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Downloadable Images of the NIC CD

Below you will find links to images of the NIC CD for download. The NIC company provides these as a convenient way to get a copy of the latest NIC software.

To make your own NIC CD, you will need to download the CD image and burn it using a CD-ROM Burner. The file has been compressed using gzip to reduce download times. On Windows Platforms, the file can be decompressed by a number of utilities including Win Zip.

Once expanded, the resulting file is a CD image, which can be burned using most CD-ROM Burning software, but
please consult your CD burner's documentation on how to burn ISO images before downloading these images.

NIC OS Version
URL to Download image
File Size
94 MB
110 MB

Please Note: The file will decompress to a .raw file. Some Microsoft-Windows Based Tools may require it to be renamed to .iso.



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