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    PlanetQuake | Mailing Lists
    Mailing Lists
Mailing lists keep you in touch with the Quake community, no matter what your Quake preference is. Read the instructions below to subscribe or unsubscribe from a PlanetQuake mailing list. Most of our lists are also browsable via the web!

Quake 3 Coding (unmoderated)

Q3Coding is an unmoderated list for discussion of the actual code, including "how to" questions, the client DLL, porting Quake 2 mods, bugs and fixes, etc.

Quake 3 Discussion (moderated)

The Quake 3 discussion list is just that - discussion about Quake III Arena. Learn new tricks to improve your game or just discuss what you like about it.

General Quake II Playing/Discussion

Covering everything from BFG-jumping to getting the hidden rocket launcher on level 2, this list is a hardcore players' little helper. Note: This is likely to be a high-volume list!

Quake II Web Development

News, advice, and general discussion for people starting or running a Quake II web page.

Quake II Coding and DLLs

General discussion and Q&A; for coders in the trenches, investigating the possibilities of Quake II's engine and DLLs. Real shop talk; not for the faint of heart!

Quake II Map Editing

If you're building new worlds with the Quake II engine, this is the place to be. Banter from beginners to experts about mapmaking for Quake II.

Quake II Demos and Movies

Cinematics ... a new artform on the cutting edge!

Quake II Modeling

Quake II modelers discuss the ins and outs of creating and animating critters for their favorite 3D engine.

Quake II .plan Updates

You'll be e-mailed .plan updates as they happen, courtesy of QuakeFinger.

Quake 1 Coding List

Now that the Quake 1 source code is out, get on the list to see what people are up to with Quake 1 projects.

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