Hezekiah Hoar  was an early settler of Taunton, Massachusetts who emigrated to New England
in1634. Hezekiah and his wife, Rebekah, had nine children. Therefore many Americans of English
ancestry with the surnames of  Hoard, Hoar, Horr, and other variations,  may be descendants of
Hezekiah and Rebekah. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there are thousands of   people in
the U.S. with these surnames.  There are even more Americans descendant from Hezekiah and
Rebekah through their mother's lineage.

Of course not everybody with these surnames is related to Hezekiah Hoar. However, Hezekiah's
descendants exemplify the history of many New England families as they pioneered westward, first
to western Massachusetts and Vermont; then to New York and Wisconsin; then to the great plains
of the mid-West.

This genealogy is a relatively rare case of having succeeded in tracing the medieval ancestry of a
middle class New England family.


About this Site

According to family history,  Hezekiah is descendant from the Hores of  Rushford  Manor at Chagford,
in Devon county, England. This Web site is devoted to documenting Hezekiah's lineage to the tin miner,
Robert Hore (d.1380), the first Hore to live at the Rushford estate. This family history is the culmination
of over ten years of research by Lyon J. Hoard and Ken Smallbone, and is based upon primary records
at the British Public Record Office in London, the Devon County Record Office and the Department of
Western Manuscripts at the British Library.

In addition, other genealogical and family history articles written by Lyon J. Hoard will be made available
at this site.


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