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    Duke Nukem Forever: Multiplayer

If you have played Unreal Tournament online you probably know the excellent and smooth gameplay and are aware of it's incredible utilization of dialup connections. Duke Nukem Forever is using this same technology in it's multiplayer code.

What speed connection do I need to play Duke Nukem Forever?
All that's required to play DNF is the same default standard on all the recent multiplayer enabled games. You'll get by fair on a 28.8Kbps connection. However, an 56K-ISDN is recommended, and DSL / Cable modem connections and above are even better.

If you want, you can skip the whole internet experience and still play your buddy head-to-head via a LAN connection. These are pretty complicated, and aren't typically popular for beginners. This is typically not a popular option among beginners due to the complexity for small networks and the equipment needed to install them.

Will there be a DNF multiplayer server for Linux?
As for the servers and clients needed to get things going, you'll most likely need a Windows compatible system. There has been little talk for plans to port the DNF multiplayer server to other operating systems such as Linux and other UNIX variants.

What about my RTS files?
Remote Ridicule taunts which are popular in Duke Nukem 3D will be in their full glory in Duke Nukem Forever. There will be no major changes other than the simplicity to use them, so your RTS files for Duke3D should work without a hitch.

Can I play my friend Modem to Modem?
Direct modem-to-modem play will not be in Duke Nukem Forever. The reason being is the internet has been around longer now than it was in 1996, which now leaves multiplay via the Internet more mature and functional now than it was then.

Will DNF be compatible with GameSpy?
You'd better believe it, sister. It'll be just as compatible as Unreal and Unreal Tournament. Of course it will also be playable via TEN, Heat, MPlayer, and just about every other popular multiplayer gaming networks.

Will there be Co-Op Play?
It has been confirmed that there will not be co-op play in Duke Nukem Forever. The reason being is that the single player maps are in an entirely different league than the multiplayer efforts of the game. They are story based, and it would not be in their best interest to gut some of the more advanced single player features so they will work right in co-op play.

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