, i don't know. It's a lovely song with heartfelt and tender lyric and features, for my money, THE Steve Mason guitar solo.

Long Sleeves For The Summer - Live from Northampton Roadmender - 3rd July 2001 (2.7Mb)
A return to the setlist for some sweet acoustic whimsy from 'Drawn To The Deep End, obviously back in favour for this 2001 mini tour, and it's much appreciated too, because whilst this number may on first listen seem rather slight and meandering, it's actually quite delicate and touching, and heck, summery.

Is It Over - Live from Northampton Roadmender - 3rd July 2001 (4.1Mb)
A new ballad from the recent minitour, this revelas one of Martin's most downbeat lyrics since 'Drawn To The Deep End', and has musical accompaniment to match. Superb stuff.