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    Duke Nukem 3D Enemies

Assault Trooper

The green suited Assault Trooper is the basic alien ground assault trooper sent by the ruthless alien leaders to serve as the first offensive wave against Earth's defenses. They attack using the laser pistol, and can attack from the air by using jetpacks. When these characters are killed, they will sometimes drop pistol ammo that you can take and use.

Assault Captain

The red suited Assault Captains have wrist-mounted Phase Induced Teleportor Device (PITD) capable of physically translocating its user to any destination withing the device's range. Used as a tactical assault instrument, the PITD enables the Assault Captain to launch surprise attacks against his intended human targets at will. They will also drop pistol ammo that you can take and use.

Pig Cop

The Pig Cops come from mutated Earth police forces and are positioned to suppress residual human opposition and to police the new alien power on Earth. These characters exhibit an extremely high intolerance to the presence of humans, and are filled with rage when they detect human scent. When killed, this character may drop either their shotgun or body armor.

Pig Cop Tank

These heavily armored riot tanks can take a lot of damage before they finally explode. And when they do, expect to find an angered Pig Cop behind a shotgun, aiming right at your face.

Protector Drone

These new aliens are evil in every sense of the word, taking nearly twice the damage of a Pig Cop. On top of that, they jump high and move very fast, can claw you at close range, and have the nasy ability to emit shring rays. Their main purpose is to protect their newborn alien Queen, so be very afraid when you meet one.

Recon Patrol Vehicle

This sleek and deadly ani-gravity powered recon vehicle is operated by specially trained Pig Cops for the purpose of maintaining alien control in areas of human resistance. The attack pilots of this craft is aerial strafing by side mounted laser cannons. The pilots of these craft are protected by an automatic pilot ejetion system that activates milliseconds before impact during a crash.


This guy's brain mass and trifocal vision combine to make it a formidable alien weapon against all life on Earth. Their method of attack is by a powerful blast of mental energy released against its prey thus weakening and confusing its intended victim. It's sharp teeth will finish the job if the prey is not dead by the blast.

Protozoid Slimer

It emerges from its egg pod to suck brains out through your nose and leave you lifeless on the floor. It is evasive as it stretches from floor to ceiling and creeps up you pants leg to get you.

Sentry Drone

By the time you hear the high pitched whine as it engages it's anit-grav propulsion unit, it's probably too late. It is basically a flying, armored bomb. It will collide with its target, causing a large explosion.


With ripper blazing, the armored Enforcer can make fast work of killing any remaining human opposition. Powerful hind legs enable it to jump to great heights, so beware. The Enforcer may drop either ripper ammo or his armored breastplate when killed.

Assault Commander

This free floating fat face likes to throw his weight around by firing deadly rockets from his rear port which dangles below his anit-grav spin deck. This deck keeps him flying around avoiding fire. The Assault Commander may drop a supply of rockets when killed.

Battle Lord

The first boss can be found on an alien ship carrying a huge chaingun and a exhibiting loud roar. Not much of a threat if you have a RPG in your pocket.


The second boss can be found still orbiting in space and he packs a serious punch. He uses a weapon similiar to the devastator, which fires multiple rockets at a time. If you can avoid the rockets and hit him a few times with some rockets, you will succeed.

Cycloid Emperor

This boss is something to be reckoned with. He has both a chaingun and an rocket launcher. He won't win a beauty pagent but you can take care of that problem by blowing his head off. Avoid the rockets and the bullets and you MIGHT have a chance.

The Queen

Queen alien hersef! This is the mother of all aliens that birthed the idea of taking over Earth. You will have to deal with her guardian aliens, not to mention Her, and keep your breath to survive.

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