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My artwork has never been very prolific in any real sense. Mainly for my own enjoyment and that of those who have watched me grow as a digital manipulator over the years. Until the release of Angel of Mercy I had really never done "real art" before. I had merely pieced together images from various sources into new images. While the end result looked good enough, it was never really mine. Even Angel of Mercy is crude by many standards, but it has continued to be a piece that has some kind of power of its own and people continue to ask if they can buy it. I wish I could say yes.

Digital Artwork

These are low quality thumbnails with descriptions. Click on the image to see the full size version. Some of the images have discolorations from being in storage since these are scans of prints made from original digital artwork.

Angel of Mercy
My first ever completely original piece of digital art. In some respects it was my self-portrait.

In some respects, it still is.


Bound by Mortality
Based on a philosophical conversation concerning the meaning of existence, I found this piece to be simple and powerful.


Rich in symbolism, this was my first attempt at a true collage of work pulling from different resources.


Kissing a Dream
One of my favorites. It was a challenge as a new designer to breech new ideas. One that wasn't used much back in the early 90s is seen here. Only the man is in color as he kisses what may be only a dream.


Aeonic Passions
Like Serenity its predecessor, this was designed as a test label. It turned out too dark, to large, and too provocative for the original idea. However, it still remains one of my most talked about images.


Explore Reality
A fascination with the human body, especially in a chiseled form, found its way into many of my pieces. While even a single nude woman was considered hard core pornography in the places where I worked, a male torso was somehow acceptable. This was my covert act of defiance to those attitudes.


This was designed as a marketing ploy. And it worked. Two hundred bottles of cheep wine had their labels replaced with this little image. Since the wine was just horrible, it most definitely was – as the label says – 93% Art By Content.



Designed in tribute to the birth of my first child, Ian, this was one of the most touching pieces I have ever done. And this is the single piece of work of mine that has never been for sale.
Eternity's Ending
My original masterpiece of digital manipulation prior to Angel of Mercy. It was pointed out to me that the clock shows five o'clock, the typical time for the end of a work day. Truly Eternity's Ending for those of us in dull jobs.


A Rose By Any Other ...
Just an old anniversary piece for a now very dead relationship. I only keep it around since I felt I did a great job designing the marble from scratch.


Twin Sisters: Passion & Ecstacy
I keep trying to tell people that there is no hidden meaning in this picture. I was just trying to finally show naked women in my art. No one believes me.

A complex piece that expressed my world view at the time of its creation.



Love Never Dies ...
The irony of the picture is what most people see. Designed during a rather depressing moment in my life, this piece expressed my own belief that Love never truly dies but can be brought back from unconsciousness with the right touch.


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