Construction Articles and Technical Notes for Using Svetlana Tubes

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Last updated 9/25/00

No. Tube Type Article Title Author Category
No.1 4CX400A Using the Svetlana 4CX400A on 432 MHz Fred Stefanik Amateur Radio
No.3 SK-3A Modifying the Svetlana SK-3A socket to isolate the cathode from the chassis George Daughters Amateur Radio
No.4 Amp Design High Efficiency Power Amplifier Design Jerry Kleker Amateur Radio
No.5 4CX400A Svetlana 4CX400A Improves 8930 VHF Amplifiers Ron Klimas Amateur Radio
No.6   Tech Talk: The Standby Switch (summer 96) Steve Wilson Guitar
No.7   Tech Talk: Biasing Your Amp (summer 97) Steve Wilson Guitar
No.8 SV811/572 The Svetlana SV811/572 Amplifier David Wolze Hi-Fi Audio
No.9 SV811/572 How to use Svetlana SV811 and SV572 Series Triodes Eric Barbour Hi-Fi Audio
No.10 6BM8 Using the Svetlana 6BM8 in Audio Applications Eric Barbour Hi-Fi Audio
No.11 3CX300A1 Using the Svetlana 3CX300A1 Eric Barbour Hi-Fi Audio
No.12 SV811 New Svetlana Triode Development SV811 Series
(Sound Practices Winter 94/95 pg.33-34)
George Badger Hi-Fi Audio
No.14 4CX400A 4CX400A Russian Tubes for the MLA-2500 Amplifier
(Communications Quarterly Summer 96 pg.29-42)
B.-N. Bob Alper Amateur Radio
No.15 572B Technical Topics 572B (RadCom magazine) George Badger Amateur Radio
No.16 EL34, 6L6 Power Tube Taste Test
(Guitar Player Nov 96 pg.118)
Art Thompson Guitar
No.18 4CX800A/
Quarterly Devices: New Devices for Linears
(Communications Quarterly Summer 93 pg.89-96)
Rick Littlefield Amateur Radio
No.19 4CX800A New Life for Dentron MLA2500s
(QST May 96 pg.45-48) MLA 2500A/4CX800A Conversion package including builders' details, ARRL Lab test data for all nine HF bands and several photos of the author's modified amplifier. This is a "zipped" file 898K in size. (Does not include actual article)

George Daughters Amateur Radio
No.20 4CX1600B Power on a Budget: Using the Russian Svetlana 4CX1600B power tetrode in modern amplifier designs
(Communications Quarterly Winter 95 pg.55-64)
Marv Gonsior Amateur Radio
No.21   Vacuum Tubes are Aglow Again
(Electronic Engineering Times July 8, 1996 Issue 909)
Ron Wilson General
No.22 SV572-3 A Push-Pull SV572-3 Amplifier Eric Barbour Hi-Fi Audio
No.23 EF86 Audio Applications for the Svetlana EF86 Eric Barbour Hi-Fi Audio
No.25 4CX1600B The Sunnyvale/ Saint Petersburg Kilowatt-Plus George Daughters, K6GT Amateur Radio
No.26 6AS7 Maximum Sound Quality from a Single 6AS7 Cyrus Brenneman Hi-Fi Audio
No.27 6N1P/ SV83 A High-Performance Mu Stage Using the Svetlana 6N1P and SV83 Cyrus Brenneman Hi-Fi Audio
No.28 SV572 SV572 Test Report: Modernized 211 - New DH Audio Power Triode
(translation from the article published in the Japanese MJ magazine September 1997)
Hisashi Ohtsuka Hi-Fi Audio
No.29 SV83 Using the SV83 in EL84 Amplifiers (revised 10/98) Eric Barbour Hi-Fi Audio
No.30   V&T News Visits Svetlana
(V&T News magazine January 1998)
Jukka Tolonen General
No.31 4CX1600B 4CX1600B Power Amplifier for FM Broadcast Raymond P. Feeney Broadcast
No.32 EL509 Save Your Dentron GLA-1000 With the Svetlana EL509 George Badger
Bob Alper
Eric Barbour
Amateur Radio
No.33 EL509/6KG6 Direct-Coupled SE Amplifier Using the EL509/6KG6 Bob Danielak Hi-Fi Audio
No.34 572B A Single Triode 350 Watt Power Amplifier with the Svetlana 572B Tube
(translation from the article published in the Spanish CQ magazine August'97)
Xavier Paradell Amateur Radio
No.35 4CX1600B The Care and Feeding of the 4CX1600B
(Communications Quarterly magazine Spring '98)
Dean Battishill Amateur Radio
No.36 SV811 The SV811 Thermionic Paradox Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg Hi-Fi Audio
No.37 300B 300Bs On Test
(Glass Audio magazine No.4 1998)
Matt Kamna Hi-Fi Audio
No.38 3CX300A1 Building a 3CX300A1 Single Stereo Amplifier
Satoru Kobayashi Hi-Fi Audio
No.39   The Cool Sound of Tubes
(IEEE Spectrum magazine August 1998)
Eric Barbour Hi-Fi Audio
No.40 General To Match a Capacitive Load
(CQ Contest magazine July/August 1998)
Thomas Moliere Amateur Radio
No.41 SV6L6GC Test Bench: The Svetlana 6L6GC Vacuum Tube (V&T News mag. Nov.'98) Don Jenkins Hi-Fi Audio
No.42 4CX800A A 144MHz Amplifier using the Svetlana 4CX800A Alfred Green Amateur Radio
No.43 6N1P Using the Svetlana 6N1P Dual Triode in New or Existing Designs Eric Barbour Hi-Fi Audio
No.44 3CX400A7 & 3CX800A7 The Easy MLA-2500 Conversion: A Replacement Tube Solution (Communications Quarterly Winter 99) B-N.Bob Alper Amateur Radio
No.45 4CX800A Home-Brew a Customized HF Amplifier (73 Amateur Radio Today January '99) Randy Henderson Amateur Radio
No.46 SV811-10 A Single-ended SV811-10 Amplifier with Transformer Coupling Karin Preeda Hi-Fi Audio
No.47 SV572-10 An SV572-10 Push-Pull Amplifier (Glass Audio magazine Feb'99) Scott Swartz Hi-Fi Audio
No.48 SV811-3 An Expandable Beginner's Amp (Glass Audio magazine Feb'99) Larry Lisle Hi-Fi Audio
No.49 EL509 Evaluating the Svetlana EL509/6KG6 Tube (Electric Radio magazine March '99) Bob Henry Amateur Radio
No.50 SV6550C, EL34,SV6L6GC The Svetlana 'Six Pack' Power Amplifier David Wolze Hi-Fi Audio
No. 51 4CX400A Homebrewing an Amplifier Around the Svetlana 4CX400A
(Communications Quarterly magazine Spring '99)
Dean Battishill Amateur Radio
No.52 6D22S Using the Svetlana 6D22S as a Power Supply Rectifier Eric Barbour Hi-Fi Audio
No.53 SV6550C A Push-Pull Monaural Amplifier (Glass Audio magazine Vol 11, No.4 1999) Satoru Kobayashi Hi-Fi Audio
No.54 Extending the Life of Power Grid Electron Tubes B-N"Bob" Alper Broadcast/ Communications
No. 55 EF86, 6N1P Noise Performance of Svetlana EF86 and 6N1P Steve Bench Hi-Fi Audio
No. 56 SV300B An SE Stereo Amplifier Based on the Svetlana SV300B John Hasquin

Hi-Fi Audio

No. 57 SV300B 30 Watt Push-Pull with Svetlana SV300Bs (Vacuum Tube Valley magazine, Issue 12 Summer '99) Kevin Kennedy Hi-Fi Audio
No.58 Istok Magnetron Microwave Heating (Excerpt with minor changes from an article in Machine Design, October 1970) George Badger Microwave
No.59 Istok Magnetron Microwaves Make Things Hot (Excerpt from an article in Machine Design, October 1970, edited by Bob Alper) edited by Bob Alper


No.60 Hi-Fi Audio An Ultralinear Push-Pull Amplifier Using the Svetlana SV6550C Igor Popov Hi-Fi Audio

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