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   Planet Duke | Max Payne | Engine

Max Payne is powered by Remedy's in-house MAX-FX engine, with the E2 Rendering engine (Exit Technology, for visual optimization purposes).

Skeletal animation is used for animating the in-game characters, and, as you can tell from screenshots, all skins / textures are photosourced - converted from real-world, actual photographs to produce a highly realistic-looking game, much like in Duke Nukem Forever.

The engine effects will be scaleable to a degree - so you can tune down some of the fancy stuff for better performance. The MAX-FX engine will also allow Max Payne to be a highly interactive game (which explains why it's taking so long ;) which should be interesting to see, especially as the game takes place in New York City.

The best part? The engine will be customizable! On the Max Payne CD, you'll get the following tools:

  • MaxEd, for creating your own maps
  • ActorFX, for editing and creating scripted sequences and in-game scenes
  • ParticleFX, to edit the special graphical effects of the game

The MAX-FX engine will support Direct 3D (DirectX rather than OpenGL), so a video card is essential - there is no software renderer.

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