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Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

Duke's got to kick a lot of ass in Zero Hour, and here's the asses he'll be kicking:

Alien Beasts
Big, tough, dumb, and loyal to their alien masters. They move fast, take a lot of damage, and rip you to shreds with their claws. Not very nice.

Apocalypse Cannibals
Appearing in the first episode of Zero Hour, these are kind of like zombies - survivors of the Apocalypse, these guys are crazy for human meat. Luckily, they're dumb and slow, but don't let them gang up on Duke - they can turn him into mush with nasty weapons like pipes, and even - gulp! - chainsaws.

Acid-spitting, machine-gun-toting, armoured freaks, and you know what? They come in three flavours:

Enforcer Captain
These suckers wear dark red uniforms and can teleport. They have jetpacks too. Dang.

Battle Enforcer
The fetching black uniforms really bring out their eyes, but unfortunately they'll have SMGs akimbo or pistols to dish out the hurt with.

Cyborg Enforcers
Sticking robot arms and guns onto Battle Enforcer creates these things - they're faster, smarter, and more accurate than Battle Enforcers, plus they take a ton of pain before throwing in the towel.

Big floating brains, which blast the enemy with mental energy. If that fails, well, their teeth will probably do the job. They hang out in dark areas or wet places, much like most teenagers.

Pig Cops
Looks like the cops got mutated! They got shotguns, they got armour, they go apeshit when they see Duke. So, kill 'em and bag their shotguns!

These Pig Cops wear grey, have shotguns and full body armour. This means that they're pretty tough customers, so maybe an SMG or two would come in useful for Duke.

Riot Pigs
Yet another variety of Pig Cop, these suckers have gas grenades and are stocked up with armour. Duke better put on his gas mask and use and SMG if he wants to wipe 'em out!

Plague Zombies
The flesh-hungry undead patrol Victorian-era London looking for blood and braaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnsssss . . . and perhaps taking pictures of the landmarks, too. And, being dead, they're not apt to feel much pain, making 'em tough to finish off. Plus they might just come armed with clubs or even bones.

Recon Patrol Vehicles (RPV)
Pig Cops sit in these hovering vehicles, which have laser cannons mounted on 'em. Plus they can drop bombs, and strafe many of Duke's weapons.

Horrid little insect monsters, they can sting Duke or take a bite out of him. Their momma is something called the Spawner, which will need to be killed if Duke's to stop the little ceiling-walking things from reappearring.

Sentry Drone
They float, they're made of steel and they detonate in your face. Some will patrol and shoot at you with plasma or rockets, some will head straight for ya.

Sentry Guns
Does exactly what it says on the tin - these are guns that shoot you upon detection, either with plasma, grenades, or lasers.

Get rid of 'em quick before a feeding frenzy ensues! If Duke's injured and he goes for a paddle, Jaws here will smell his blood and rip him a new - well, everything. Nothing, of course, a few bullets to the damn thing won't stop.

You like poison? Rattlesnakes will give you a venomous bite in the Wild West levels, or, if you're in the Victorian era, these nasty slithering things hide underwater.

Spore Eggs
When these go boom, Duke'll get a face-full of noxious gas. They hang out in groups, being mostly social baddies, and it's best to kill 'em from afar. Unless of course asphyxiation IS your idea of fun, in which case - get away from me, you freak!

Zombie Knights
Zombies get medieval! Apart from being undead dudes, they have armor. And swords and axes. Still, a well-placed rocket should show 'em who's boss.

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