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New Eden Trilogy

(Yes, I am aware that there are only two shown.
The third book is From the Ashes, Paradise
and has not even been started.)




I am working on expanding this area with new and original essays and notes throughout 2001.
Please be patient as it is in progress.

Theoretical Thelemic Society A pictorial construction of a theoretical Thelemic society in relation to the structure of Ordo Templi Orientis.
The Heflin/Phœnix Dialogues A edited series of emails between Llee Heflin and Frater Phœnix concerning the nature of the XIº. Released for the first time to the public.
The Hunt for ALIM This is a copy of an original email that I authored discussing the O.T.O. XIº formula of ALIM. It was posted to the Blasted Tower eGroup in July 2000.
Liber LXXIX :
The Lion Gate
(original version)
Ritual based on the sex magical principles of both the O.T.O. IXº and the English Qaballa. The result was not exactly as anticipated, but powerful nonetheless. 

No longer available.

Liber LXXIX :
The Lion Gate
(analysis version)
This is a study of the original text broken down into the form of the Golden Dawn Neophyte ritual and analyzed in a qabalistic and referenced manner. It is not in the original design of the initial ritual and it is missing stage directions.
Liber LXXIX :
The Lion Gate
(final restoration)

This is the composite and final version of the ritual with restored stage directions and removed analysis.

In Pursuit of  a Thelemic Metaphysics

An unfinished piece in an attempt to formalize the explicit doctrines found in the Book of the Law. Whether or not I ever finish this piece may be determined on how the response to this initial selection is received.

No longer available. 

28 Jul 2001Cycles of the Year
A Brief Comment on the Feasts and Rituals of AL II:36


A small piece written for the Bubastis Camp newsletter due out Fall 2001. (PDF file)
11 Aug 2001Stars of the Kindred A working draft of the polyamorous theory behind the Kindred. A final version is due out Winter 2001. (PDF file)

bishop's Muse


A collection of esoteric poetry that spans almost ten years. Includes the full text of Ethereal Lake, a book of quotes from a father to his sons.
Heart of Tears In Progress -- Spring 2002 tentatively
Starr of the Desert In Planning -- Spring 2003 tentatively 

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