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   Planet Duke | About | Hosting

Got a killer Duke site? We can host you!

GameSpy Industries is looking for you! Got a great Duke Nukem website which you need hosted? We are constantly looking for new sites to add to our expanding network!

We're looking for top-quality action websites to join our network and expand our coverage. If you have an already established site, or even if you don't, drop us a line at hosting@PlanetDuke.com and talk to us.

Here's the goods you get when you're hosted with us:

  • Unlimited FTP Space
    You'll have virtually unlimited drive space here on the GameSpy Network, so no matter how big your site grows, we'll always have the resources you need available to you. We'll also make sure that your files are available and distributed to the people who want them. We've got a worldwide file-mirroring system set up, including partners like CDROM.com, so your files are always available. All your downloads, too, can be put up on the mighty FilePlanet!

  • Mail Accounts & Mailing Lists
    Your site can have multiple e-mail addresses on our server, so you can use @PlanetDuke.com for all of your site-related correspondence. Special e-mail addresses can also be created for your news deliveries or different staff members. You can even start a mailing list for fans of your site. E-mail via HTML is no problem, either. We even have an easy-to-use mailing list system that allows for web-based administration.

  • Bandwidth
    We've have what the technically savvy call �phat bandwidth� and we're expanding as we need more. You won't have to worry about slow load times and, thanks to redundant web servers, downtime is a thing of the past. Your site should always be speedy and always be up!

  • Forums & Chat Support
    Hosted sites are free to set up and administer their own discussion forums - we have the tools to do it. It takes about 30 seconds to create your own customized chat room with your logo on it. Easy!

  • ASP, SQL, CGI, & Perl Support
    Complicated sites aren't a problem. Our servers allow this functionality and our support staff will help you make sure that your coded pages stay online. You can also take advantage of existing code; it's very simple to incorporate utilities like GameFinger, FilePlanet, or GameSpyder into your pages, for instance.

  • Secure Transaction Servers
    If you are interested in selling a commercial product online, we have secure transaction servers available. Use of this service must be judged on a case-by-case basis and may not be applicable, but should the need arise we can do that.

  • Intranet & Tech Support
    Our hosted sites get access to the GameSpy Intranet, which contains detailed info on everything you need to know to run your site. If you have any questions about snippets of code you can use, how to find something, or how to promote your site, we've got all the answers online. We've also got an entire tech department who's available to help you on an individual basis when problems come up.

  • Promotion and coverage
    One of the biggest services that PlanetDuke can offer you is promotion. Not only can you circulate your own ad banner throughout the network, but when you launch we'll smack up a cool Pic of the Day to advertise your arrival, and cover your site in our news!

  • Cool features
    Need a poll system? We can provide that! Need forums? Yep, they're all yours! A custom counter? You got it! Our intranet is busting with details on the services and features we provide for our hosted sites!
  • What We Ask
    We don't ask for much, given that we're providing such a great hosting service. A well-designed site, with frequent updates and cool content is what we're after! Also, we'd prefer it if your site didn't tread on anyone's toes copyright-wise.

    In exchange for the services above, PlanetDuke only asks for three basic things: content, commitment, and banners.

  • Content
    We�re interested in gaming content. If it�s good for people who play games, it�s good for us! If you�re not sure if a site is appropriate, just ask. We�re interested in game pages that offer lots to do with specific topics, hardware help, tools, utilities, patches, whatever gamers can use. We�re typically not interested in clan sites (unless the clan is producing something of interest), webrings, or projects that haven�t begun work yet.

  • Commitment
    Depending on what your site's about, you might not have a reason to post something every day. However, we expect your site to be updated as frequently as necessary, with enough fresh content to continue to interest readers. Stale sites will eventually be removed from the site if we can't contact the site maintainers.

  • Banners
    Just place our banner code at the top of every one of your pages, and you�re set! No pop-up bullcrap! Also, hosted sites are free to design their own site banner, which can be placed into the GameSpy Network's banner rotation to help bring traffic to the site.

  • Contacting Us
    Want a verdict on your existing site? Drop our hosting managers a line! Send mail to hosting@planetduke.com. Include your name, e-mail address, and the current URL for your site. If requested, you may send your site in its entirety as a .zip file; but please do not do so unless asked. We rarely accept proposals for sites that don't exist yet - set up an account at Geocities or some other provider and start coding pages so that we have something to look at before dropping us a note.

  • We're waiting to hear from you!

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