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Picture of the day archives: 7/30/2001 - 6/11/2001

6/11/2001: JS' Duke 3D BUILD site has launched! Home of the Community BUILD projects and with oodles of info for novice BUILDers and advanced users alike, it's an essential read for anyone interested in Duke 3D editing! Stop by right now!

6/17/2001: Nick Huck sends us this Duke Nukem related wallpaper. I'm sure there's probably a pixel from every recent DNF thing released in there somewhere. It's like a game to play whilst you're at work staring at your desktop...
Nick Huck's wallpaper/game hybrid is yours if you have the courage to click the thumbnail - unless you already have and are reading this text under the larger image in which case congratulate yourself! You've done well.

6/27/2001: This tasty little stonewall effect Duke logo comes courtesy of Convert Central where much goodness in the art department can be found. You go now!

Also make sure you checkout the lastest shiz from all our hosted sites situated in the bottom right of your browser, go on! You know you want it really.

7/5/2001: This cool drawing of Duke comes courtesy of John Cooper, who informs us that, like most people, he was "blown away" by the DNF video. As were we all ;)

Got pics? Send them in!

7/14/2001: Win some cool Duke stuff in our contest! We've got Atomic Editions, Music To Score Bys, coasters, shirts - lotsa stuff, and all you need do is send us a funny Duke pic! Check out the contest page for more info!

7/30/2001: Say what you will about Max Payne, he sure has some great taste in mousemats - look very closely! ;) (Thanks McClane)

Got milk? Er, pics?

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