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Data Sheets:
Pixo OS Platform 2.1
Data Sheet.pdf
The Pixo OS Platform for Conexant's GSM System Solution.pdf

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The Pixo OS Platform 2.1 is powerful software that can be quickly and easily deployed across different hardware platforms and protocols. The result is that wireless phone manufacturers can reduce their product development cycles while accelerating the introduction of easy-to-use wireless-enabled phones.

Download the Evaluation Version or continue reading to learn more about the capabilities and features of the Pixo OS Platform 2.1.

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platform 2.0 architecture diagram The Pixo Application Framework

The Pixo Application Framework is a powerful enabling technology used to create a variety of interfaces and applications ranging from simple text-only user interfaces to powerful window- and graphics-intensive applications. All Application Framework components are written in Embedded C++ to ensure portability across a variety of hardware architectures.

Includes the following features:
  • Bitmapped graphics support
  • Text style and size manipulation
  • Nested views
  • Rich graphics API
  • Event management
  • Pixo Script Integration
  • Locale/Language support with Unicode
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The Pixo User Interface Builder

The Pixo User Interface Builder allows manufacturers to easily customize the user interface of their phones.  As a result, manufacturers can differentiate their models from the competition, yet keep a consistent look and feel across their own phones and applications.

Consists of:
  • Pixo Script Interpreter
  • Pixo Script Framework
  • Resource Data for views, strings, bitmaps, fonts and menus
  • Easy to use localization utilities
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Address Book Pixo OS Platform and Telephony Applications

This powerful feature set provides manufacturers with flexibility to design products to meet target market segments from teenagers to power business users.  From robust applications to highly integrated telephony, the feature set covers all your wireless phone needs.

Pixo provides a range of valuable data applications including:
  • Address book
  • Calendar
  • To do list
  • Memo Maker
  • PC synchronization
  • Email
  • Graphical world clock
  • Calculator
For telephony, Pixo features include:
  • 2 line support
  • 3 way calling
  • Call forwarding
  • Call hold
  • Call log
  • Call waiting
  • Distinct ring tones
  • Fax
  • Voice dialing
  • SMS
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The Pixo Toolbox

The Pixo Toolbox shields applications from underlying hardware, so that applications can be quickly deployed across a range of products.  The Kernel Adaptation Layer allows support for a range of real-time operating systems, while the Wireless Protocol Adaptation Layer provides protocol independance.

The Toolbox includes modules for:
  • Memory Management
  • Low-level graphics (lines, boxes, bitmaps, text)
  • Unicode
  • Collection classes
  • Resource database
  • Standard libraries
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