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    Archived news for the week of:
���Tue � Aug 14 � 2001
Duke Actor Article!
8/14/01 7:12 PST | Community News |
We've decided to Dukeize a few potential Duke Nukem movie actors to see how they measure up to the Duke look! Check out such stars as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis with the Duke look, and see how we rate them to play The Man in his movie! All with poor Photoshop skillz ;)

Max Payne Mods Editorial
8/14/01 10:25 PST | Max Payne News |
Abe Rahey
The folks at Gamespot have put up an editorial entitled "Max Payne: Bring on the Mods." In the article, senior editor Amer Ajami discusses what he'd like to see made for Max Payne. Here's a snip:

It'd also be nice to see a multiplayer mod for the game. While the game doesn't have any multiplayer code to speak of, I'm sure that a talented designer/programmer can make it work. The obvious pitfall would be addressing the slow-motion "bullet time" and "shootdodge" skills. Do you implement these two moves in a way that mirrors their function in the single-player mode? That would seem strange, since in a match with anymore than two players, time would be at a constant standstill. Would you make the multiplayer mode strictly a two-player affair?
Read more here.

GOD Editorial
8/14/01 4:30 PST | Community News |
The Adrenaline Vault have smacked up an editorial about GOD's demise. Should we take a look? Why not!
Although it boggles the mind, the Gathering was launched on nothing but pure optimism. When the publisher first announced its launch, it was $25 million in the red and several releases short of a product catalog, but the Gathering�s fold looked upon these towering obstacles as slight bumps along the road to success. When a publishing schedule appeared consisting of PC titles in development at the founding companies, a sneering Max Payne topped the list, demanding that the competition simply step aside.
The editorial takes a dim view of the Gathering in general, but does lament over the loss of such a daring publisher taking on less run-of-the-mill games, to form an interesting, balanced read. Check it out here!

Nude Victims
8/14/01 4:25 PST | Community News |
Today's Daily Victim, over at the 'Spy, is a nudity-obsessed freak who wants breasts in all his games - naturally, I was drawn to thinking about the kind of early-teens Duke fan that would sound exactly like this Victim ;) Check it out here!

Grins of Divinity Update
8/14/01 1:01 PST | Duke Nukem 3D News |
The Grins of Divinity site has been updated with some new info regarding thier killer Duke mod. A publisher has been confirmed for the e-Book of the story due to be released around the same time as the game. Also shown on the page are some new weapons pics and concept art for future Shoven bad guys. Go check it out for yourselves here.

���Mon � Aug 13 � 2001
Remedy Interview
8/13/01 14:23 PST | Max Payne News |
GamesReview has an interview with Remedy, the team behind light-hearted slapstick romp Max Payne. Here's a snippet!
GR: Are you still planning to licence your graphic engine? And in that case, would you reckon it could be used for a multiplayer game?

RE: We have had loads of interest for MAX-FX Technology. We will evaluate the licensing scenarios in the near future. We are a lean and focused team and need to carry out this kind of activity with care. It is an issue of time and people. Obviously it would be nice to see other games use our engine but this needs to be balanced with the needs of our future projects. Writing multiplayer code is doable of course, just a matter of work.

The interview goes over a lot of old ground but does provide some new bidness for you to marvel at, like multiplayer modes, console ports, and editing tool info. Read it here!

Duke Movie Poll
8/13/01 1:17 PST | Community News |
VoodooExtreme have a new poll, asking who should play Duke? Referring of course to the Duke movie and the search for an actor (scroll down, kid!), there's a choice of many stars like Arnie, Howie Long, and Bruce Willis. Go vote!

���Sun � Aug 12 � 2001
Max Payne AGT
8/12/01 6:14 PST | Max Payne News |
The churlish curmudgeons over at 3DActionPlanet have smacked up a Max Payne Action Gaming Test, which - oddly enough - tests your knowledge on the Max Payne action game. ;) There's 10 multiple-choice questions to tax your Max knowledge. I scored a 9 - can you beat that?

Duke Movie Casting
8/12/01 3:03 PST | Community News |
The official Duke Movie site is letting people email the producers to find out who should play Duke. The Rock, Arnie, and interestingly Bruce Campbell, are highly picked actors, although if you ask me they should do a CGI movie like Final Fantasy and ensure Duke both sounds and looks like Duke. ;) Check it out here!

���Fri � Aug 10 � 2001
Contest Deadline
8/10/01 3:55 PST | Community News |
No more contest entries - it's zero hour! Deadline day! Later today we'll be picking the winners out of a cap I found in the gutter, who will be notified of their incredibly good fortune via email. WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE ENTRIES - DON'T SEND US THEM.

More On GOD's Death
8/10/01 4:01 PST | Community News |
GameSpot have a feature on Mike Wilson, founder of the almost-defunct Gathering of Developers. The feature covers GOD's demise, history, and the fact that most of the ex-GOD staff are joining Wilson to work on a new DVD magazine, SubstanceTV. It's not a bad summary of what's happened to GOD, and does give insight for its consilidation into Take2's New York office. Check it out here!

���Thu � Aug 9 � 2001
Final Sweepstakes Reminder
8/9/01 16:00 PST | Community News |
Abe Rahey
Remember, the sweepstakes ends tomorrow, August 10th! So get your entry in as soon as possible! We've got tons of Duke (and even some non-Duke) stuff to give away, thanks to 3D Realms and GameSpy! All you have to do is send us your name and mailing address to enter in the sweepstakes - simple, huh? Here's just some of the swag you can win:
  • 6 copies of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic edition!
  • 6 copies of the Music To Score By CD!
  • 3 DNF Shirts!
  • 6 Duke Nukem 3D mousepads!
  • Tons more assorted goodness such as Duke coasters and GameSpy mugs!
  • Your chance to win some of this is detailed on our sweepstakes page, and be sure to check the rules page, too! The contest ends tomorrow!

    Max Payne Movie News!
    8/9/01 15:54 PST | Max Payne News |
    Abe Rahey
    Just noticed over at the Shack that Collision Entertainment has recently acquired film and TV rights to Max Payne. Here's a snip from the press release (courtesy of Yahoo!):

    LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- "Max Payne," a third-person-perspective action video game that was heavily influenced by John Woo's directorial style and "The Matrix's" slow-motion and blur effects, is heading to television and movie theaters.

    Collision Entertainment, headed by Paul Rosenberg and Scott Faye, has acquired film and television rights to the Mature-rated game, which shipped for PC on July 25 and is heading to PlayStation2 and Xbox in the fall, from video game producer 3D Realms and Finnish game developer Remedy Entertainment. Dimension Films will distribute domestically, with Abandon Entertainment handling international distribution.

    Much more can be found here.

    GOD Is Dead! (Well, Practically)
    8/9/01 11:41 PST | Duke Nukem Forever News |
    Spotted on Blue's News that the Gathering of Developers - who published Max Payne, Oni, and other games and were set to publish Duke Forever - will be downsized radically into just an in-house label under owner Take 2 - in other words, it's just like a name stamped on games, such as with Rockstar Games, with minimal staff. All currently planned titles will go ahead to be published under this label, though, including DNF:
    The person we spoke with assured us that all of GoD's planned titles will still be published, including, of course, Duke Nukem Forever. As for future titles under the label, he didn't know what Take Two's plans will be.

    ���Wed � Aug 8 � 2001
    MSDN Update
    8/8/01 12:46 PST | Duke Nukem 3D News |
    MSDN's slapped up a new map - SPResort, which is available in their maps section. There's also a new map in the Hot Maps section, which houses all the top-rated maps. Stop by MSDN right now!


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