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Alternate DNF Bosses
08.07.2001 by: Lucky
Who Duke thankfully won't be taking on in DNF!

Unlikely DNF Features
07.25.2001 by: Lucky
A few scary, comedic and downright strange potential DNF features!

Top 10 Failed Duke products
05.15.2001 by: Lucky
10 scary, bizarre Duke-themed products that never quite hit the shevles!

The Death Of Dr. Proton
05.26.2001 by: Dukeworld
A history of Duke's arch enemy, Dr. Proton, and how he could have survived his encounter with Duke to return in Duke Forever. Originally appeared a few years back on Dukeworld.

The DNF 2001 E3 Video
05.20.2001 by: Lucky
A rundown of what's in this year's DNF E3 video and what to expect in the final game.

The Config Guide
05.6.2001 by: Cyborg
A guide to editing the config file for your own uses.

Quake Setup In Duke 3D
04.15.2001 by: Cyborg
How to make Duke 3D's controls feel like Quake's with the Atomic Edition.

Should Duke 5 Use A New Engine?
03.17.2001 by: Lucky
If Duke 5 uses a new engine from scratch, will it be better or worse than using an existing one?

The Sons of Duke Nukem
03.12.2001 by: Kinski
Kinski investigates how much Duke Nukem influenced the other protagonists in 3D action games.

01.02.2001 by: Lucky
Learn all about LameDuke, the Duke Nukem 3D early beta released in 1997 by 3D Realms.

Too Much Duke
10.23.2000 by: Lucky
Reasons that prove that you're playing too much Duke - such as fantasising about the Duke!

Duke 3D Video Tweak
5.1.2000 by: Razertooth
Razertooth explains how to make Duke 3D looks better (if you don't already know).

Why use the Unreal engine?
5.1.2000 by: Lucky
Lucky takes a look at what makes the Unreal engine special

Will Duke hold out?
1.8.2000 by: Lucky
Will Duke Nukem Forever give the public the same shock and originality as Duke3D has done, or will it just be another 3D shoot em' up?

Duke Nukum Forever?- the original Nukum platform game
2.19.2000 by: Lucky
Lucky plays the original Duke Nukum platformer to see how much Duke has changed.

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