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Say what you will about Max Payne, he sure has some great taste in mousemats - look very closely! ;) (Thanks McClane)

Got milk? Er, pics?
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���Tue � Aug 14 � 2001
Duke Actor Article!
8/14/01 7:12 PST | Community News |
We've decided to Dukeize a few potential Duke Nukem movie actors to see how they measure up to the Duke look! Check out such stars as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis with the Duke look, and see how we rate them to play The Man in his movie! All with poor Photoshop skillz ;)

Max Payne Mods Editorial
8/14/01 10:25 PST | Max Payne News |
Abe Rahey
The folks at Gamespot have put up an editorial entitled "Max Payne: Bring on the Mods." In the article, senior editor Amer Ajami discusses what he'd like to see made for Max Payne. Here's a snip:

It'd also be nice to see a multiplayer mod for the game. While the game doesn't have any multiplayer code to speak of, I'm sure that a talented designer/programmer can make it work. The obvious pitfall would be addressing the slow-motion "bullet time" and "shootdodge" skills. Do you implement these two moves in a way that mirrors their function in the single-player mode? That would seem strange, since in a match with anymore than two players, time would be at a constant standstill. Would you make the multiplayer mode strictly a two-player affair?
Read more here.

GOD Editorial
8/14/01 4:30 PST | Community News |
The Adrenaline Vault have smacked up an editorial about GOD's demise. Should we take a look? Why not!
Although it boggles the mind, the Gathering was launched on nothing but pure optimism. When the publisher first announced its launch, it was $25 million in the red and several releases short of a product catalog, but the Gathering�s fold looked upon these towering obstacles as slight bumps along the road to success. When a publishing schedule appeared consisting of PC titles in development at the founding companies, a sneering Max Payne topped the list, demanding that the competition simply step aside.
The editorial takes a dim view of the Gathering in general, but does lament over the loss of such a daring publisher taking on less run-of-the-mill games, to form an interesting, balanced read. Check it out here!

Nude Victims
8/14/01 4:25 PST | Community News |
Today's Daily Victim, over at the 'Spy, is a nudity-obsessed freak who wants breasts in all his games - naturally, I was drawn to thinking about the kind of early-teens Duke fan that would sound exactly like this Victim ;) Check it out here!

Grins of Divinity Update
8/14/01 1:01 PST | Duke Nukem 3D News |
The Grins of Divinity site has been updated with some new info regarding thier killer Duke mod. A publisher has been confirmed for the e-Book of the story due to be released around the same time as the game. Also shown on the page are some new weapons pics and concept art for future Shoven bad guys. Go check it out for yourselves here.

���Mon � Aug 13 � 2001
Remedy Interview
8/13/01 14:23 PST | Max Payne News |
GamesReview has an interview with Remedy, the team behind light-hearted slapstick romp Max Payne. Here's a snippet!
GR: Are you still planning to licence your graphic engine? And in that case, would you reckon it could be used for a multiplayer game?

RE: We have had loads of interest for MAX-FX Technology. We will evaluate the licensing scenarios in the near future. We are a lean and focused team and need to carry out this kind of activity with care. It is an issue of time and people. Obviously it would be nice to see other games use our engine but this needs to be balanced with the needs of our future projects. Writing multiplayer code is doable of course, just a matter of work.

The interview goes over a lot of old ground but does provide some new bidness for you to marvel at, like multiplayer modes, console ports, and editing tool info. Read it here!

Duke Movie Poll
8/13/01 1:17 PST | Community News |
VoodooExtreme have a new poll, asking who should play Duke? Referring of course to the Duke movie and the search for an actor (scroll down, kid!), there's a choice of many stars like Arnie, Howie Long, and Bruce Willis. Go vote!

���Sun � Aug 12 � 2001
Max Payne AGT
8/12/01 6:14 PST | Max Payne News |
The churlish curmudgeons over at 3DActionPlanet have smacked up a Max Payne Action Gaming Test, which - oddly enough - tests your knowledge on the Max Payne action game. ;) There's 10 multiple-choice questions to tax your Max knowledge. I scored a 9 - can you beat that?

Duke Movie Casting
8/12/01 3:03 PST | Community News |
The official Duke Movie site is letting people email the producers to find out who should play Duke. The Rock, Arnie, and interestingly Bruce Campbell, are highly picked actors, although if you ask me they should do a CGI movie like Final Fantasy and ensure Duke both sounds and looks like Duke. ;) Check it out here!

���Fri � Aug 10 � 2001
Contest Deadline
8/10/01 3:55 PST | Community News |
No more contest entries - it's zero hour! Deadline day! Later today we'll be picking the winners out of a cap I found in the gutter, who will be notified of their incredibly good fortune via email. WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE ENTRIES - DON'T SEND US THEM.

More On GOD's Death
8/10/01 4:01 PST | Community News |
GameSpot have a feature on Mike Wilson, founder of the almost-defunct Gathering of Developers. The feature covers GOD's demise, history, and the fact that most of the ex-GOD staff are joining Wilson to work on a new DVD magazine, SubstanceTV. It's not a bad summary of what's happened to GOD, and does give insight for its consilidation into Take2's New York office. Check it out here!

���Thu � Aug 9 � 2001
Final Sweepstakes Reminder
8/9/01 16:00 PST | Community News |
Abe Rahey
Remember, the sweepstakes ends tomorrow, August 10th! So get your entry in as soon as possible! We've got tons of Duke (and even some non-Duke) stuff to give away, thanks to 3D Realms and GameSpy! All you have to do is send us your name and mailing address to enter in the sweepstakes - simple, huh? Here's just some of the swag you can win:
  • 6 copies of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic edition!
  • 6 copies of the Music To Score By CD!
  • 3 DNF Shirts!
  • 6 Duke Nukem 3D mousepads!
  • Tons more assorted goodness such as Duke coasters and GameSpy mugs!
  • Your chance to win some of this is detailed on our sweepstakes page, and be sure to check the rules page, too! The contest ends tomorrow!

    Max Payne Movie News!
    8/9/01 15:54 PST | Max Payne News |
    Abe Rahey
    Just noticed over at the Shack that Collision Entertainment has recently acquired film and TV rights to Max Payne. Here's a snip from the press release (courtesy of Yahoo!):

    LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- "Max Payne," a third-person-perspective action video game that was heavily influenced by John Woo's directorial style and "The Matrix's" slow-motion and blur effects, is heading to television and movie theaters.

    Collision Entertainment, headed by Paul Rosenberg and Scott Faye, has acquired film and television rights to the Mature-rated game, which shipped for PC on July 25 and is heading to PlayStation2 and Xbox in the fall, from video game producer 3D Realms and Finnish game developer Remedy Entertainment. Dimension Films will distribute domestically, with Abandon Entertainment handling international distribution.

    Much more can be found here.

    GOD Is Dead! (Well, Practically)
    8/9/01 11:41 PST | Duke Nukem Forever News |
    Spotted on Blue's News that the Gathering of Developers - who published Max Payne, Oni, and other games and were set to publish Duke Forever - will be downsized radically into just an in-house label under owner Take 2 - in other words, it's just like a name stamped on games, such as with Rockstar Games, with minimal staff. All currently planned titles will go ahead to be published under this label, though, including DNF:
    The person we spoke with assured us that all of GoD's planned titles will still be published, including, of course, Duke Nukem Forever. As for future titles under the label, he didn't know what Take Two's plans will be.

    ���Wed � Aug 8 � 2001
    MSDN Update
    8/8/01 12:46 PST | Duke Nukem 3D News |
    MSDN's slapped up a new map - SPResort, which is available in their maps section. There's also a new map in the Hot Maps section, which houses all the top-rated maps. Stop by MSDN right now!

    ���Tue � Aug 7 � 2001
    Alternate DNF Bosses
    8/7/01 6:23 PST | Community News |
    Sweet merciful crap, we've added another hilariously unfunny item to our articles section. This time, it's a look at some "alternative" Duke Forever bosses - rather than fighting robonutter Dr. Proton, you could maybe Duke it out (pun very much intended) with the A-Team, felt puppets, and psychotic Microsoft cyborg-men! Mull over the possibilities here if you must!

    ���Sun � Aug 5 � 2001
    Sweepstakes Reminder!
    8/5/01 15:18 PST | Community News |
    Abe Rahey
    Remember, the sweepstakes ends on August 10th! So get your entry in as soon as possible! We've got tons of Duke (and even some non-Duke) stuff to give away, thanks to 3D Realms and GameSpy! All you have to do is send us your name and mailing address to enter in the sweepstakes - simple, huh? Here's just some of the swag you can win:
  • 6 copies of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic edition!
  • 6 copies of the Music To Score By CD!
  • 3 DNF Shirts!
  • 6 Duke Nukem 3D mousepads!
  • Tons more assorted goodness such as Duke coasters and GameSpy mugs!
  • Your chance to win some of this is detailed on our sweepstakes page, and be sure to check the rules page, too! The closing date is the 10th of August, hurry!

    ���Sat � Aug 4 � 2001
    New Duke Wallpaper
    8/4/01 15:11 PST | Community News |
    Talented Dr. Perline over at Convert Central has pounded out a new Duke wallpaper, which is available in several desktop flavours to suit your resolution. Check out the site here!

    ���Fri � Aug 3 � 2001
    Max Payne Walkthrough
    8/3/01 16:29 PST | Max Payne News |
    Abe Rahey
    I noticed on Voodoo Extreme and 3DAP's Max Payne site that there's a Max Payne walkthrough up at The walkthrough is highly detailed and features an extensive amount of screenshots to help guide you through any points in the game where you might get stuck. Be sure to check it out!

    Console Paynes
    8/3/01 14:57 PST | Max Payne News |
    Take2 Interactive have officially announced today that Max Payne will appear on the PS2 and X-Box. Here's the juice:
    Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTWO) announced today that its Rockstar Games subsidiary will be bringing Max Payne, which was developed for the PC by Remedy Entertainment and produced by 3D Realms, to the PlayStation2 and Xbox video game system from Microsoft this Fall. Since its initial shipment on PC a week ago, Max Payne has already debuted as the number 1 selling PC game in the U.K. (source: ChartTrack), Germany (source: Mediacontrol) and other major European markets. Domestically, while not yet officially ranked, the Company has been very pleased with what to date has been record first week North American sell-through for a Take-Two PC product in many major retail accounts.

    The Xbox version of Max Payne is in development at the Company's Vienna based Neo Software development studio, while the PlayStation 2 version is being developed at the Company's Toronto based Rockstar Canada studio. Kelly Sumner, Chief Executive Officer, said, "To date, Max Payne has represented the largest critical and sell-through success Take-Two has ever had on the PC. We are very pleased to leverage the successful Max Payne brand franchise by releasing video game console versions of the product this Fall."

    Yep, that's the whole release - short, huh? [News found originally at GameSpyDaily]

    Scott Interviewed
    8/3/01 8:13 PST | Community News |
    As promised, Soapbox has a spiffy follow-up to the George Broussard interview - the new interview featuring Scott Miller now fielding the questions. They're the same questions as George got, so let's compare answers! ;)
    It would really be a shame if DNF took the same route as Daikatana in taking TOO long to be realeased. I sure hope this is not the case.

    Well, it's a genuine misconception to think that a game that takes several years has a good chance of being awful. Personally, I tend to think the opposite -- when craftsmen spend a lot of time on a product it seems like it will be a better product. But oddly, there's a myth in the game community that long development results in bad development. It's happened that a few games that had longer development times have not turned out so well, but it happens much more often that game with short or normal development times end up doing poorly.

    I've talked to several developers at other companies recently, and there are in fact several super hit games that have been released in recent years that had much longer development times than the public is aware of -- those developers smartly didn't announce the start of development so the public wouldn't know the development length. That's a tactic we're doing in the future, too (and maybe we're doing it now, but we can't tell you :) .

    Check out the interviews at Soapbox. There's also an interview with a gas station attendant, too, for some reason :)

    ���Thu � Aug 2 � 2001
    Reaper_Man's CON Code Launches!
    8/2/01 4:55 PST | Community News |
    Our latest hosted site has just moved in - Reaper_Man's CON Code! Providing a much-needed service to the Duke 3D community of CON editing tips, tricks and info, you should make it your first stop if you've got any CON questions. The site already boasts examples of ReaperMan's work - such as mini-mods, new enemies and weapons, as well as a list of resources and more comprehensive goodness on the way. Stop by the site today!

    Max Payne Texture Pack
    8/2/01 12:11 PST | Max Payne News |
    Abe Rahey
    The folks at Remedy Entertainment and 3D Realms have released the "Official Max Payne Texture Pack Number 1" for you to use in conjunction with MaxEd, which shipped with the game itself. The Texture Pack can be downloaded here, at FilePlanet.

    In addition to this, the 3D Realms website has been updated with a lengthy list of Max Payne reviews. Every single review has rated Max Payne with scores greater than 90%! This could only mean one thing.. if you haven't bought the game yet, buy it now! :)

    Duke 3D In Top 50 Games
    8/2/01 5:30 PST | Duke Nukem 3D News |
    The 'Spy's feature, the Top 50 Games of All Time, today counts down numbers 20 to 11 - and Duke 3d clocks in at #13. The feature polls prominent figures in the gaming industry on their favourite games, so let's see what Levelord, mapper for Duke 3D and now at Ritual, said about Duke:
    Levelord, Ritual Entertainment: "The best example of the Fun Factor beating technology and, dare I say, even id. Duke came out at the same time as Quake one. It was a sprite-based game versus real 3D, yet it still won a huge audience and still holds acclaim today. Plus, it had some of the best levels ever designed. ;)
    You can check out the chart here - or, you can check out GameSpy's Hall of Fame entry for Duke 3D, which was the first game ever to be inducted into it (that entry's older than this site ;)

    ���Wed � Aug 1 � 2001
    Max Payne Selling Well
    8/1/01 13:53 PST | Max Payne News |
    Abe Rahey
    According to a post on the 3D Realms website, UK magazine MCV recently reported that Max Payne has debuted in the spot of number 2 best selling game in only its first week of release. Here's a snip:

    In the PC market, meanwhile, the release of Max Payne (which debuted at number two in the All Formats listing), prompted a climb of three per cent by value. Take 2's blockbuster is the second biggest PC release of the year so far, and achieved the 16th largest weekly sell-through ever for a PC title.

    More Payney Arcade
    8/1/01 6:59 PST | Max Payne News |
    As the awful pun in the news header suggests, the Penny Arcade duo have done a Max comic, parodying the graphic-novel approach seen in the game. Read/see/experience it here!

    Broussard Interviewed
    8/1/01 6:47 PST | Community News |
    Holy crap, something DNF-related! ;) The wacky funsters at Soapbox have interviewed George Broussard about Max Payne and Duke Nukem Forever. Shall we take a look? (Clue: the answer is "yes"):
    Most developers have come out with the dreaded "When its Done" response to when a game will be released and I've noticed that DNF also carries that same label. Could we at least get a "Year" that it will be released? Maybe something like "1st half of 2002"?

    No. We've been doing "when it's done" for 5-6 years and we won't change now. People just have to be patient and play other games. Then they will be pleasantly surprised one day :)

    Part 2 featuring Scott Miller is coming soon. Meanwhile check out the George interview here!

    ���Tue � Jul 31 � 2001
    He Still Is The King
    7/31/01 10:27 PST | Community News |
    Abe Rahey
    Recently the folks at Voodoo Extreme polled their "audience" on who their favorite PC game action hero is. And guess what? Duke Nukem still reigns supreme! Here are some notables mentioned in the poll:

    Duke Nukem (2441) 27%
    Max Payne (1517) 17%
    Gordon Freeman (803) 9%
    Lara Croft (424) 5%
    Cate Archer (343) 4%
    B.J. Blazkowicz (294) 3%
    Hail to the King, baby! *grin*

    Stack of Max Payne Reviews
    7/31/01 9:53 PST | Max Payne News |
    Abe Rahey
    With Max Payne out now tons of Max Payne reviews have been pouring in. Interestingly enough all the reviews have been fairly positive and in favor of the game. Some of the reviews include one by Telefragged, giving Max a 91% a positive first impressions article by Action Vault, and a review by PC Arena giving it a 4.5 out of 5. Here's a snip from Action Vault's article:

    The game is tightly polished in all areas, its world is extensively detailed, and it contains a riveting storyline to drive the action. In terms of gameplay mechanics, Max Payne stands apart from other titles. This is largely due to the cool and innovative slow motion combat system, an integral game component that's also tremendously fun to watch. Another strength is the visuals.
    So be sure to grab yourself a copy of Max Payne if you haven't yet. And keep those reviews flowing!

    Random Site Features . . .
    7/31/01 9:15 PST | Community News |
    Let's take a look at a few features we have in our archives, shall we? :)

    Our Community Interviews talk to the mod teams, mappers and other such folk that make the Duke community what it is. We've got interviews with the teams behind Pray Your Prayers, Starship Troopers, and Platoon, and others - especially of interest since we unearthed many old, popular mods in our TC files archive.

    The Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough, which we recently completed with a walkthrough for the Atomic / Plutonium Pak episode, will solve your gaming problems.

    We've also got an assload of articles, from the downright bizarre to serious in style, most of them being the former ;) Enjoy!

    And, of course, it never hurts to take a look at the Official Duke Nukem Forever FAQ just in case you have any questions - or even if you don't.

    Payne Whips Duke's Ass
    7/31/01 6:48 PST | Community News |
    Well, according to Old Married Guys, anyway :) It's a grudge-match article, scoring points off Duke and Max in various categories, such as what they're addicted to (Payne - painkillers, Duke - Internet porn? Surely they mean steroids? :), philsophy, and who has the best moves. Slightly biased against the Dukester, but hey, us young, un-married guys were bound to diagree on the outcome ;) Read it here!

    ���Mon � Jul 30 � 2001
    Contest Rules Changed
    7/30/01 11:33 PST | Community News |
    We've changed the rules of our contest - just send your name and mailing address to us (US / Canada residents only, sorry) and you could be drawn out of our hat/bucket/dumpster of fortune to get one of the prizes on offer! If you've already entered, no need to send us your address again - we'll consider you with the others for a prize.

    Cheating To The Max!
    7/30/01 12:50 PST | Max Payne News |
    There's some cheats for Max Payne up on CheatingPlanet, so if you're intent on ruining the fun in your brand-new game as soon as possible, check them out here! ;)

    Skillz Needed!
    7/30/01 12:37 PST | Duke Nukem 3D News |
    The guys over at the Sunrise Project need your help! Or, to be more specific, they need help from those of you with the talent to become one of their artists. Give them a yell if you think you fit the bill :)

    ���Sun � Jul 29 � 2001
    Max Review
    7/29/01 11:18 PST | Max Payne News |
    Taking a break from all the Duke news we've been inundated with recently (wink), we thought we d mention that the boys/boyettes at VoodooExtreme have slapped up a review of Max Payne. Although the review's a little short, it does give a fair indication of how the Payne plays. So check it out here!

    ���Fri � Jul 27 � 2001
    Patch Your Payne
    7/27/01 10:15 PST | Max Payne News |
    Remedy have released the Max Payne v1.01 patch (download from FilePlanet). The patch just covers some problems with certain CD drives (such as level transfers crashing) and Win2K / GEForce 3 issues. Snag it here!

    Here's a brief list of download mirrors:

    We'll post more as they come in.

    Max In The UK
    7/27/01 7:51 PST | Max Payne News |
    Just dropping a line to let others UKers know that Max Payne is available now - I picked it up for �29.99. Also, Max pre-orders should be arriving in the US today, after a slight delay, and non-US pre-orders will be a little longer yet.

    ���Thu � Jul 26 � 2001
    More on the Max Patch
    7/26/01 14:49 PST | Max Payne News |
    Abe Rahey
    3D Realms' George Broussard just updated his .plan file with some more information on the patch as well as when we can expect it. Here's a snip:

    It's going to be small - weighing in at about 6 megs. We will contact many, many web sites and give the patch directly to them. No single source nonsense.

    We're really sorry this slipped through, but something just had to. I'm glad Rememdy was able to isolate it so quickly and prepare a patch.

    We also appreciate all the fan support and understanding so far. People seem to like the game and Max has been selling quickly (around here at least).

    Rememdy and 3DR will continue to support the game to the best of our abilities.

    Stay tuned for more information as we get it.

    Max Patch
    7/26/01 10:41 PST | Max Payne News |
    There's a patch for Max Payne on the way already - addressing the following issues:
    - Exit to desktop stability issues addressed: The issues with the game crashing into Windows' desktop when loading a new map have been addressed.

    - Game doesn't start with some CD-Rom drives: A newer version of SafeDisc copy protection is used. If the game still doesn't start up, please contact

    For other troubleshooting, please refer to the game readme.

    We'll slap up a link to the patch as soon as it's available - expected to be later today.

    7/26/01 9:06 PST | Duke Nukem 3D News |
    Kef Nukem, webmaster of We Store Your Crap!, has updated his site with a few new reviews - one of Unholy, a pretty good Duke 3D map, and a review of the CoolDM map, which unfortunately rates less favourably. If you'd lilke your crap to be covered, or you just want to check out other people's, head on to We Store Your Crap!

    Hosting Info
    7/26/01 8:59 PST | Community News |
    Do you need your Duke Nukem site hosted? Then look no further than PlanetDuke! As part of the GameSpy Network, we're dedicated to giving a home to the sites that form the gaming community.

    Being hosted at PlanetDuke has tons of benefits, including:

  • Unlimited FTP Space!
  • Promotion and coverage on PlanetDuke, 3D Action Planet and GameSpy Daily!
  • Cool features, like forums, polls and anything else you need!
  • All your downloads available from FilePlanet!

    We've got even more goodness than that on offer, so, to check out our hosting details in full, head on over to this page!

  • ���Wed � Jul 25 � 2001
    Unlikely DNF Features
    7/25/01 8:10 PST | Community News |
    Yes, it's time for a new, horrible article! This one's by yours truly and looks at some unlikely Duke Forever features, like having comedically fat aliens who fall on their ass, Duke becoming a deadbeat homeless bum, and a few other ideas I maybe should see a doctor about. Read it here!

    Max Payne Already in Stores
    7/25/01 21:17 PST | Max Payne News |
    Abe Rahey
    I've already received several reports that Max Payne has found its way to store shelves around the US. So if you haven't pre-ordered your copy you should definitely check out your local computer / software store as soon as possible!

    Duke 3D TC File Section Updated
    7/25/01 14:28 PST | Duke Nukem 3D News |
    Abe Rahey
    Our Duke Nukem 3D file section has been updated with a listing of some of the more popular total conversions out there. Keep in mind some of these TC's no longer have websites, so in some cases this might be one of the only places to find them. We'll continue to update the file sections with more TC's, user-made maps, utilities, and various miscellaneous files. Stay tuned!

    Max Payne Ships
    7/25/01 11:08 PST | Max Payne News |
    Abe Rahey
    Well, after lots of work, the folks at 3D Realms have finally managed to get ahold of the Max Payne pre-orders and ship them off. Here's some of what was said on their website:

    The Duke team proceeded to stay here overnight waiting for the orders to come in. At 4:15AM or so, the van we hired to bring the boxes from Memphis to Garland arrived. All of us were here by then, and we unloaded, packed, stuffed, shipped, taped, basically whipped all the pre-orders out of here in a day. The boxes that George referred to above were a real help in getting the thousands of pre-orders we had piled up put together and out the door today.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that if you pre-ordered with 3D Realms, your order is on it's way. As George said above, our shipment was unfortunately delayed (there's more to his story in his .plan file)- we were hoping to have the bulk of the pre-orders in people's hands today, but they're on their way now - US orders went out Priority Mail (2-3 days), and foreign orders will take a bit longer than that (obviously).

    They also took a stash of pictures of all this work. So you can check them out here.

    Payne Status
    7/25/01 4:06 PST | Max Payne News |
    George Broussard updated his plan to clear up a few reasons why Max's pre-order shipping has been delayed a few days:
    We had it all lined up to get our units Monday AM so we could ship most of them that night. Apparantly someone at the production facility (that built the Max Payne boxes) in Canada screwed up on the customs form. FedEx moved the shipment to Memphis, TN and held them there. They were lost in the system for half a day as people tracked them down.

    They didn't get released until today and then we come to find out that FedEx won't deliver them to us as arranged. The shipment was too big (but they had no problem taking them from Canada to Memphis - go figure).

    So we scrambled and hired a trucking company to drive to Memphis, load the Max boxes, and drive them back to Dallas so we can ship them.

    They will arrive in approx 4-5 hours (3:30 CST). At that point several people here are going to work through the night to fill all the pre orders and get them into the mail by Wednesday afternoon.

    We're really sorry for the delay. If things had gone as we planned them and people out of our control not makde stupid mistakes, you would be getting the game Wednesday. It should be Friday now.

    So if you pre-ordered, the game will land on your doorstep at the end of the week. Max will also be in stores across the US very soon - although that does depend on where you are.

    ���Tue � Jul 24 � 2001
    GoD Nearing Completion
    7/24/01 16:54 PST | Duke Nukem 3D News |
    The Grins of Divinity boys updated recently updated to give us a goodness-laden update - GoD is getting close! Here's the juice:
    I'd like to remind you that Grins of Divinity Episode 1 is very very near being complete. I can't give you a release date, but It should be somewhere in August. The title of Episode 1 is System Sol Invaded. It has 10 maps, 7254 sectors anbd 60 587 walls. Now that's useful information!
    At last, some new moddage for Duke! You can check out the GoD site here!

    Payney Arcade
    7/24/01 16:46 PST | Max Payne News |
    Sorry for the awful headline ;) The 3D Realms site has got a sweet drawing of Max Payne up, done by Gabe and Tycho of gaming comic Penny Arcade. There's even a more disturbing picture up of the entire Remedy crew with Max's curmudgeonly face. Check out the 3D Realms site here!

    New Max Video
    7/24/01 16:44 PST | Max Payne News |
    Spelletjesgarnaal, a Dutch gaming site, has released a gameplay movie of Max Payne - letting you see a small portion of the game, namely the very first part of the game. The 8-minute long video can be downloaded from FilePlanet.

    Contest Reminder
    7/24/01 6:58 PST | Community News |
    Don't forget there's still time to enter our contest - where you can win Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition, Music To Score By, coasters, shirts and DVDs! All you need do is send us a somehow-amusing Duke picture. Check out the rules here!

    Lee Jackson
    8/4/2001 | 2:08
    George Broussard
    7/26/2001 | 15:07
    Joe Siegler
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